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A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational, and economic legacies – all of the things that quite literally make us who we are.

The undertaking of a new action brings new strength.

Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself.

Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.

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  • Hymns & Worship: TRACKLIST by Lifebreakthrough
    0:00 Lead Me Back To You
    4:17 In You Alone
    9:01 Forever Faithful
    13:08 Praise You Anyway
    17:27 Love Is All That Matters
    21:43 Narrow Road
    25:54 Search My Heart
    29:53 With All My Heart
    34:12 Sacrifice Is The Essence Of Love
    38:22 Angel Watching Over Me
    42:25 Miner’s Child
    47:24 Candle & Fire
    51:17 Slow Down
    55:34 Till The End Of Time
    59:40 The Armour
    1:02:32 Fly Away
    1:07:20 I Surrender
    1:11:22 I Wanna Go Home
    1:15:32 Soldier’s Prayer
    1:20:26 Sing Away The Pain In A Lullaby
    1:25:18 Heal The World
    1:29:38 I Will Trust In You
    1:34:56 Great Is The Lord
    1:38:51 Mama, You’re A Hero
    1:45:04 Fury Of The Storm
    1:50:09 The Prodigal
    1:55:13 Grace
    1:59:53 Hey My Brother
    2:04:37 Marvelous Love
  • Sharon Rose Munar: Praise God for these beautiful Christian music. I enjoy listening to them. To God be the glory!
  • Viana Persaud: Please pray for me to have a family and to be a good mother and to have kids and to have a good husband thank you lord jesus bless my body soul and my life
  • Angel Fame: Believe and trust God he make us miracle to find the light from darkness….
  • glene Galars: Thank you for this songs it will help me to be strong, and reflect . Praise GOD
  • Joseph K Wainaina: I’m overwhelmingly honored listening to these wonderful songs. I return all the glory to God.
  • marilou tipayno: thank u very much for the lyrics on screen.God bless
  • Wind momin Momn: Praise the Lord, i like this gospel country songs, God bless you, who are make these songs
  • Yvonne Labajo: To those who are reading this, may all your prayers come true ??
  • Valerie Escabi: Beautiful ?
  • Marizza Perez: Thanks…it is a very nice and inspiring to hear this gospel song…
  • Vintyawomi Awomivini: Praise the lord…..the Lord is alws gud??
  • Marizza Perez: Make my days alive..haleluya!!!
  • Meiji Vanlalhriatpuii: thank you for the lyrics on screen i really love to listen
  • Angel Fame: God is our strength, hope… trust him now and then… give your heart and soul to God….
  • ML GAMING PRO: love music
  • pag nagmahal tudo ang ksweetan MAYWARD: Amen??????
  • Lavonia Duda: I really liked it. 🙂
  • Creetani Perera: O God will make a way. I am not alone. I know Jesus always with me. I trust in u. I don’t know the moment but I will believe u Jesus. Cz I am not alone….Jesus you are my life…then I am living… Amen
  • lizah DA: ????????
  • Angel Fame: Hmm that it…
  • Gema Rojo: Amen I Love You Lord Jesus i praise you i adore you i glorify you thank you for your great love thank you for your grace and mercy i lift up to you Lord Jesus everything i believe i miracle that you can do the impossible in my life….i am always hoping for your answers to my prayer…thank you amen amen amen
  • Rustom Llego24: to God be the glory…Amen
  • Ernie Oliver: Thanks….
  • Loren Coulter: I love country
  • Eryn Dingle: Your the best singer
  • Joseb Oh: Praise is very gracious.
  • Analyn Taraki: I’m in so much pain emotionally and physically but somehow listening to Christian music ease my pain and lifting my spirit. Thank u. And glory to God!
  • Pynsngurlang Lynhdoh rngaid: I luv that music
  • Sylvia Ligligan: Praise God!
  • Simon Tombe: How are you doing viana.
  • Angel Fame: God will lead you to his feet, promise him to do all things good in his eyes. Don’t ignore his goodness. It’s hurt to think even he already given you all what you want so that you will be happy but you still blind for his loving way. God bless us all on this earth.. he use the person as an instrument so that we can see his heart but we still blind. Maybe we are scared for some reasons. Or we can’t stand to his feet to be through.. God bless us all on this earth…
  • Gema Rojo: Father God help me lead me back to You help me to surrender to you myself my worries my fears my anxaiety i love you Jesus i praise you Jesus i glorify you Jesus thank you so much for not leaving me…Amen Amen Amen
  • cloydar: To God All Be The Glory !
  • Survivor Woman: I love the Christian song
  • Twinkle William: The MOUNT ZION LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST-⏺️||⛪✝️-?||Holy Cross.?️||A Christianity Poetic Art by me-The human is confused because of problems,it is confused without JESUS,Good things are only in the way of JESUS leaving this there is no way for the destroyed.The Lands and Soil which is with JESUS hardworks,works good,helps and develop the grasses,the forests and the Alone huts.(1?️-The KING JESUS.).
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You see countries like India really investing in their space program because they see it as inspirational and good for their economy.

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Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.

Get action. Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster.

Positive Family Quotes – Inspirational Quotes For The Workplace

Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.

Motivational Quotes For Depression – Personal Growth Quotes

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.

Belief creates the actual fact.

Positive God Quotes – Inspirational Quotes For Difficult Times

Hope is but the dream of those who wake.

A place for everything, everything in its place.

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