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Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.

And above all things, never think that you’re not good enough yourself. A man should never think that. My belief is that in life people will take you at your own reckoning.

Faith is love taking the form of aspiration.

I want to be motivational and inspirational for everybody: my big aim is more women on bicycles.

Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.

We sing inspirational songs, songs of praise and worship, and about how good and how big God is. We are magnifying the Lord.

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  • Karen Rangel: I’m 9 years old me and my mother watch it and i think you are amazing everyday i want to motived to my friends in my mission in the earth for my lord
  • NayMarie Holmes: this man is just on time for me
  • trulyblessed: I absolutely love this man…he’s so deep without even being deep… I cannot wait to see him in September… and yes his laugh is wonderful…
  • Skrapeg0at: 9:30
    His laugh is truly beautiful.
  • Harmmarton Mwanyalo: I thank God for you. Am learning so much from you. You really inspire me.
  • Blake Hunter: How could this get thumbs down? It’s a purely positive and motivational speech.
  • John Neal Jr. Your Professor: Thank you Mr. Brown, I will continue to push myself, while encouraging others.
  • Volf Voss: I’ve been on a Les Brown spree.. Been listening to many of his clips for a couple of days now. Truly a great and motivational man. Thank you for posting this.
  • Fatima Reid: Knowing my “WHY” keeps me going!!!
  • silky slim23: It’s crazy that I listen to him everytime i workout….? Amazing message!
  • Malcolm Manby: “From God’s spirit of the place most high, a gift that’s earned that no one can buy, for those who are looking , but do not find are using their eyes and not their mind. So on your journey through life on the wheels of time, take all your friends to find this wonderful mind, it may be lost in the deepest, darkest dungeon with no key, but it can be found through God’s love and from that beautiful person who is called me”
  • Jasmine Cervantes: I’m so inspired by what you say! thank you
  • James Hendrick: Oh how I needed this! Lost my girlfriend over a week ago, and depression was taking my motivation. My best friend counseled me to listen to something uplifting and remove the toxic influences my ex-girlfriend brought into my life. I know I can’t give up. Sure, I wasted 2 months on a toxic relationship, but now it’s time to create a wellness plan.
  • shadonna kinney: 2017 I need to reset my mind
  • M Kay: 110 people did not understand the message.
  • Timothy Mackey: WaKe Up 2 Peace ThaNK U Les Brown i Overstand You
  • mazhar rehman: These speakers which include Earl Knightingale and Bob Procter helped me in the bad times….this stuff works.
  • John Davis: Thank you, Les, I’ve listened to you for years….I’m on a path now that will help me achieve all my life goals!
  • Prophet Paul Jackson: I wanna know who in their right MIND could dislike this video
  • Tehutii55: The greatest revenge is massive success!! YES! YES! YES! Thank you so much for this video!!
  • wubbalubbadubdub: more insightful than most of the fluff on yt these days
  • samson Shryack: I love this guys laugh after his jokes ????
  • 18tojo: Such a power within, inside, around, round, out us and I think – just everywhere…8n
    Like FLYING – First Love Yourself! Success comes with Love :))))
  • Boyce Johnson: you just made my day Mr. Drown
  • Guch Eddie: I am getting results.. from watching and listening to him over and over again. Thanks Les. bless your work
  • Matthew Whiteford: I love this guy man he had me laughing in tears…Big Thank You to Les
  • unbeknownstx: know that i have a reason to exist no matter what my life is worth it.
  • Jason barber and educator: I love Less Brown’s work!
  • George Holliday: The laugh ? I need to sample it for my videos when they’re feeling too serious, and just throw it in there
  • brian malpasso: les I’m living the Dream my friend. After 18 years of destroying myself I became an artist, a motivator, a physics theorist. Every time that voice inside brings doubt, I smash it out. Les is more, You an inspiration to us all. follow my journey to Enlightenment, and cast aside your burdens within, for in my journey there will never be an end! God bless all of you, remember that it takes at least 50 times of listening to hear the real truth in the words that are said once! Peace and Love everyone, I’m living Proof Motivational speech Works!
  • baze aminah: Am never the same since I started listening to Mr every morning
  • Cocoa Bella: he sound like Steve Harvey when you be yelling lol
  • Haniff Khan: I just love to hear his motivational speech, he keeps it real and add humor as a learning tool. He is my favorite speaker. Khan from southern Md.
  • SHAROL GOMELITAH NEWMAN: just love this guy. he is a real inspiration
  • Zidaantje: You gotta love it..what a power, what a tremendous energy…
  • Mark Anthony Garrett: Great! I salute you, sir! Your message is very powerful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  • Get Empowered: Pre-Super Bowl Men’s Coffee Talk – “Becoming A Kingdom Man”
    Overflow Coffee Bar, Chicago, IL
  • khayree jannah: POWERFUL and ON TIME!!!!!
  • Michele Lyn F: Les is a blessing & who I’ve needed to hear for a very long time!
  • Mel B.: You motivate me! The day I started listening your speeches I changed my thoughts.
  • Unbelievable Grind S: I listen to this everyday enpowering energy .
  • Alice Video: Having a very challenging day, this is like medicine. +PositivityxSuccess thank you so much for sharing.
  • shadonna kinney: I’m doing Les I’m writing in a journal to bring my writing skills and dreams to fruitation
  • The Odyssey Chronicles: Your words were so inspiring and just what I needed to hear, really made a few pennies drop. Thanks!
  • libertine 07: he has the best voice I have ever heard! great message and amazing voice!
  • Teenage Impact: Love his voice. I hope everyone finds their greatness.
  • Rejoice Twala: LES YOU ARE THE BEST
  • Shockzone: 7:00,
  • Emil Jacobo: just the sort of tough love, swift kick in the pants I need right now…thanks!
  • Sandra Seven: What a inspiration. Love this man.
  • Henry Russell: Still watching after 3 years
  • CarrotCruncher1984: Thank you Les,you have changed my life 🙂
  • Will Maylor: Truly inspiring. Your stories are so funny and we all can relate. You’re The Best Mr. Les
  • Kelvin Troy Johnson: Love it! Great stuff. Thank you for this post.
  • Nassareen Rahman: Very powerful! #Sharing
  • shadonna kinney: putting my wheels in motion
  • xXxXxCGPBxXxXx: Another great Les Brown talk!!! ?
  • KURONOI MEITENG’AYU: Will meet you Les, it is one of my goal.
    I am Kenyan living in Kenya
  • georg hutton: Never give up! Never surrender! You must fight for your dreams and ambitions! You can do it!
  • Joe Bradipo: very positive very inspiring.
    he’s definitely an astonishing speaker with a great voice
  • Calimex Fab: thank to you and everyone who’s has positive motivational messages videos pictures. may you be blessed love fayth happiness!! :’)
  • busingye adrine: am so inspired, thank you Sir
  • Keke D: I’m glad I came across your name just browsing for new motivational speaker. I’m loving the information that you’ve provided thus far.
  • The Bougie Unicorn Oracle Dheartpe: thank you so much <3
  • Gaming With Balance: I recognize this guy’s voice! He’s in those motivation montages.
  • G.T. G 1: Les makes the difficulty of life “afterwards” Bearable… Watch the blindside!!! and laugh… Learn to Encourage yourself without liquors and drugs!!!
  • Agata Molina: I Love him so much !!!!!!!! The greatest!!!
  • Creative Thought: Love this man. He always manages to cheer me up while he makes me feel lazy
  • Rich Allen: great share thanks!
  • Mark Fialkowski: I listened to him every day. I have always been down about my life. Now I can feel myself change.
  • Johanna Crupi: When I was working I was very happy in my as u call it a job worked as a nurse it was very rewarding that no money can get u
  • Tammy McCoy: love it!!!!
  • Tammy McCoy: love it!!!!
  • Kamal Aferchich: No settlement with life because I deserve more..I love it! No less with Les Brown . I am addicted to this guy !
  • Mark Anthony Garrett: Great! I salute you, sir! Your message is very powerful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  • katoson: Thank God for having people like Les Brown, wish to have more of you, keep it up.
  • Jiana Montgomery: amen !
  • Kimberli Taylor: Les is my radio station! I tune in daily for mental nourishment. Thank you and continued blessings and abundance to all that listen.
  • Donald Duck: YES!!!!! Thank you!!!!
  • Lorenzo D Heard: Excellent timing Mr. Brown!
  • Krishna Adhikari: excellent!
  • Arjun Singh Lotay: Absolutely brilliant .
    God bless this man
  • Faith Mafuku: Thank you soo much this is powerful your preach im learning everyday may God bless you with more years.
  • peter nonso: God bless you
  • Siphiwe Charles Kubheka: I’m inspired
  • Ararat Ghazarian: Thanks for insightful thoughts & motives.
  • Ari Villanueva: 30:12 Say YES!
  • Strategic Interventionist’ Inc: LOVE IT Thank you Mr. Brown Powerful is an understatement!
  • Jugganuat: I love you my friends you are the best i believe it in my heart
  • Nichole Smith: Amazing
  • stevo77ful: Love listening to this over and over again!
  • Eleftheria: If you are reading this, you are great do not give up ? love you?
  • Barbara Derrick: Really lifted me up!
  • Mujahid Cornwall: Inspiration is taking place ?
  • MUSTAFA AKHTAR: Man, you inspire me #mustafaatcorwin
  • Sinalo Kweba: hmmmm powerful
  • lucie wiggins: love his speech.. awesome!
  • Monica Renee: I say YES !
  • Kelantoni Rodriguez: the man is inspiring!!!!

I’m very fond of the British cinema. I’m a big fan of Martin Campbell and Daniel Craig. I actually find Daniel very inspirational, especially on the physical side of things. He really inspired me to get back into shape when I started to add on a few pounds. I think he’s a great role model.

Short Inspirational Quotes For Students – Sunday Inspirational Quotes

And when I breathed, my breath was lightning.

To be a good loser is to learn how to win.

Motivational Quotes For Students Success – Inspirational People

Ebony’ is very inspirational and aspirational to its readers.

I feel that music is such an inspirational form of energy, as baseball is. And especially with Metallica, believe it or not, our shows are very physical. Sports is a very physical thing, too.

Diet Motivation Quotes – Short Inspirational Messages

The hardships that I encountered in the past will help me succeed in the future.

I said to the almond tree, ‘Friend, speak to me of God,’ and the almond tree blossomed.

Inspirational Fitness Quotes – Motivational Captions

Who seeks shall find.

I often wonder if I should adopt a cause to call my own or start tweeting inspirational messages. And when tragedy strikes and the world takes to social media, is it now my responsibility to respond with #RIPs and #prayfors?

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