[HELP] Puppy barking at the backdoor

Hi /r/dogs,

A couple of months after we got her, our puppy started barking at the backdoor when she wanted to go to the toilet. Great we thought, she can tell us whenever she needs to go to the toilet - our puppy is a genius!

Fast forward a couple months and she barking at the backdoor all the time and constantly wanting to go outside. There are a few elements that make this difficult:

  • If we let out unattended she has a bark-off with the neighbours dog.
  • She will bark to go to the toilet after a nap which is fine, she will then come back in and be barking at the backdoor again within a few minutes so she just wants to go out and mess around.
  • We are working from home and often on calls and she will just be screaming her lungs out trying to get out the backdoor.

We aren't really sure how to train out this behaviour. We give her lots of exercise and training as well as attention throughout the working day. We have tried making the garden only about going to the toiler by going out with her every time, and then when she doesn't use the toilet, or she barks at the neighbours dog we immediately bring her back inside.

We have resorted to just calling her back into our living room (where we work) and treating her but this obviously isn't getting to the source of the issue.

This is a more general point but probably related, but she seems like she is struggling to settle a little bit. She is approaching 6 months so perhaps she is coming into season soon, which could be impacting it?!

Any advice much appreciated. How does such a tiny creature make such a loud noise?!


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[Help] Mother dog Spotting

I recently adopted a mother pomchi and her puppy from a nearby shelter. She gave birth about nine weeks ago and since we adopted them about a week ago she has been spotting. We are not sure it she was spotting beforehand as before she went to the bathroom outside and now she uses pads which makes this more visible. Every time she pees there is a little, about 1cm by 1cm at the largest spot of dark red discharge. Should I be worried? Is this normal for a dog who recently gave birth? She is otherwise doing amazing and seems very healthy. She eats well and is very energetic, otherwise seeming perfectly okay.

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[Discussion] Side effects of spaying a female dog too early

I wanted to ask what are really the side-effects of spaying a female dog too early.

In my country (Germany) it is not considered healthy to spay before the first heat. I already went to two different vets and when I asked to have my dog spayed they said no. However, I know that many dogs get spayed before their first heat in the US and UK and I wanted to hear what is your opinion on this. Apparently the only side effects of spaying too early is urine inconsistency, puppy-like behaviour for the rest of the dogs life, and longer legs.

Does anyone have some experience with this? What is exactly puppy-like behaviour and how much longer are the legs? I have a 10 week old Whippet and I would love to get her spayed before her first heat, sometime around 4/5 months, but I'm kind of worried now that all the vets are telling me no.

I read tons of newspapers and it seems to me that most of these side-effects mostly occur if you spay really early, at about 8 weeks. But I would be doing it at 16-20 weeks so I'm wondering if these side-effects are still actually a valid concern.

Thanks for all the help!

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Upset about people not controlling their dogs [vent]

I have my three on a lead and they’re very well behaved and walk well. One of my girls is very nervous of other dogs, this guy walks the same route at the same time as me so I’ve seen him a few times, he always has his dog off lead... my dog freaks out and his dog won’t leave her alone and won’t leave my other girls alone even though it’s friendly... my girls are getting stressed out and I always stand still and wait for him to pass or rush past him quickly with the girls...

Today I just got really frustrated at him not controlling his dog or telling it to back off because my dog is very obviously frightened and has her tail between her legs etc... I even said she’s nervous and he wouldn’t get his dog off mine.

I started lowering my voice at his dog and made shooing motions and said: “leave it!” And “leave!” In a very scolding voice at his dog and it finally backed off. The man suddenly rushes at me and screams at my face: “you don’t tell my dog what to do, how dare you do that! Why are you shouting at my dog you idiot blah blah blah, you don’t control my dog! I do!” and I was just overwhelmed and I managed to shout back: “I can control your dog and I will control it! Mine are nervous and you need to control your dog!” And he just stormed past me. I feel shaken because he seemed really angry and looked like he wanted to punch me... I’m so upset and my mental health has gone down a lot today and I feel so angry and confused and I don’t know if I’m just being horrible or if he was in the wrong and I’m just really upset.

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[Help] We just noticed many small urine stains on our bed comforter where our 2 year old, male, mini-Aussie/toy poodle often sleeps at night.

It’s weird because I always take him out before bed and first thing in the morning. He never “goes potty” inside. I’ve never noticed his penis wet or anything. But obviously he’s leaking at night. We don’t play in bed, so it’s definitely not because of excitement. He’s not displaying any unusual symptoms of anything. No excessive licking or anything. Eats and drinks normally. I’m wondering if this is common or I should have him checked out by a vet. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

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[Fluff] My dog will only eat her food with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese

Not seeking advice or anything, just sharing a fun quirk about my doggo. She’s a 130lb Neapolitan mastiff. When I first brought her home, she wasn’t interested in her food. I tried several different brands, wet and dry, different mix ins, etc.

Finally one day I was cooking myself a bowl of pasta and let her lick a bit of parmigiano I dropped on the floor. She wolfed it down! I sprinkled a bit on top of her food, and sure enough she ate the whole thing.

Two years later and this dog will stare at me until I top off her bowl with a little sprinkle

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My girl is a good dog. I just cannot handle her, especially now. I vented in the wrong sub. I was looking for tips and maybe some encouragement on how to deal with some things.

I mistook love and concern for dogs to be related to their handlers. I don't believe we should 'own' dogs. They're not objects.

I live her, I just know that I'm unable to care for her in the way she deserves. Right now I am struggling. My last post apparently invited gentle attacks and entitled people to tell me that I matter less than my dog. I just wanted to redirect any possible offense to bring understanding.


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[Fluff] Need name ideas for new dog!

Hi everyone!

I currently have a St Berdoodle who is all black, named Nash. We will be getting another male St Berdoodle puppy soon and we need help with names.... We wanted to do Knox (both Tennessee cities), but one of our friends named their newborn baby that! So we need help with names! We like names that aren’t as common and thought about city names/southern names to go along with Nash. We thought about Ripley, but are unsure. Thanks for your help!!!!

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[Help] Any advice on how to entice an **extremely** picky eater?

My dog is an 11yr old husky mix that's always weighed 30-something lbs. He currently eats purina salmon & rice for sensitive skin & stomach.

He has always always always been the pickiest damn eater I've ever met for a dog. The only time he was ever a good eater was when I moved back with my mom for a few years where he & his 2 "big brothers" (huge dogs but younger than him) all ate together. He actually got to the point where he'd clean their bowls.

Before that we lived with my roommate and her 2 dogs for years & he barely ever touched his food. But he was still a healthy body weight.

Now my husband and I have moved with him to Texas & he's doing the exact same thing again. I know that dogs will eat when they're hungry - but dear lord. I get him to eat a full meal like once every other day, if that. The other days it's barely half.

We do also only leave his food down for about 15-20minutes and then take it away so he realizes he gets his food on a scheduled time.

The reason I'm so concerned now is because he's dropped into the "underweight" category at the vet. He lost 3lbs in 6months (while not trying to have him lose weight)

Does anyone else have this or had this problem? If so could you please share how you were able to help your dog eat more??

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