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Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

You have to make it happen.

After a storm comes a calm.

The books that help you most are those which make you think that most. The hardest way of learning is that of easy reading; but a great book that comes from a great thinker is a ship of thought, deep freighted with truth and beauty.

Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.

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  • Toni: We can do it guys. We were fine before them so we will be fine after them! ❤️
  • Nura Rich: If you’re watching this know that you’re a humble person,know that you being hurt is not an accident it’s God’s love for you ,know that God wants you to be successful to have a better and healthier love ,know that your best is on its way and most importantly know that you’re a good person because trust me bad people are not watching this kind of videos.
  • Anahi XO: The best revenge is succeeding after them.
    They always come back begging to be apart of your life again when they see just how powerful and strong you really are.
  • khushi khushi: If u want to live in peace.. forget about those people who cheated on you… dont talk with common friends…dont get any information about them… take care.. once u knw that they r happy, u will suffer again… thats y delete them permanently from ur mind
  • The Age of Z: Delete your social media accounts and carry on
    Vanish without any trace
    Leave them wondering and guessing whatever happened to you…
    And yes even family too if it really boils down to that point
    Take care/action
  • Najib Hareed: Blame them for what they’ve done but bless them for making you stronger!! This happened to me my ex gf left me for another guy who was a bit muscular she said i was flabby i had no muscle. The first few weeks i kept checking her instagram it became addiction always saw her enjoying posting photos of him. Then the spark came!! I got a gym membership worked hard and harder every single day! At first i needed motivation to go to they gym and i mean like a “why” that was pushing me and that was to make her jealous a few months later going to the gym became an addiction and now today i am at a high level of physic!! Today she texted me on my instagram “hey long time no see” didn’t answer coz i was looking for the right answer then she texted after 30 minutes “boi u changed a lot” still didn’t answer!! And then she finally said “i think i made you look that good if it weren’t me leaving you you wouldn’t be at this level so yeah keep ignoring me” and then i realised the best answer was silence
  • Nithin P S: When the girl whom I loved for 7 years left me saying I am no good for her life ,it felts like I almost died…All the dreams i had about my life was with her…And the biggest fault i made was was i never had any purpose in my life other than marrying that girl..When this happened i searched for some motivation videos and I found there are millions of people who suffer the same pain whose going through the same shit i have been through…I know it hurts like hell…It’s been 7 months but still it hurts a lot…But I discovered something awesome …..
    I discovered many many things about nature and life and that is more than enough to have a good future..AND I DONT LET GO OF THIS PAIN UNTIL I REACH WHERE I WANT TO REACH..


  • Jebasteen 7: *SILENCE AND MOVING ON* ??
  • LoveMe,com: It’s just normal to hold grudge against someone who had hurt you. I did try to do things that could hurt them back but I realized, you don’t need to take revenge. Just be humble because God said, “Whoever humbled themselves will be lifted up and whoever exalt themselves will be put down.” The best revenge is moving on and make your life far better than them.
  • Donnie Luc: If you are going to practice revenge; dig two graves. (Buddha)
  • Johan Nieves: This is what I needed to hear tonight. I have cried. But those tears won’t be in vain. Thank you.
  • Brianna Rodriguez: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????does anyone feel me!!!!!!!
  • Seebzoo: “The best revenge is improving yourself.” Imam ali as
  • Mystique Lou: Don’ t waste your time on revenge and such if he / she/ they were so bad they don’t deserve that kind of attention
  • A True Love Official: Best revenge is to free yourself from all the anger and hate. Forgive yourself and forgive the other person. Pursue your dreams and be successful.
  • Another Level: This guy once told me “kill them with success, bury them with a smile” and wow was he right.?
  • 13th Bravo: Relationship = Toxic for your health
  • Last Mohican: Realizing you don’t want someone back changes everything. Keep moving. Leave no track, Don’t look back.
  • theblissfulcanuck: The best revenge is no revenge. Its moving on and being your best self.???
  • Praticksha Pauline: It hurts being silently left ❤️
    If you couldn’t be his/her love of life be the greatest lose of his/her life.
  • Sabs Inn: easy to say but difficult to impliment?????????
  • Kailas_ 93: The best revenge is no revenge.
    Move on Be happy
  • Reto Ware: “Do not pray for easy life my friend, pray to be, a stronger man”
  • the diamond lucario cross fighter: No revenge. But I never want to see your face again..
  • Red: I”ll never forgive that person. I wish i never met him
  • Taurus GiRL: Best words.. Revenge is Actually not taking revenge at all..??
    Who agrees..??
  • Angelie Villegas: I used to be a very happy and positive person until people started to destroy me. People hated me and i dont know why. I blame mysef for being like this. And i saw this video which was very coincidental. I must learn to be strong.
  • Chaz Turner: i just broke up with my ex after 3 years and this is helping me a lot ?
  • affliction42: Almost scary how this video appeared when I needed it the most, wow! Thankyou!
  • Al Manggona: The best revenge “creating the best version of yourself”
  • Wafaa Aabid: Move on with your life and forget about cowards who put you in the hard situation and they talk behind your back . just say life is much better without them they were just like obstacle in your path
  • KG Ketowa: I gave her more attention and made her feel special and wanted, yet she cheated, said shit about me and stuff. Deleted all social media, changed my cell phone number and keeping quiet now. She gonna miss the treatment I gave her real soon…??
  • VeganMikedizzle: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” Confucius
  • Fatin Bkolino Hanna: I wish I could hold hands with all the broken ones! Am also a broken one… And am fighting off to be a stronger and determined young lady! Always remember God .
  • Samat Aldazharov: I’ve also been mentally hurt by my ex-girlfriend. After 6 months, I am still recovering. Hearing these sort of “take revenge by having a good life after they’re gone” things, I feel better, but if you think about it, it is still your Ego that is feeling better. It is not real you. It is the “hurt you” that’s saying “Hey look, I am doing good. Thought I’d be crying, huh?”. I think true relief will come when we finally find the strength to forgive them and let go of the desire for the past to have been any different.
  • music is my life: I was crying this whole week because I’m hurt I’m wondering what is my fault ? I feel stupid in my self feeling this way?? but after I heard this motivation it’s encouraging me to step forward and move on.
  • MexshawarPk2014: The best revange is improving yourself
  • THE GHOST PLAYER: people hurt you know . i prefer always staying alone and i believe that the best revenge is a massive succes
  • stevenstrumpf7: “I own forever”
    “I can’t let you go”
    HE has to let go of ME!!!
  • Rolling Stone: When you’re in the moment , does anybody ever think to themselves that you will never find another person like them?!
  • Jessica Drewer: 2 weeks ago i got released from a 2 week treatment program. While I was in there getting treatment for my mental health, i was introduced to this channel. For the longest time I blamed everyone around me. I blamed my abusers and anyone who was apart of my trauma. I was miserable. Always negative. Since I went to treatment I had my eyes opened. I had to let it all go. I had to heal. I had to forgive them and take responsibility for my life now. I was tired of the same old cycle. Now I wake up and watch one of these videos every morning. I do positive affirmations. I don’t dwell on the negative anymore. I feel so free now. So happy. So grateful. I love this channel. And this video really hits home. Hits home hard. ?
  • Donna Woodford: As a reaction to feeling dishonored, I wanted to slap him across his face. But, I quickly sensed that would have been more painful to my hand, and would have provided him with an easy reason for him to spend the night(s) with his concubine and the child he fathered in “secret”. So, I waited, planned an escape, and exited. I decided I didn’t need to lift a finger. The consequences will be dealt out to both of them in divine timing. I feel blessed that I don’t have to worry about a thing. Now, I can laugh at their foolishness. I don’t need to suffer for I am at peace.?
  • Judi Grace: A d before anger Is danger.

    Block and let go and let God. Karma will deal with them.

  • Ketki Mehta: This is exactly what i needed. I was talking to a guy on the internet. He used to talk all kind of sweet things and then just suddenly disappeared. I never realized i had that many feelings for him. But now i’m gonna let go. No more messages or calls. Maybe it was for the best
  • Vilika Sumi: Letting go and moving on was one of the greatest achievement in my life for all the pain I’ve gone through I choice to let go and forgive. Thank you so much for the inspiring message that strengthen me
  • Tammy Powell: I’m Not Even Out To Get Revenge On Anything From My Past. I Honestly Don’t Care Or I Would Be Chasing Out After It. Trust In God And He Will Give You Your Hearts Desire. I Have More Than Anything I Could Of Ever Ever Ever Asked For. My Eternity Awaits ??✅
  • Phil Makak: do nothing and let Karma works
  • Moris Hassan: I learned that looking back on the past is taking over your life and its not a good sign for your future. Thank you for helping me moving forward
  • what’s up 124: if you’ve ever been ditched or left out by people. Succeed in life and watch how the come begging to be a part of your life again.
  • jerry3167: SILENCE & NO CONTACT is the most Deafening thing you can do
  • EZ JeZuZ: I truly loved them all, I’ve put most time into making them happy, than my own.. I’ve been broken up 3 times… It’s just the way life is.. U will know when you meet the one if other part is trying to make happy in any situation.. I’ve found mine.. U will do.. It takes time.. I’ve been in mental instability due to relationships since 9 years but I can say this wait is worth enough… Have a great life!
  • Tracey Hughes: Sometimes leaving is the best gift you give to yourself.
  • Kristina Laud: I’ve been in a long distance relationship and it’s so hard when everything falls into pieces. I wanted to hug him so tight but we’re thousand miles away. Things changed a lot as months goes by, when we argue instead of working for it together he always tell me to leave. He is avoiding me and it hurts so bad! I can’tdo anything but cry.
  • Anemone Spare: I just had a heartbreak and I was about to cry, then I saw this and thought:
  • ቆራጽ ተሳኢኑ: I left my entire family. I miss them every now and then but I feel good and much happier. Now I’m in the process of leaving my partner, I can’t wait to be free. Life is short live only with those who respect you. God bless you.
  • Mahek Ray: Yesterday i knew that my church already has a gf??????????????????
  • Awa Belle: I wish letting go and move on was that easy. I am fighting…
  • corey michael: I am ‘them’. I messed everything up. I had someone who tried loving me but I just kept making it so hard. I didn’t want commitment but then I hate being alone. I hate myself but I want to become better and learn to love myself, and will commit to making myself great before I commit to someone.
  • Martine & Mary Hernandez: It’s a fkn shame people don’t know how to walk away even if it means with your tail between your legs but you should know that even if my marriage doesn’t work my greatest happiness is knowing that “ it still won’t be you” hehehe?????
  • prithuadhikary: Who told you I want a revenge? I don’t even care, count the years, they have left me numb.. ?
  • Andy Juanite: here it is when i needed it the most, now a broken hearted man they leave us with/without reason we are in pain now so much pain we cried and waste our tears, the only thing i could say is DON’T BEG FOR SOMEONES LOVE, lets move on guys and have a happy life and wont revenge lets stay strong men we can do this we can overcome this PAIN!! be positive
  • pianoforme122: When we want to harm others, we only harm ourselves. It’s not easy but you have to take that first step of fresh breath and move on and in a few days you will experience amazing things
  • Paul Beltran: Thank you. I needed this now. I’am planning to move to another place. New work, new environment and hopefully to gain new friends. May God help me and continue to bless and forgive me.
  • Andy John: I dont blame my past relationships for any of their actions more to the fact I blame myself for letting them do such actions for soing to the point I diont desire them j. Any more
  • prateek sharma: I’am a fighter ?it’s time to move on
  • killum78: “he who controls others may be powerful, But he who has mastered himself is mightier still.” – Lao Tzu
  • Simon Ray: Really the is no need to revenge rather show them some love and wish them well in all aspects of their life. But then work on urself and build the best you.????
  • WYCLIFFE OCHIENG: It’s hard to move on especially when she is the one you’ve invested on for such a long time…. she takes me for granted
  • Payal Saini: “Every day is a new day, and you’ll never be able to find happiness if u don’t move on.”
  • Fardeen Hussain: That made my day !thanks whoever you are I will always remember you
  • Sara Vivy: I am I mama doing just this,one never.gets to old to learn, I have my power back and a clean conscious.!,
  • Joanna Kowalska: the best revenge is to be successful in life !!! make them jelous !!!
  • Sorrowful Smile: Seriously. The sooner you move on, heal & become happy, the quicker you find a real one and realize you never needed them to begin with.

    Oh and they always come back.

    But by then it’s too late and you don’t need them anymore ❤️

  • Lila Steeves: Easier said than done. I wish I had the strength to go faster.
  • Chris Anderson: The best revenge is to live a good life knowing it’s a better one than ‘they’ will ever have. Smile at it, be joyous. Karma will take care of it all
  • Mozamil Shahzad: One time me and my other two friends and there was someone I didn’t like and he pushed me almost dying they were a lot of cars speeding and I was about to call the cops but then idk why I’m not calling the cops maybe it’s too harsh idk why
  • Isaiah Rucker: Even if someone strangles you in attempt to murder you? Yeah gotcha, I’ll totally move on from that!
  • Lorrie Kelly: Yes Lord let me move
    On mentally and release my sorrow
    In Jesus name Amen !
  • William Fraser: I moved on with my life after my divorce. I have since married a beautiful, kind and sincere woman, made lots more money then ever before and traveled the world. My ex committed suicide, her life was so miserable because she could no longer use men to survive.
  • Maham Noor: be kind to ur ex even if they have hurted u as a reflection of u, ur kindness that how good person u are. and then just disappear from their life and never look back it’s the best revenge
  • maria mistretta: Frist of all revenge is stupid. Those that do revenge are stupid people on FB.
    The best way to live life in the real world and without haters. Live with God.
  • Scott Murdock: She did me wrong for 6 years while I kept hoping she would realize that I was “the one” and stop cheating on me. It’s hard to forgive and move on, but I try.
  • Javier Herrera: I’m so glad it was me, I wouldn’t have the courage to break her heart
  • Parimala Srini: Everything is going to be alright guys ????
  • Gerardo peña: Focus on better and more positive decisions!! It all relies on you it start there.
  • rehek miles: Hopefully my life is better after we breaking up….
    move on…
  • Hi Boss: I let of someone who loved me thinking it was the right thing to do. After 3 years, i realized how much i still love the person. I am so lost. After i let go, my almost had moved on immediately, got a new love and got married, without looking back. It hurts. I have a lot of questions. There was no proper goobye. Hence, no closure ??
  • Ahmad Nassar: It’s the freind that i called brother. He lied to his father about me trying to rape his sister who is my love and then he lied to me and told that was his father’s idea.
  • Flint Stone: I don’t feel this video in many parts , i should not have come after reading the word revenge, i still came because it said moving on but i switched off when it said blame them again and again..i have a strong sense of loss and a strong sense of rejection. I have to move on and i will need everything on me to do so but i am thankful for evening lord has in store for me ,past to future,…i love this video in parts where it helps in self healing and continued efforts for a positive future.

    Your words have been helpful for determination and the needed push ..thank you.

  • Super Orphan God’s Worshipper: This is what EXACTLY Jesus said. Jesus did it too. He showed the way to us also.

    God meant to say that, ‘Revenge-taking is MY work (as nobody can accuse or punish God of wrong-doing. Upright God is beyond accusations). YOU don’t bother about that. DON’T EVEN TRY revenge. Revenge is NOT within your power, as your enemy/ enemies is/are VERY VERY POWERFUL & CUNNING. When MY IRON FIST GOES ON YOUR ENEMIES’ HEAD LIKE A THUNDER/ LIGHTNING, NO HUMAN CAN STOP THAT’.

    Jesus said, ‘Bless your enemies. That is like putting fire on their head’.

    I was wondering about that for many many years doing research on that.

    How blessing enemies will be like showering fire on their head?

    It is TRUE. As God said, ‘YOUR thoughts are NOT MY thoughts. Your actions are NOT MY actions’.

    God (meaning GOOD) has secret agenda and secret plans. Even Jesus forgave those who crucified him.

    But some say that the Father took revenge after 2000 years (yes 2000 years).

    You don’t know when God’s hand comes down heavily on your enemies

    LEAVE everything to God and be PEACEFUL, BE VERY VERY HAPPY which is VERY VERY DIFFICULT (RATHER MOST DIFFICULT THING IN THE WORLD) to forgive enemies, that is.

    Leaving an offender to law enforcement agencies (government, police , court, law etc) is VERY DIFFICULT FOR US.

    We DESPERATELY WANT to take REVENGE and KILL that person.



    It is like taking revenge on OURSELVES THAN on the ENEMY.


  • Tsooj Baterdene: I had argued with my close friend,fought with him and I raged out as hell.I realized I just should let him go and BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF!!!
  • saneesh krishnan: നോക്കണ്ടാ ഉണ്ണി…. കുറച് ആശ്വാസം ഉണ്ട്.. ധൈര്യമായിട്ട് കാണു
  • that’s me: It hurts so much. I gave him all the love I have. Always accepts him when be wants me but in the end he leave me for good. Damn. Am I that so easy? I’m so fxking ashamed of myself
  • Michael Fernandez: All my life ive been an introverted person. One day i was blessed with one of the most beautiful girls in my school and some how she actually liked me. I was never so talkative she did almost all the ice breaking. Then when we kept talking i changed. I became more talkative and everything was going so perfectly. We did so much things together and we had a really great bond. I bought her many gifts and appreciated her so damn my heart actually stayed with her. Until one day we fought. Im a very chill person i always make sure there’s no heat in the argument all the time im always trying to crack jokes and make everything normal. But that one day… was a curse nothing went my way and she was so mad at me for what i did. She left me and im back to my introverted self. I hate myself everyday for losing her and i don’t think i can move on at all. I really miss her and i wish she hadn’t ghosted me. Idk how she looks like now she actually left my life and i feel so shit like it feels like a 1 in a million opportunity. No matter how perfect it is guys always make sure u keep it that way. Make sure u dont lose one bit of perfect cause anything can happen. I still cry everyday thinking about her how i used to be so fun and had friends with her. I lost that.
  • easy money: I been holding on to long. Broke my heart but not my life. I’ll always love you Minnie.
  • tjlove princess: 3days to go I’m leaving an abusive relationship. I love him so much still . But he hurt me everyday very harsh words breaking hearts. 2 years 5months I’m done. Heart is so stressed. When we are jobless a person must motivate us not compare with the great not call us unworthy. God created us unicly. Someday he will send someone to love us truly. Or we single can help the poor pray for the sick and show love to all who need. Be strong myself & you too
  • Anita Sills 11 : 11: CLARITY!
  • Marlene Nodine she is amazing the best act: I’ve tried to move on from losing my friendship my best friend for12years I’ve tried to move on but I can’t I’ve tried everything counseling therapy going to church I just can’t get rid of the hurt lonely betrayed emptyness I feel inside I feel lost she. Was the sister I never had I will never get over losing her help me please
  • Neues Projekt: It’s absolutely the only right thing to do for yourself and the others around you as a revenge

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.

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Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

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