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Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Don’t sell out.

I did an A Level in Theatre Studies and had a really inspirational teacher, and then I just went on to university.

A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart. We know so many things, but we don’t know ourselves! Why, thirty or forty skins or hides, as thick and hard as an ox’s or bear’s, cover the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there.

I used to watch a lot of motivational films and videos to remain positive.

Light tomorrow with today!

If you can dream it, you can do it.

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  • Navy Indian: Dr. Shashi Tharoor is truly educated and intelligent man.
    He is Prime Minister material.
  • we Indian: We want this man as prime minister of India….!
  • Nirmal Singh: Outstanding Indian , deserves to play much much bigger role in reshaping the destiny of India.
  • Amal Christo: “Books are like the toddy tapper’s hatchet, striking through the rough husk that enshrouds our minds to tap into the exhilaration that ferments within”
    I Think This video should be played in all high schools…
    Thank You So Much Sir….
  • SHAMIMUL HASAN: The job of PM India is too lowly for a man of this intellect.
  • Manu Toms: In Tharoor, we see WHAT EDUCATION CAN DO IN THE LIFE OF A MAN, and of a nation.
  • JAYAN VARGHESE: What an amazingingly talented Man. If we cudnt exploit dis man for Indian politics, the country will not forgive us. These type of individual are indeed a rare breed
  • Sara M: ശശി തരൂർ 100 % വിജയിക്കും –
    50 000 vote ദുരിപക്ഷത്തിന്
  • Abdul Jabbar: Very inspiring speech, I love to listen.
  • IBRAHIM KHALEEL K A: Now 2019, in parliament very high educated extra ordinary MP.
  • Shanavas MJ: BJP or Congress… please use him.. if he die without serving us as our PM then the loss will definitely be ours…
  • Power of Mind: Talented personality ❤️
  • naveed iqbal: Talented Man,,, love from Pakistan
  • Muneer Basha: He is far better than PM modi
  • Aishwarya M.: Noddy is the best part of my childhood❤
  • Shamnad K: Proud of Kerala.. Gods own country..
  • Siva Subramani: Admire Sir’s interest in reading and writing.”A book is like a toddy tapper’s hatchet that cuts through the rough husk that enshrouds our minds and helps us tap into the exhilaration that ferments within” -an excellent line.
  • Jennifer Gopinath: We all wish for S.Tharoor to become the PM, but the Rascals inside the Indian Political spectrum will see to it, they destroy him & his ideologies. It is better he stays outside & help in the Human developmental process rather than bring on more stress on himself,by getting stuck in the muddy waters of politics in Delhi!
  • thasni kp: we young indians who dreams a prosperous india find next PM in you…great malayali
  • mgm: Excellent member of parliament……
  • Khuram Shahzad: What a stylish speaker
  • ritesh chandra: Greatly influenced by his oratory skills
  • Mehta Vishnu: 2k19?
  • ഷാനു mpm: Tharoor sir is the master of ideas and knowledge.
  • Ravishanker N: Outstanding orator and brilliant vocabulary- clearly PM Candidate
  • Sarkari News & JOB: Sir sashi,,,, I really like your personality the way you talking,,,I have a dream to meeting with you
  • Abdul Nasir: An Era of Darkness is a masterpiece written by Dr. Tehroor sahib
  • Nilesh Pandey: I downloaded this video for my english improvement purpose. And i am glad that this man with exellent personality taught me very important things too in his answers. I am learning english language no days and its my dream to be fluent english speaker as like this great man. And i am confident that very soon I’ll achieve that.
  • Kurian Isaac P: He is encouraging us to read and grow in knowledge, which we can gather from the wisdom of others and eventually we can form our own opinion based upon logic.
  • Amal suresh: The differce between tarror sir and other speaker is other make me sleep from their speeches and taroor sir wake me up from sleep from his speech
  • RESHMA RAJ: Thank you so much sir for ur valuable words
  • Andaleeb Hejazi: Tajjub h deish k padhe likhe samajhdar log or kabiliyat wale log hmare deish k pm nhi bnte..or Jo bante h wo deish ko dharm pr BAAT dete h.????
  • Aditya Hukai: Sir you are my ideal for your vocabulary. ..tone ..stress…and unique style of expression
  • My review Your support like: Watched full video , tharoor a amazing human.
    He helps people to make a good ideology.
    ? A great phillospher , writer & tallest #leader of congress .
  • Easy Engineering: Super …
    Really love your dicussions …
  • Mr_Khan Vlog: Dr.Shashi Tharoor ?❤️✌️
  • Junaid Shafi: Intellectual man..
  • Faiz Khan: And you are my Idol …sir
  • Margoob Eram: ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Aradhy Tripathi: 50:00
  • Aradhy Tripathi: 48:50
  • Divya Nair: How many noticed the cute anchor ?
  • Aradhy Tripathi: 89:50
  • kanza’s days: His English is amazing
  • Diya Maryam: Very interesting and intelligent speech
  • tintuu: Shshi Sir, please watch the video below, its so nice, he tried to make (Imitate or mimicry) you with so much effort in a nice way. He also humbly accepts that he would have made so many mistakes and he want you to watch that and correct as well. It’s inspiring to everyone of us about your English language skills. You are a oxford dictionary hahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂 Proud of you sir.
  • cpgafoor Pallathu: He is incredible
  • Maarif-e- Islami: Sir I salute you heartedly
    Bkz you are a great personality
  • Roshan Keshri: Unless you read and read rapidly…..?
    You’re such a intelligent and well deserved person. Your all videos and books are very very informative and well prepared. It’s really difficult to understand you for me but still I like reading and listening you again and again.
    Thank you so much Sir ?.
  • swabhimani group: Goooodd
  • IBRAHIM KHALEEL K A: I wish to next indian PM.
  • tintuu: I am a software professional and was preparing for interviews. I couldn’t disagree with what he says “The way you express with your words is pretty much you, your personality and your very breathe”….
  • Bittu Gym: when you listen ug Krishnamurti you are finished ????
  • Kunjunjamma Thomson: He is so on the point,he brought out so much information about devaluation of money .so many people lost all their money,then took their lives. What a tragedy it was.
  • Naga Bushan Terli: He’s one of the man who truely inspires to embark learning English &accent with predilection. I mere come here only for his magic of vocabulary and expound his content and views in articulate manner.
  • siamkima hmar: U should be p.m
  • Abdul Nasir: Love for Dr. Shashi Tehroor
  • Kiran Slv: He is not in Right position indeed, his position is in PM office
  • K. Anitha Jayakumar: Liked the question about dynastic succession – it is high time India does away with this system and Dr. Tharoor you could demonstrate that in your own party.
  • Mwchang Jamatia: You are my inspiration in the world of intellectual and politics
  • Subhi Zaidi: I am Nafey Zaidi I say you are very intelligent
  • Jerin Jerin: Ur speech is awesome u r my role model
  • Nyima Sherpa: Oh Shashi Tharoor is really a learned man. Great job
  • RAVISHANKAR MISHRA ENGLISH- M.A: God gifted intelligence
  • Aayesha jahn: i highly admire u Dr.Tharoor
  • Amar P: All questioning Hindu students. Peace people not interested this things ???. They standing how to get heaven and 72 hoories.
  • Right to know: Great orator ..
    ..ocean of words
  • ഓർക്കിഡ് orchids: May god bless you
  • Sadiq Ali waziri: I appreciate u sir
  • Rajeev Narayan: You make me proud Dr
  • Shalu Raghuwanshi: What a voice ??
  • Uzair Ismail: He is such a savat, this man got massive followers across the border too, fan from Pakistan
  • Fleur de Pavot: this man is a sore loser and Intelligence is wasted in Tharoor. I don’t agree with him on books. Books are ideas of other people. just like you. I hate to agree with others’ ideas. I am intelligent enough to shred ideas of others. By the way, today’s technology makes one listen to a story without reading a book. You have good ideas, however, they are spread out all over the places. As a result you can’t focus. I have discovered my style and my emotions are my assets and I am a great poetry writer and nature lover. I don’t do political writing like you, tharoor. My poems flow like the poems of Bengali poets. Your views are wrong. I am perceptive and watch what exists in nature, life, that reflect thru’ my writing
  • kishan sharma: Ingenuine answers…
  • Rai Peter: Indeed great inspiration, giant advise. Regards
  • bhushan mhaske: Loved this video
  • ramadoss vaidhyanathan: I like to follow his speeches for his wisdom of thoughts
  • crazy gamer: Good to see you
  • Kaitan D’lima: What a better way to explain the essence of democracy. Begins 12:45
  • pankaj gupta: Sir I’m big fan of u..Ur truly a great patriotic..u should be the Pm of India.. I became fan of you when I saw ur first speech
  • alok Yadav: Pm material
  • Farsina Sharin: Wonderful sir
  • SONAM GONBOO: Thanks you so much for inspiring me, Sir. Thanks you so much….
  • RAJKAMAL SINGH: This section is really galvonizing to be a good writer and an orater, really heart moving and indomitable spirit
  • vijayan kuniyil: Have to diagree with Tharoor on his statement”nobody to challange prime minister Nehru.. “This is not autocracy… In democracy people will decide… who should be prime minister… Dicators will not survive.. and dynasty will not survive… thats what time is teaching us…
  • MD Altaf Rja: It’s a indespensable part of good communication skill development..
    I am inspired by Dr sashi tharor.
  • Katteti Vikram: Shasi tharoor become feature pm
  • Vijay Kumar: The pinnacle of the public speaking skill ! The pinnacle of the vocabulary that one can only strive to achieve !
    Salute, Mr Shashi!
  • Md Sabir: This video has problem of playing.
  • Konchok Tsephal: I hope you sir .if congress party win the election you will next president of Indian
  • Zahir Hussain: It’s a good point to emphasis that IT industry needed genius but political can fill by any foolish .
    What a stupid world we are living ?
    Politics is important than IT
    But politician not required any qualifications for develop a country and it’s people.
  • Bittu Gym: joker on talk to like modi ???
  • Sadiq Ali waziri: I like Dr Shashi tharor
  • Dipesh Limbabhai: Sir main aapka bahut bada freind hun aapki knowlege such awesome your english is wow wow wow and out of this world amaging. Mai bhi aapki tarah fluency english bolna chahta hun
  • Parasuraman V: Let him become CM of a state he is from and then try to become PM. High education is not a ticket to become PM. So many other qualities are required. He is no way better than the current PM. Maybe congress could have made him PM when they were in power once upon a time.
  • irshadali k: i hope he s the one next pm
  • Mohammed koya mp: The most needed leader of our India for ever.
  • v p: even modi listens to him every day.
  • Ahsan Wani: Pm of india
  • Pavan C. Joshi: Great English, good template for the new Global Indian.

    Indian schools may want to teach said English maybe and prepare young Indian minds for Global advantage.

    Good stuff, not to say I agree with everything Shashi Tharoor.

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