[Discussion] Would you help me pick a dog breed for my family?

Hey! First of all, excuse my English.

My family (parents) and I (18F) have decided to finally get a dog, but we are not sure of the breed we should get.

We live in an apartament, but in a rural area, so taking out the dog to play won't be a problem.

I study abroad, whereas in summer I will be able to take the dog out everyday for many hours, during the school year my mother will take care of it.

My mother doesn't mind taking him out 2/3 times a day and playing with him, but she isn't as active as I am, however she would be able to spend all day with him, because she does not work.

We are looking for a medium (or even large, but NOT SMALL) dog.

It's our first dog ever, we would like him to be active and smart but also cuddly!

We ain't looking for fancy and difficult to find breeds, just something suitable for us, that requieres attention and time but not too difficult for novices!

The less he barks, the better (but that's not really the main thing).

Could you help us? Thank you!

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[Discussion] Anyone else have a very demanding and dramatic dog?

My dog is the most dramatic dog I’ve ever had. He’s a pitbull mix 3 years old and has a huge personality. For one instance I bought dog booties for him when walking on hot days and now he won’t go outside without them on. He also throws tantrums about everything if you ignore him or tell him no or you’ve upset him in anyway he’ll start barking at you slapping you and (if it’s a toy and he wants to play) pushing the item on your lap and then barking. If you tell him no he’ll always talk back he act more like a husky then anything with all the vocalization. He also hate being shut out of a room he’ll start banging on the door none stop and attempt at opening it by messing with the door handle until you let him in the room and he’s now taught my puppy to do this as well smh. He also doesn’t know what personal space, he always acts like he’s so sneaky when he try’s to crawl onto my lap when on the couch but he’s 70 pounds so he’s not very sneaky but he try’s anyway. He also will start to cry on the top on his lungs like he’s being tortured if there’s a toy he wants but can’t reach and he takes a few seconds to look back at whoever’s in the room to check if they noticed. He’s also very jealous when he’s not the center of attention like whenever my mom comes over and someone hugs her he’ll bark(happily) and then jump up and hug her as well because he felt excluded. Now when my mom comes she says “Huggies” to him and he’ll instantly hug her.

Overall he’s quite the hand full but his shenanigans are always an entertaining thing. Do any of you have a dog with an odd personality like mine I’d love to hear your stories!

pics of my pup

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[HELP] Should I contact the dog breeder again?


I don’t really know where to ask this but hopefully someone can answer. I’m going to adopt a puppy (Japanese chin) and I’ve already contacted the breeder. I have some questions that I forgot to ask but i feel kinda shy to bother them and ask especially everyone has their own lives. I talked to them last Wednesday and they said they’ll update every week. Should I contact again to ask questions or wait for them to contact me?

Thank you

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Puppy help [Help]

Recently my brother brought his new puppy to our house to meet our older dog and get them accustomed to each other, however on her second day it rained and her nose dripped a little (as far as I know it stopped pretty quick) and she had some diarrhea later that day, we thought maybe it’s a combination of stress and getting into my older dogs food while we were looking away. What really worried me was when she started dry heaving at 3 in the morning and thought my brother took her outside and she seemed to stop, so after some googling I’m worried that she has bloat or GDV but it’s Sunday and no vets anywhere near us are open today so I was hoping for anything anyone might be able to offer advice-wise until Monday when we can get her in.

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[HELP] trying to give husky more fun

Hes 12 and super old and his teeth are really bad so the vet offered to give him surgery with anesthesia soon. I got him when he was 7 so he's had previous owners that he was very vocal with. With my family he doesn't make a single sound except to growl or whine for attention/food so I always pet him when he does that.

My parents aren't that nice to him and I think they stress him out. I let him stay in my room and dont let them yell at him here so he's started to stay in my room forever but it gets kinda smelly.

I rub him for an hour once a day, sit outside with him for an hour a day, take him on one or two walks/runs, and do 1 minute of tricks for treats. Other than that, he lays on my floor and doesn't do a single thing for the entire day so I feel bad that he has nothing to do while I'm im my computer and stuff. Are there any cool toys or fun activities I can buy for him?

I got him a sqeaky toy once but he lost interest after two weeks and never touched it again. I'm thinking about getting another one for him but idk what he'll like.

I gave him a bone before but my brother started yelling about how his gums are bleeding and took it away. He read that it can hurt them when they break but hes never had problems with splinters and he has a strong jaw but his teeth smell really bad right now.

He's not very social at dog parks and he likes smelling poop and leaving after 5 minutes. Somtimes he steps his feet in water but he doesnt like swimming much. I dont take him out much cause I can't drive but he likes riding cars and seeing my friends so I try to meet with them more (once a month) so he can be happier.

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[Help] Our poodle puppy died of meningitis and I’m trying to discover what the most likely cause was.

I'm not expecting anyone to be able to tell me the exact reason but there may be others who have experience of meningitis in puppies, so...

Breed: Miniature poodle

Body weight: 2.1kg

History: Quieter than other pups when collected. Very quiet on first day home, became more lively and 'normal' with each passing day. Intelligent, lively, easy to train, no signs of any illness but slept very deeply during the day, and 9pm to 7am without a sound at 13wks of age. Unusual for a puppy? Seemed to have some trouble focussing on the direction sounds came from.

Clinical signs: Scratching herself quite often, found 3 fleas on her, treated with Advantage 40 (imidacloprid) at 14wks of age. Started scratching ears in following days, some whining when doing so. Ears very hairy. Groomer noticed ears very hairy and 'yeasty'. We used VetIQ ear cleaning drops - a lot of dirt was removed but not from the ear canal - just the outer ear. Started yelping when ear scratching. Took to vet, given steroid tablets and ear drops. 4 hours later in obvious pain, crying, holding head up high, unresponsive. Taken back to vet, diagnosed with meningitis. Kept in vet's for pain relief and i.v. antibiotics at 6.30pm, died in early hours of next morning. We owned her for just two weeks.

Duration: 2-3 days

I'd just like to know what happened, if it's at all possible to even find out. Is it likely the cause was in her from birth, or contracted from her early surroundings? Ear infection? Flea bites? There were 4 siblings and 9 adult poodles in the property she came from in the countryside.

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[Discussion] My dog suddenly wants to sleep outside on the cold?

So I have a 12 year old black lab whose 13 next week! We’ve had her since she was 6 months old, she used to be an outside dog, and would come inside only for a few hours at the evening before we all went to bed.

Then as she got older she just became an inside dog and would only sleep outside. Then as of about early last year she began to sleep inside because the nights just got super cold and it was almost be cruel to let her sleep outside. It doesn’t snow here, but it does get below 10 degrees Celsius at night time during the winter (Australia, southern Victoria) Her bed outside has a comfy bed and it’s off the ground, one of those trampoline type dog beds. And it’s bedside the back door under a shelter.

The last few nights though she has started wanting to sleep outdoors and she will bark at the back door until you let her out. My mum said the other night it was raining and she went to see if my dog wanted to come inside and she was fast asleep outside, but the angle of the rain had her getting wet, and Mum woke her and while our dog didn’t object she wasn’t eager or super excited to get into the warmth.

I know it’s probably not a big deal but she just makes me nervous because she is so old, she is still very energetic for her age and always wants a walk. But she is my baby and I want her to be okay, anyone have any ideas to ease my mind haha?


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[Help] [Discussion] Wirehaired Pointing Griffon – Can they adapt to apartments?

Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, but it seems like this is a great place to ask questions. So here we go:

I'm in the market for a new dog, and Wirehaired Pointing Griffons (WPGs) have grabbed my attention. Everything from their size, temperament, to their low shedding coat, seems to be a great fit for what I'm looking for. They are clearly a very active breed, which is what I'm looking for as I am fairly active and do a lot of hiking, walking, camping, backpacking - you name it. I like the outdoors. I want a dog that can be trusted off leash with proper training, won't go starting fights with other dogs, and are good with children.

WPGs seem to have a great temperament, they aren't too big but big enough to not have to worry about getting hurt. They seem to be quite trainable, and affectionate. Loyal. Everything I'm looking for.

While I'm currently in a situation where I have a fairly large fenced in yard, this will likely not always be the case. I will likely be moving into an apartment at some point in the near future.

Here's my situation: I work remotely and have a lot of control over my schedule. My job is consistent and I fully expect it to stay this way, offering me a lot of freedom. I can easily make time for multiple walks throughout the day. In my current house, and in my future apartment, I will be near multiple parks and fields that I could have a dog run off leash chasing after a ball. I will always be near multiple hiking trails as well. Kids will likely be coming into the picture in the next few years.

With all of this said, knowing my situation and what I'm looking for - would a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon work for me now and in the future if I end up in an apartment? I fully understand that ideally these dogs are on a farm or something or have a job to do. But given my active lifestyle and freedom to control my schedule and allow for extensive consistent exercise, am I naive to think that I could make it work with a WPG? When I adopt/buy a dog it will be part of the family no matter what. Putting it up for adoption is not an option. So before I buy one, it is incredibly important for me to know that I will be able to provide this dog with a healthy, happy life.

Thanks to anyone that is able to shed some light here! Any information and feedback would be incredibly helpful.

PS. I'd love any alternatives to this breed that might fit well into my situation! Any suggestions would be amazing. Important things are: medium size (preferably the middle to lower end of medium), good with small children/other dogs (friendly temperament), apartment friendly, low shedding.

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