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We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.

I’ve worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of my goals. I will not let my teammates down and I will not let myself down.

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.

I think ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ will show a lot of the positive things, like how much effort it takes to make a costume. These people on the show aren’t taking shortcuts. As long as that effort gets through to the viewers, we will be inspirational. Then there will be people who watch the show that want to get in and hands-on make outfits.

I celebrate myself, and sing myself.

A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.

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  • Akila: I feel like God was leading me to this video because I was so worried earlier.
  • Live Life Freely: As a former atheist I used to not worry too much, at least far less than most people I know and to me, I always knew the universe would take care of me. Now that I’ve given my life to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I’ve realized that it was Him all along not the universe. I now actually don’t worry about the one thing that would sometimes keep me up at night, my eternal soul.

    p.s. just yesterday I was over at a friend’s house and his two little girls were fighting over some strawberries. He got irate with them and reminded them that there are a lot more strawberries and he’s tired of seeing them fight over what he’s provided for them, of which there’s an abundance. I later pointed out to him that that’s how God must feel about all of us.

    God bless you all…

  • Crazy Kevin: The battle is not ours but the LORD’s
  • PokéStarBros: God bless all who watch this video!
  • Whitakers Way: Let your will be done ✅ let me trust you , lead me where you want me to go, thank you for this message your story is powerful
  • Janet Faith: Lord, may your plan, not my plan be done in my life
  • prudence wafula: This video has changed my life.. I was so worried about my lifestyle and my past mistakes but right now I deliver my problems to God.. And I pray for restoration.
  • MRSME AllDAY: This is so insane I was just praying to God right now to help me w my special needs daughter and I was worrying and trying not to … And I got up looked at my phone saw suggested video watched it I never do this in the morning then this video is next and I am just sitting here in amazement at my God… He’s always always there and he always comes through for me thank you for this video God bless
  • Remix Alpha: 2019 bless all the viewers?
  • Grace Han: Thank you for this Troy. I had a really rough month and my anxiety seemed to be reaching peak levels. But I always need to remember that my life is in God’s hands, and am reminded by how much He loves all of us!
    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6
  • Mai Mai: Your thoughts oh Lord is greater than my thoughts. Let your will be done.
  • Maritoni Negulo: Last night, I watched this video and pray to the Lord. And surrender all my worries. Praise God cause this morning all my prayers was answered that fast. Glory to the Lord.
  • Clinton K.: I will follow Jesus all my life
  • Entamoty Live: July 2019 and am still inspired
  • Thoma -: Please pray that I feel better. I’m always anxious or afraid of life. Sometimes life feels fake and it’s just scary. Please pray for me to overcome this.
  • Frazer Norris: Going through a tough time – with illness in the family and a possibility of losing my job …
  • Lucy Merkom: “Oh Jesus I Surrender myself to you take care of everything” 10 times everyday. But you truly need to surrender and honestly Jesus really does take care of it. God bless and stay strong
  • Michael Whipple: Troy, over 2 million hits brother way to go God. I’m adding this comment, I hope you receive it, with blessings. It relates to worry.

    The devil is still trying to give us his apples. Just as he did with Adam and Eve in Gods blessed garden. Every thought that fulfills the lust of the flesh is another apple. Stop asking the body what it wants, you might as well ask Satan what he wants. What then do we do.

    Well, we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us, then we do one thing,,let it go, give it to God. Then wait patiently. He will change the sand on your beach, one grain at a time. He will change you. And when the devil tempts you with another apple saying try this apple it will feel good, say I rebuke you devil, because the same God who cast you out of heaven, is also the same God who is changing me. No thanks, I’m not interested in another apple. In that moment, you just changed.

  • PianoMessage: ? Glory be to God ?? This message came at the perfect time ??…

    now i will just let go and submerged myself in WORSHIP ????????

  • Edwin Rivera: I gave my life to GOD four months ago… GOD has taken care of everything in my life. Talk to him, you will see.
  • MOPAR CUSTOMZ: Im literally in tears i felt like god just sent me this message im going through the work issues 50+ hours a week wich my bills always get taken care of with that overtime and today i just got a call and my overtime is down to regular time i was so scared until i got this message thank you lord thank you guys for sharing this wonderful video.
  • Curtis bright jr: God thank you for being in control i love you so much help not be worried
  • Stacy Bushwick: I love it message. Even in my painful situation I trust
    God and I believe He has a greater plan for me!!! Amen!!!
    I just order you book in Barnes & Noble. thks a lot for your Inspiration
  • Gino Contardi: I come in agreement with all my brothers and sisters here today in the glorious and mighty name of JesusChrist hallelujah amen
  • CATHY M: Troy, thanx so much for this video, & all your other ones, I need this today, for I worry about everything, I’m afraid for my health, I’m a diabetic, & trying to keep my blood sugars down, I have anxiety attacks, I worry about my finances, for I have no financial security, in debt really bad, I lost interest in everything, my joy, that I once had, is completely gone, I keep praying for GOD to help me, maybe I’m praying wrong, but I truly need the peace of the LORD, I really do, thank you Troy for this video, may GOD continue to bless you in all your tomorrows, just love what you’re doing for others, keep up the good work.
    ?Cathy? in NYC
  • Curtis bright jr: This video makes me wanna cry i love this his Bible verses lines up with the king james Bible thank you god
  • Angela Martil: Lord you know my needs and my heart desires. I am committing all my worries to you. I have lost hopes life. Please guide me
  • Tessa Logan: You would be surprised at God’s perfect timing ,i prayed for my daughter to get a job & her interview is Monday! God is Awesome !
  • Hepzi Supriya: I really need this today…..tq so much troy
  • Galaxy art Lord: I took what you told us and it blows my mind how it work I couldn’t thank you enough praise Jesus for you tubers like you
  • Samanbha Rachel: “We were never meant to be in control in the first place “… this hit me hard
  • lulu fill: Father of all universe I know you love me. father I need strength to overcome my spiritual weaknesses. God i put my trust in you from today. Lead me to overcome all my troubles. I know you can. Amen
  • Os WR: I’ve been a sinner, never really believed in God, anxiety has taken over me then i started praying, started believing in God…. everyday I’m starting to feel much much better, i know that he has been listening to my prayers, i know that all these pain will slowly go away even if it takes me a month or a year, I’ll never loose my trust in you Lord…i trust in you Lord, i want to know you more and more, i want you Lord in my life and i know you will lead me according to your will.
  • Nerisa C: Thank you for the reminder, sometimes I forget that He is in control.
  • Erica Ratliff: I’m Glad I ran into this thank you God Lord Jesus!!!
  • Anlet Ruby: Troy thank you very much for this video.I was worried a lot ?my heart was filled with pain,the moment I watched your video it changed,I feel no pain.Thanks for this video.I sent this video’s link to all my friends.this is the best message I’ve heard in my whole life.make more like this.stay day I want to meet you and thank you for this amazing video.I recommend about your books to my friend.Thanks a lot Troy.?
  • Donny Dickerson: Great message! Jesus is the way.
  • Jonathan Gulayan: I remember my father worrying about not being able to work again then I said to him, “Don’t worry God is our Provider. God’s plan is perfect, believe in Him and trust Him.” 5 minutes later, his company manager texted that he just had a new contract and they need him to report to the office immediately. He was amazed that he almost cried and hugged me. Never doubt the power of God because nothing is impossible with God.
  • Ariana Stacey: A 500 dollar check in my bank is highly unlikely for me ?
  • Gwendolyn Perez: I believe in your plan to me god??I’m waiting my visa approval god??
  • Henrietta Churcher: I really feel God presents watching this video
  • Pria C: Lord jesus I thank you and I Praise you lord jesus… I surrender my life to you as you the best and will do the best for me. In the name of Jesus I pray… Amen!
  • shalom Amen: God is in control. Amen. He sees everything take of me and my family God all might in Jesus Name.
  • Frances Y.: This so beautiful. thank you so much
  • Anusreenadesan Anusreenadesan: A new change of mind created after this video watch most influential ☺☺????
  • ThatRandomAnimator: Thank you.I needed this so much.Instead of giving me more to worry about, you let it all out.Thank you.Youve impacted this // year old life.
  • TTD: Time To Draw: i made an inspirational video….it got 30views
    and i’m worrying about it! 🙁
  • antoinette steele: I love this. Thank you.???
  • WP. Agung: Very inspiring and blessing.. Jesus bless us
  • Heather Munson: Thank you! I have a procedure today I’ve been worried about and listening to this really helped.
  • Arlena F.: Thank you for this message. Deep in my heart I always felt like GOD wanted me to do contract work. I have working as a Contractor for about three years. There have times when you are between contracts and assignments and it gets rough financially. However, GOD always seems to provide. Many times I become scared because I am a single woman. I often worry about providing for myself and really getting debts paid off.
  • Xander: I love god
  • Yslly Ayres: Omg! That’s exactly what i needed to hear rn! Thank u❤
  • Mrs Ndora: Timely message! Thank you MoG .Remain blessed
  • Sheryl Woleslagle: Thank you for the inspiration. He does work in mysterious ways. I love my Lord, Jesus Christ, and surrendered my life to him, and have never been happier. You are never too far gone to go to him and get forgiven. I love him, and he has now taken me to new heights in my life. Places I thought I would never go. Do you want to soar like an Eagle? Our awesome, amazing God. Take a chance. He is waiting to bless your life. Amen
  • Bonny Bonny: I am here on 6/12/2019 praying that God deals with my anxiety. Amen
  • gg: always remember ”God is good all the time”
  • Naughty Nyariek: AMEN! Thank you so much for the encouraging and motivational video???? God is good!?
  • Ibwagwangbe Teisie: Brother Troy,,, you have been so much blessings to me through your videos. You always help me find faith in my darkest days. May God bless you and your family, in Jesus Name??☺️☺️
  • shin shi: God leading here. Nov,5 2019.
  • Pradeep Perera: Ammen..?
    I saw this video I really feel God lead me to see this..I saw the 1st comment is all the same..Dear Brother thank you for creating such video and share it. May God bless you a lot..?
  • Cynicali74: this is awesome the bible is way cooler than the best movie in the world. amen
  • D A: Amen❤️
  • Arcday nb3: This is the one thing I need to hear…
  • Richardelias Richie: I wish I could see back my wife in my life because I still love her kindly prayer for her change mind please because day n night not well
  • Queen Devi: Thank you for the encouraging words. I worry alot. I am a great worrior. Your words will help me through it
  • john darby: Thank GOD for a guy like you because I learned a very important lesson today….I will stop worrying..
  • Skinny Rhymes: Inspiring video, God bless u more.
  • Sachin Herenj: Jesus told me from inside to see this video..early in morning
  • Philip Erpelo: Awww, this is so inspiring! I will share this via Facebook… Thank you Troy! Your testimony is so powerful! I needed to hear this Word. Thank you!
  • Sandra Wallace: Well said. I also feel that I’m being called to do contact work, I’m scared to let go of steady income to pursue my dream which is helping and coaching others in the work at home space. I’m trying to get my Instagram account to 10,000 but just when I’m close, I fail to hit the mark. I feel this is my biggest goal right now and I know it will propel me to the next level to help others and be able to have stable income from it.
  • Bible Munch: God is there for you, and he promises to take care of you.

    Rest in the knowledge that, God never lies.

    He loves you, he’s leading you, he’s with you every step of the way.

  • Ezekiel Jefferson Sekar: I am crying watching your video..yes indeed God is everything…God’s love is so amazing..a really pure..really inlove with you Lord….
  • Eddielyn Aliling: Thank you so much for your message. I was blessed. This week have been heavy for me but hearing those words, i felt fine. I know God will continue to use you for His greater glory! God bless brother Troy Black. I will continue to trust God!
  • Christopher Gomes: Thank you lord for all the blessings you’ve given me and all the miracles you’ve done for me!
  • Jose Rodriguez: This is amazing—I needed this, right now!
  • Joel Tendere: I have never had faith. i have strong faith through this message
  • Sweet Tooth: Thank you so much for this Troy. This made me cry and realize that i have forgotten to seek God’s help with most of my life’s decisions. I have been burdened with my job that i am not happy with. And focused with worrying if i can give my son a good future. I am always worried about my health and my family. I am a single mom. And starting tomorrow i will stop worrying about useless things. Thank you and God bless you.
  • L P: Amen. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. FOREVER AND EVER ! Thanks for this! ?
  • KNOWLEDGE BANK: So powerful thnx for it….praise you JESUS..thank you..!!
  • Sherizze Acot: Thank you for this video. I was really worrying about work this past few days then I bumped into this video. ?
  • Treyvontae Alston: Yes God, I love this video. I will share with my friends on Facebook and get your book as well. I want everything Christian and everything that tell the truth about the True Living God. I don’t listen to secular music that degrades women or talk about gang or shootings anymore just because that stuff can poison your mind. The tv shows, movies, if it is not Godly or positive I don’t watch it. We have to guard our hearts against such things and I don’t want to be in bondage again. What I am saying is thank God for you because this helps Christians have something to go to when the world getting away from God, videos like this help us to stay with God so thank you for letting God use you and being a willing vessel. God bless you sir 🙂
  • Paul Smith: I feel worried and anxious all the time, I’m tired of this world.
  • Gabriel San Martín: I saw your videos every time when I feel dawn, this one make this: God is telling me DONT WORRY , YOU CAN DO IT JUST TRUST IN ME NOT IN YOUR OWN STRENGTH. God bless you all!!
  • Phineas Pemba: Jesus I trust in You ?
  • Yeshua Our living manna: Yes, God is amazing He made a way for me through the impossible when I thought it is a dead end…..I called on Him by Psalm 23 and problem vanished in a split of second.
  • Sue Mikhel: I nearly lost my sister yesterday as she was spinning out on a busy high way. She immediately called God to help, and she opened her eyes a few inches from a large ditch away from the traffic. She was in the middle of the highway and spun out 4 lanes and did not touch a single car while it was busy as everyone was getting out of work. I can never thank God enough for what he’s done.
  • Al Curtis: Thanking you for guiding me to the light. I needed this, I’ve found my path.
  • denilee otero: Lord I trust in you are my everything ..I wait on you for Guidence in all I do ..??
  • Haba Mynsong: Amen.?each and everyone of God has a good plan..
  • Esther Brandy: I always watch this video when am stressed, me just Love yoh Troy! God bless you. thanks?
  • Esther David: My mom worries about me all the time,
    and I just send her this video..
  • rovielyn ulnagan: ❤❤❤
  • John David Garcia: Thank you for reminding me for that one thing I’ve forgotten.. All i need is to be with Him(Jesus)… I’m so bothered, worried and afraid after i found out that there is a problem in my chest xray.. But now i declare In Jesus Name.. I will not to worry again … This fusses he can handle it… Thank you for the the encouragements Godbless you and to your family
  • Kaustav Chowdhury: Hearing you often coz your experiences are matching to what I am going through. Amen My brother in Christ, you got a new subscriber from India 🙂
  • Jelina Ross: Thank you for sharing the message i worrie at times and when i remember to just turn it over to Jesus he works things out he’s here in spirit .when i woke up this morning i felt his spirit and my problem was fix and i felt lifted up ! Praises to God Almighty and Jesus amen
  • MissChristian Cactus: I am a young girl, who’s has not kind entered the long walk of Christianity ❤️ and I love my walk so far? I’ve been trying to raise awareness for young teens my age⛪️ and I love to make videos so this is why… I make videos about God? please support me and subscribe? amen ❤️
  • Freda: Wow awesome God bless you ?????
  • Geraldine Baldo: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????
  • SEANPAULVEVO *slurp*it*: This is really an inspirational video. Thank you for this brother.

Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.

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I may not have got the Nobel Prize, but I’ve won countless other awards, including ‘Most Inspirational Living Woman Scientist.’

Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.

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The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

I do kind of marvel at my journey. But at the same time, I look back at a lot of the steps, and maybe not every step, but a lot of the steps, and since I was 12 or 13, I look at the people who helped me and the moments that were inspirational to me, and you can recall what my mindset and what my make-up was at that time to try and be the best.

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Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.

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