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Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.

You can’t expect to hit the jackpot if you don’t put a few nickels in the machine.

You always draw inspiration from your family or your parents if they’ve proven to be inspirational. My mother is someone who’s always been inspirational to me.

To be a good loser is to learn how to win.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

The more we do, the more we can do.

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  • BRIGHT MINDS: You will OVERCOME the obstacles you are facing

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  • karan vahi: Bill gates is poor in front of rothchild
  • Nageswararao Chelikani: Wonderfully said. A heart to share is much wealthier than the wealthiest. C.N.RAO
  • Linda Kyei: God pls give me the heart of the newspaper vendor
  • Abhi G: Money is not richest
    Vendor heart greatest rich…
  • Ash M Azad: true…The worlds richest people are those whom have a big heart.
  • Hope for the best prepapre for the worst: If this is the parameter then there is more than one.
  • Art by dhara: There is one another person richer than Bill Gates..
    He’s name is Ratan tata..
    He’s earnings is more than India’s $3 billion us dollar yet he is not in the Forbes list because he donates 66% to charity…
  • Natinael Getachew: If you believe in Jesus Christ you are the riches person in the world
  • AhlanWasahlan.: I have Rich heart I like to help people who needs Help where ever they are or who ever they are. ?
  • Ramananda Saralaya: Bill Gates,A big salute to you for sharing.
  • dinesh raja: It is Greatest of Peoples’ Misunderstanding that Rich Also do have Rich IQ …..
  • Helen Basumatary: A beautiful inspiring story… It’s a lesson to learn …..
  • Beast Universe: Beautiful, a rich heart is all that matters…
  • Learn with Tunes: Microsoft become the world’s largest personal computer software company.
    Big like to bill gates
  • midnight shadow wolf -fun games: The Lord is with you!
  • Neutron: Bill gates wolds richest man could even bought poor mans whole life.
  • Prithviraj Dhuri: Someone ask bill gates ”is there anyone richer than you ?”
    He answered ”yes its Jeff Bezos”
  • Thomas Gifford: Angels of God are involve afore hand in these things sometimes.
  • sumithra r: Give ” Hands – to – some” that is a great richest in the world…..
    What a final replied answer from news paper vendor…..
    Really iam very appreciated this statement. Superbbb.
  • Wikim Sengar: If one is rich in feelings than he cant be rich in money…
  • Daisy. Mobile: Amazing thought
    and exactly there are so many filthy rich persons with narrow hearts and mind won’t share anything
    well great story with strong lesson
  • Florence Masule: Advert of buying newspapers so now. Anywhere the richer goes higher the low ranked low.
  • OMAR VALDEZ: All of a sudden, I have something stuck in my eye.
  • G Preethi: But even though now a days money nly speaking ?
  • Haritha Telugu: Awesome…Great Person Bill Gates for his simplicity and good Heart..❤
  • Marian Danila: That’s true. Who had a rich heart had enough money, time or everything to share with others. Do never wait to become rich and after that to help somebody.
  • Ali Risal: Big salute sir , with tears in my eyes ?
  • Clear kid: The Words Brings Tears to My Eyes
  • Biswajit Kanhar: Nicely quoted.. touched my heart.
  • willythefree: Bill Gates said that this never happened. However good story though..
  • Anny Acosta: Money wise: Jeffrey Preston Bezos (Jeff Bezos). I like the story, very true. Mr. Bill is a very grateful and generous person and also the Vendor. We don’t need to be rich to be generous.
  • Alwin Thomas Stepic: Another shorter answer:
    Jeff Bezos

    Thanks for wasting our time !

  • KALIPRASAD HOTA: Outstanding
  • midnight shadow wolf -fun games: No need to repay. Be true to yourself be happy! See it achieve it!
  • oconus lure: when u are a cia baby u have nothing, look at howard huges
  • Alwin Thomas Stepic: I don’t believe the story since bill never mentioned it and he also came from an upper middle class family that could afford a news paper once in a while, his father is a lawyer.
    So the typical “rags to riches” story doesn’t fit him well !
  • pingal sangodkar: This story is very nice, the person who is rich in heart is real rich person.
  • Cabdishakur Cabdi.: i liked this history it will be unforgettable all my life also thank you for your sharing
  • RAPID KILLER: He landed in airport and had no money to afford newspaper….!!!? No logic dude..
  • Umakant Gairola: One can integrate as well as disentegrate the atoms I in any form at will. Money…. Hahahaha
  • Diamond Eagle: this the kind of story poor people tell other poor people to “help” them feel better about themselves. LOL.. I helped people all my life and none of them ever came back to “reward” me or even to say “thank you that you were there for me when I was in need of ….”. This world is full of cons & exploiters and if you can get conned, exploited and scammed and STILL continue to love and help others, continuously hoping in the “goodness” of others, then you are truly rich and I am that rich and rare. But then, I do not belong to this world. I belong to the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • kasko kasko: Exactly the man is like me I do the same way even I don’t have enough but I help to athers
  • Michelle Green: This is facts right here!!! Help! Always be a blessing to someone.
  • Allah Mohd: i impressed this story …reallly ……
  • Shivranjani Rajawat: Magnanimous heart in heartless world
  • Vela V: Please it’s my request again give some personal information because I’m going to beautiful words it
  • 1dayat atime: This is a great video! I can imagine Bill Gates doing this! I admire him! He is always donating large sums of money to organizations he and his wife believe in. There aren’t many rich people who do this. Give away their money??!! Oh Heck no!! But Mr. Gates does on a regular basis!! Kudos to you Mr. Gates!! ??
  • lesile barber: Big hugs ✌?beautiful story it just feel good help people ?
  • Luwang Chanu: Tears ran down…. Idk why but it touched ?❤
  • Just do it Champion: Best of best of best of best of best.
  • Vijay Kumar: It teaches the correct value of life
  • JLJAM: YES by Gods Grace
  • Brainy Mrthem: So emotional
  • Bene Foscano: Sir Bill Gates, are you rich in the Heart?
  • Sankalp Suryavanshi: Nice story but i don’t think it has any factual reference to bill gates or his life
  • Arcelia Cody: YEEESSSSS!!
  • Abhinav Banthiya: People disliking this video should get a new life
  • namita singha: How beautiful ❤
  • Mia Roger:
  • Bikram Magar: Absolutely Inspirational…
  • Sunny Rai: A newspaper man I have seen this
    Upload some new
  • Dr.Suchandra Mitra Chaudhury: Yes, its very true!?
  • Chingy Changy: Romans 10: 9,10
  • Sandy Patrick Luzer: It is do valueable this video for me. Thanks a lot
  • Roopa Prasanna: Beautiful words pls watch this
  • fardin khan: Beautiful story !heart touching!
  • Bharat Pathik: What money can buy ?
    ?A Bed .. but not Sleep
    ? Books.. but not Brain
    ? Foods.. but not Appetite
    ? Finery.. but not Beauty
    ? House.. but not Home
    ? Medicine.. but not Health
    ? Amusement.. but not Happiness
    ? Religion.. but not Salvation
    ? Luxuries.. but not Culture
    Yes ……
    A poorest man is he
    whose only wealth is “Money”.
  • fascinator d: god bless all
  • virgilia pamutongan: ?
  • sandra crump: I love this message
  • Rajashree Sahoo: Yes
  • Baibhab Mahanta: Great job.. nice msg..
  • Kamleshp Dedhia: Beautiful
  • Trang Nguyen: Thank you
  • Shivam Shukla: Great motivational vedio!
  • Lina Key: Amazing
  • Bhaghi Appaiya: Wonderful thank you
  • Kavitha Naganathan: Super. We have to be rich in our mind. We have to be useful to the world at any cost.
  • his voice has no match just superb Mony: ये कहानी जरूर सच है
    ऐसा कुछ अविश्वसनीय नहीं हो सकता
    मैं अपने आठ महीने के गोलू-मोलू बेटे को गोद में लिए फिरोजाबाद की एक गली के सामने खड़ी थी
    सड़कें सूनी थी एक दम सुबह का वक्त
    एक गुब्बारे वाला खूबसारे गुब्बारे लिए निकला गुब्बारा लेकर मैंने बेटे के साथ में दिया पर पर्स में सिर्फ दस का नोट था गुब्बारा पांच पैसे का था, मैंने गुब्बारा वापस करना चाहा , गुब्बारे वाला थोड़ी देर तक मेरे बेटे का चेहरा देखता रहा और अचानक गली में गायब हो गया उस गुब्बारे वाले का हफ्ते भर की दाढ़ी भरा चेहरा आज 40 वर्ष बाद भी याद है
    उसका ऋण कभी भी उतार नहीं सकी
  • Sallie Mae: To my recollection i have read this story about Bill Gates and the newspaper man more than twice.The richness of people’s heart whether you are poor or rich can not be repaid by money.PERHAPS if you reallly wanted to match that kind of gift you should learn how to have the richness of your kind heart yourself.Not all people have a kind heart.Sometimes being kind to people is a God given gift.Some people especially children.When you expose these children to a violent situation in his or her house.This child will not develop a kind heart instead he will develop a an angry heart.Some people even you expose them to abuse in their young age some people do not resort to abusing people.Yes their self esteem will suffer because they have a feeling that they are not good enough for good people but still they remained with their kind heart.Perhaps this child know about God at an early age and perhaps this child is not scared to talk to God at an early age.The circumstances of this child was very different because both parents were gone in her life at age 5.When this child was 7 years old God guided this child to read a small children version of the Bible thats when her eyes opened that THERE IS A GOD..God truly blessed this child when at 8 years old she had her first Communion and her teacher talks about Conscience the other name of FREE WILL and her teacher talks about THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF GOD.She knows about what is a conscience at age 8.The free will comes from your brain to make decision to do the right thing or do the wrong thing.God truly blessed this child to give her a kind heart.At times she develops a mean heart depending upon the situation.But if she is becomes aware that she hurts people feelings she knows how to humble herself to ask for forgiveness and she knows how to forgive herself and forgive other.She is indeed one of the chosen ones for her to be given a mission in her life to be an instrument of PEACE because God has known her before she was even born.She remains FAITHFUL to GOD despite all her childhood and adulthood circumstances.She is a survivor who still keeps going and going.She is most definitely not perfect but knows that she has good virtues because she lived by them by the help and GRACE OF GOD.Yes she has loved the person who helped her be the version of herself.She is in a good place in her life to accept this love.Whatever happens if its not meant for her it is alright because She has Found God again.She has learned to love herself again.
  • Priyabrata Dash: Is this a true story?
  • Lito Rodenas: Its not a big deal for the other to have alot of money there’s a people that being contented no matter what standing in there life it will have purpose and importance in this world like the vendor in the video it tell that no matter what is stand in life he or she give a newspaper for free

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  • Dick Head: Smart little kid
  • Nguluolie Kc: Great story!
  • kiran mahajan: Beautiful
  • Jiju George: Thank u for sharing this. I really had a bad day todsy. This story came as a savior
  • Umakant Gairola: Hahahahahaha. Rich…??? Hahahahaha. He kept aside infinite potential capacitating to creat another earth. Such people requires speedy evolution to get rid of oblivion. GOD bless them .
  • Manpreet Kaur: True and great thinking
  • Sabita Magar: Just great ? ???
  • Renu Kumari: ?️?️????️?️????
  • Nolan Emmanuel Villegas: Yes
  • Aotahi Aoturoa: ..yes but dont become a doormat….be judicious… the derserving ones not the greedy….:)
  • Lalramsanga Pachuau: ??
  • Dr Pujiarto: ??
  • kaial rathod: Its nice
  • Rashida Bhatti: Wao ,thats great
  • Chitra Kumar hazarika: Wow! Why Bill Gates is recognised as the richest of the world ,now I know….Bill Gate is simply noble.

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