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He conquers who endures.

I’m a gay disabled man who has become very successful. I don’t get up in the morning and think I’m inspirational; I just get up thinking that I love horses.

Marvin’s Motivational Moments actually started as something that was actually therapeutic for me. I would sit up late at night after my wife passed trying to adjust to being alone.

I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.

Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.

The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

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  • Artemios Nicola: You don’t understand the quotes because you’re not thinking outside the illegal drug ring.
  • Eidako: “The fact that you are ugly is what makes you a failure.”
    I know that, but you didn’t have to say it out loud. 🙁
  • TheWither129: “Hey David”
    “Can i fondle you?”
    This is the best conversation ever without context.
  • Scout with 124/125 Health: “Be agreeable and be agreeable”
    the floor here is made out of floor
  • [3cubed]: “Surviving death only gets harder if you wake up”

    yeah, thanks inspirobot, real inspiring.

  • Jimmy neutron: “Losing your job can be the earth trying to tell you that existence itself is a lie”
  • It’s A Joke Kid: “A good book a day keeps the involuntary erections away”


  • Mister Timber: I’ve got a “inspirational” quote just saying “Ridicule Hoes”
  • a: I got the hitler one with the text “Justice is whatever you want it to be. Simple as that.”
  • Uruburus: “They can hug you”
    “They can blow you”
    “But they can never take away your alcoholism”

    the first one i get…how do they know?!

  • Pelikryd Pelikryd: Some good ones I got:

    “Imagine that you are an incel.”
    “The fact that you are creative is what makes you confused.”
    “Having a brain can be quite similar to being sterile.”
    “Aim for death, prepare for money.”
    “Search for sleep, and you may achieve nihilism.”
    “Hit him.”

  • Burger With Fries: Once I got one that said “don’t blame the mistake, blame the alcohol”

    The background was of a pregnant mother…

  • OnyxFox09: I got, “when feminists take charge, there will be no honor” ?
  • TABBY: *Picture of nuclear explosion


  • Cassidy Lin: Image: Two people about to kiss
    Caption: Get swallowed
  • NovaSupreme YT: “Trust guns” is the most american thing a AI can generate
  • Eli Marburger: “Trolling will spark a nuclear war” -inspirobot 2019
  • Jaren: Spectacular AI. My first one was, “If you should ever feel unloved, remind yourself that there’s a little wife somewhere deep inside you.”
  • FusionArmorX: I got one that had “With extreme social skill comes extreme social impact.”

    The background image was Hitler.

  • Steven Cardenas: I got- “brain cells are designed to disguise demons”
  • Roland xB: “If you’re freaking out over democracy, you don’t know what democracy means.”

    I’m impressed. Plato could’ve said that.

  • Jhin: I got:
    You are a narcissist. Admit that.
    With a picture of an angry shark
  • Arttu Vartiainen: “Absolute betrayal ascends absolutely.”
    “It’s never too late to follow leaders.”
    “Tomorrow, existence will seem like an illusion. Until then, drink wheatgrass juice and work.”
    “Soldiers: You can crush them, you can threaten them, but you can never visualize them.”
    “Respected is the student who masters his daughter, for he also gives up his body.”
    “A little anorexia is most likely strengthening.”
    “A corpse might be a slaughterhouse. It is also a shower.”
  • TW3F4TES5: First thing I got was “Children are flammable”…

    Truly inspiring

  • Armyhamster Awesomeness: “seek not a
    and you
    may achieve
    the known.”
    with three people on horses riding off in to the horizon
  • Jacopotato: Mine said “Being a kid is 100% sexual” wtf is the internet
  • Some Dude: I got one that simply said “Your mother is a junkie. Hell yeah. A junkie.”
  • ZjoseL [SGD]: “life is like hell”
    So true

    “An educator is an educator and a mouth breather is a mouth breather. It’s true”

    Yes, the floor is made out of floor

  • camofan123: “Being a teenager is a lot like punching yourself in the face every day.”


  • Jasøn: No joke… I got one that said “urinating makes you female” ?????
  • smug dancing Hat Kid: “Don’t be a wife. It’s not good”
    “Get upset about your intelligence, get upset about accidents, get upset about hygiene”
    “Be fat”
    “Dollars can become weird”
    “Run with exorcisms”
  • ThatOneBGuy: I got:
    “If you are the smartest person in the Satanic Death cult, then you don’t need the Satanic Death cult”
    And then I got
    “Synchronize Core Values”
    *Very cool*
    Edit: I thought this was supposed to be inspiring! I got one that said “why not stop embracing life?”
  • SMHoschi _: Yea, once I got:


    with a guy holding a blue flare among the mountains


  • chronovac: “Soon everything will be gone. Until then, pay your taxes”
  • Jed Olson: “A father is so much more than just a horrible person.”
  • Elijah Cedeno: When INSPIROBOT said, “Existence stinks”
    I felt that.
  • toothless 123: So I got
    “Nuke Bald Men”
    “Ignore Dead People”
  • Kurufin_we: I got
    “Your mum is a dad”
    “All you need in order to become a world leader is pain and a brain”
    “Make human DNA cool again”
    “Behaving like a hunter doesn’t make you an aristocrat”
    And most importantly

    Sooo inspiring

  • Doctor Chaos: I got “end life as if your life depended on it”

    Robot logic

  • username: I got “If you are laughing at telephones you are spacing out”

    And I can’t stop laughing at my telephone

  • joegt123: “Artists imagine what inventors plan for.”

    That one very nearly works.

  • jack1701e: I feel that the AI’s that did this have been corrupted by the Internet, they’re basically one of us lot now.
  • 2B1: I got ” be erected ” with a pic of a young woman reading lmfao
  • Funnystuf: “Language. It’s going on as we speak” is such a multi-layered joke.
  • Starkitti: “Try to be the reason a stranger gets diarrhea today.”
  • JJ 04: Before the amputation comes the post ejaculatory guilt.

    Picture is of a goldfish

  • Oit Thegroit: “Try to be the reason a stranger gets diarrhea today.”


  • Axireon: I just got

    “Tell the world how remarkably average you are”

  • Kozie: “Language, its happening as we speak.” is actualy realy great and clever.
  • Potting Soil: I got “Time travellers of Earth unite”

    Oh boy! Sign me up.

  • Mr. Non-Fiction: “If you want a cute kitten, have a safeword.”


  • Donner115: “If there’s a way to use her, there’s a way to sell her”

    Well guys, be right back.

  • gzngreen: The AI knows something, and are trying to tell us.
  • help: i got “self-awareness is a curse”.

    *they’re onto us*

  • The Rogue Wolf: “Is peace what we’ll live on when we run out of AIDS?”

    Alternative energy debates are getting weird.

  • artistichocochipcookie: “Get Trolled.”
    – Inspirabot 2019
  • name name: “Antagonize your husband.”
    “Gemini, (May 21 – June 20) successful, optimistic, diabetic.”
    “Investigate? No.”
    “Swallow it.”
    “Nihilism can change the way we think about people.”
    “Hatred. It begins with you and me.”
  • Dominique G.: What I got,
    “being a person is meaningless”
    “don’t worry about being on time for cheap imitations of physics, just attack.”
    “if you are not at the romantic dinner, put an end to it.”
    “crimes are about to boost joy.”
    “drinking feels s***”
  • Krasser Typ: The first one that i got was:
    You are a poor person.
  • Yeah, that is TOTALLY right. :: When I tried it, it said:
    “Rule: Never let intelligence get in the way of gateway drugs.”
    I’m not even joking.
  • Wiener Andrei: “Success is to drink those who are undrinkable”
    Spittin’ straight facts
  • monopi: “we cant change the world through spending money on each other, we can just change the world through investing time in each other.”

    Well im confused lol that kinda works

  • ZjoseL [SGD]: “it’s time to start focusing on castrations”

    Umm… Okay?

  • Danielle: I got “Do it ” with a picture of someone drowning
  • Krishna: “To seek true love, one has no choice but to act like a moron and seek mental help”
  • Nicholas Natale: I got “Are uncomfortable thought the dreams of works of art?”
  • ppp ppp: “Through Following Orders We Can Make Global Warming Mandatory”

    I also got “Spy on Yoga Instructors”

  • mythili venugopal: *”Meat is 50% gluten and 50% cholesterol”*
  • Blueturtlejelly: I will never think out side of the drug ring
  • Dylan Bader: “Teachers become teachers out of Lust.”
    God, I sure hope not.
  • EliSel230: “Try to dream about your most horrible mistakes”

    Very inspirational.

  • Zach Ames: “Cosmology without nails is surprisingly good”

    – Inspirobot 2019

  • Holly: I got : “be the reason your child gets diarrhoea “
  • MGTheBee: I think *EAT PANT* is the most inspirational quote ever
  • Daniel Johnson: I got one that said “yes, you are a wife” with a sad woman in the background
  • O Bee: I got one with that website. “Spam gnomes.” And another: “Everything you do is a joke.” So inspirational…
  • Elise Saladin II: I got: “Dreaming is the world as it is” and I don’t like the implications of that…
  • Kingpenguin101: “Don’t think of it as sex, think of it as a heart attack.” oh my god i’m dying
  • Tomorrow We Live: “The fact that you are ugly is what makes you a failure.”

    Tell me something I didn’t know.

  • Simeon Grozdev: “By manipulating the people around you you can ensure that your doctor has a mental breakdown repeatedly” thanks for the tip inspirobot
  • Michel Léon: I got This one:

    “The two things you need in order to become a junkie is a dream and compassion”

  • whiderboss: I got: “To Open Your Heart To Ghosts Means To Open Your Heart To Some Guy Named Steve” with an image of a shark
  • Enzo Brunatto: I got one that said “life on earth, 99% tragedy, 1% illogical”

    Well bois AI now has motives to destroy us all 🙂

  • hmm yes interesting.: I have the utmost faith in A.I. after watching this video
  • Duckman: *picture of dark woods

    “Don’t question satan”

  • Professor Mario: I tried this and the first one I got was
    “Earthlings are coming for you”
  • S E: I did one. It read:

    “Those who like to defend baldness, like to regulate confusion”

  • Cxxicly: I got “Stay female and you are being monitored”
  • New Moisturizer: KEEP RUNNING
  • Sucidial Wish: *”Being unemployed is 110 percent entertaining”*

    me: ok

  • Slowed Tracks: it really said “obey the nudes, not the friendship”
  • Nautiliam: “Ignoring the oceans involves ignoring ourselves.”

    That’s true…

  • Dennis Kara: To get a girlfriend, there is only one possibility:
    Live a lie and eat tide pods.
  • Robert Ramsey: *KEEP ON RUNNING*
  • Opal Griffin: I got a picture of a wall that said “Penises are weird”


  • Doctor straing Strange: ”To get a girlfriend, there is only one possibility:

    Live a lie and eat *T I D E P O D S* ”

  • Farfoxx: I got
    “Be the reason a neighbor craps their pants”
    “Are you ready for hell?”
    “sleep is an internal struggle”
    “many people become vampires because they’ve fooled the system”
    “Shout. You won’t regret it.”
    “dolphins destroy society”
    “Never stop programming, thank you”
    “even monkeys learn from Satan” 0_0
    “Murder challenges physics”
    “try to be the reason your best friend gets laughed at”
    “punch yourself in the face with your fist if you really, really want to and flip burgers.”
    “Freak out about the gravity of the universe”
    “Keep humping and generate poverty”
    “Every time you aquire a higher power, you also aquire drug abuse.”
    “humanity is a movie that ends with nothingness.”
    “be ashamed of your buttocks”
    “breakfast is horrible”
    “keep panicking deny everything”
    “hell is irreversible”
    man that was a lot
  • TheJackinfenwa: I got “If you want bacon you have to accept the universe.”

    Yeah, i am probably gonna take that into account

  • Possiple: “Make a fool of yourself. Just don’t become a vegetarian”
  • Perfect: “The fakt that you are ugly is what makes you a failure”
    I feel motivated now 😀

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.

Inspirational Quotes For Work – Powerful Motivational Quotes

Do not weep; do not wax indignant. Understand.

Like the United Nations, there is something inspirational about New York as a great melting pot of different cultures and traditions. And if this is the city that never sleeps, the United Nations works tirelessly, around the clock around the world.

Team Motivational Quotes – Motivational Quotes 2019

I like motivational books, because I like the go-getting American spirit – your destiny is in your own hands, life is what you make it, don’t accept your limitations, jump before you’re pushed, leap before you look.

Reading was very important to me as a kid. It was very inspirational to me. I went to a school where that wasn’t encouraged so much, but my parents encouraged that, and it has made me part of who I am.

Spiritual Words Of Encouragement – Short Inspirational Words

The turning point was when I hit my 30th birthday. I thought, if really want to write, it’s time to start. I picked up the book How to Write a Novel in 90 Days. The author said to just write three pages a day, and I figured, I can do this. I never got past Page 3 of that book.

Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.

Inspirational Weight Loss Quotes – Inspirational Photos

I think women think I’m inspirational because I’m unapologetic. I have cellulite. I have back fat. I’ve got a thick stomach. But I work my body like I don’t because I don’t know any other body. I don’t know how to feel thin. I just know how to feel like Ashley.

If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

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