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We all obviously need others to look up to, and be inspirational to us. Ford did a great job as far as putting the presidency back where it belonged, getting the trust back after Nixon. And President Reagan has been one of the most influential presidents.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.

I love inspirational R&B, like Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson. I want to do that. That kind of music stays with you.

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

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  • codeofsource: “God wouldn’t have made you if the world didn’t need you”
    hit me deep
  • flosha Mish: I love Jesus with all my heart
  • Kevin Whitlatch: Bless the person that needs this as much as me. Thank you for posting this.
  • Clyde Burts: Will someone please pray for my daughter for healing please god bless you
  • : Im not finished GOD is still working on me thank you JESUS
  • Joy C: Plant the seed….allow God to water it, allow God to shine his sun on it. I am not too old, I didn’t mess up, I have a lot more right with me….thank you God!!
  • Kim Sangma: This is what I need tonight to sleep well. Thanks above Inspiration.
  • Joshua Hill: Be yourself and be who god made you to be
  • Sage Garcia: I can only be me, God is not finished with me yet so the best is yet to come! I will be a Masterpiece!!! Hallelujah, amen!!
  • TholTheGreat: Praise God for the beautiful message. I am beautiful. You are beautiful. We are beautiful. Because we are wonderfully and beautifully made in his image.
  • Serenity *: “Do the world a favor and be YOU.” That one sentence speaks volumes…
  • Karen: Stop focusing ln your negative thoughts. Your not a fi jsjed product, GOD is still working on you. HALLELUJAH THANK YOU JESUS.
  • Priya Shalini: wow true the way Jesus sees us is above all ?❤ I am loving it
  • Rachel McNeal: Lord continue to fix me I’m not perfect and never will be . but lord I trust in you . You have already starting the change in me . I give all of me to you God. In Jesus name. God bless you all.
  • NPhilly 4: Been facing some things…feeling some of these things very strongly…I prayed and cried out to Him and then I came across this…at just the right time…felt so good…He spoke to me!!!! Thank you God…for always loving me…encouraging me…never changing…keeping promises..having mercy…understanding..makes us feel worth…that we are not alone…that he wakes us every morning in his will…the grace..passion he pours…light he shines…and on and on…so amazing that he does this for all of us!!!!??????️? I love you Heavenly Father! Yahushua Hamashiach ??
  • Harry Yirrah: I know what God has in store for my life and I know it is going to be fulfilled in Jesus name
  • Poetic Sista: Amen! Thank you for this powerful message. ????✌
  • Bella Harper: May 19, 2019

    Yes, I will admit I have hated myself more than anything in the world. I soon forgot about it, but is it really gone? God chose me to live in this world, it’s a gift given to me. At least that’s what I think. But really I was the gift, not living. I may not be a pop star, but I do have a purpose in life. When I feel like no one is listening, I have to remember God is always looking and listening. I choose to believe!

    -Bella Harper

  • Mischievous Mickayla: Thank you for this video! I am only thirteen years old and I judge myself every morning and every day before school thinking I am ugly. I have learned to love myself and be myself and I have felt so much happier once I have started to be myself. I love my personality even though it is filled with some anger problems at times, and I thank god for everything that I have. 🙂 <3 P.s: I wish you could like a video & subscribe to a channel more than once, I would definitely do it to this channel! Have a great day everybody xo
  • Barry Dews 2: Thank you Lord!!
  • Ferrari360Spyder: I started to BE ME… when I discovered God in my life. When I was just BEing ME, I was living in complete darkness; full of sins. God saved my life, I repented of my sins, accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior, and never looked back to BEing the old ME.
  • Lozza B: When you love yourself you are in agreement with God ❤️
  • Sony Charles Pandian: Joel. You are a blessing for many. God bless you with more wisdom
  • Christian Viking: Gods mercy and grace is beautiful. And Jesus love is absolutely the most incredible thing I ever felt. Jesus love is incredibly unconditional. Thank you Heavenly Father for all your blessings.
  • Wanefritz Joseph: I tremendously and dearly love JESUS CHRIST with my entire BEING!
  • jeremy simoni: How can the 79 people that disliked this video really dislike it. I loved it. If there was a choice for me to love this video i would tap the love button. Maybe they disliked it cause there in so much pain inside them they want to blam someone or something so they blam god. Only god knows the answer to that one, so with that said i pray lord that you will heal them or whatever they maybe going threw lord give them the strength to get threw it and even those who liked this video might be going threw something as well and i pray for them as well. As a person who liked this video i got alot of pain inside but wheather i have this pain for a day or for the rest of my life, god will always be on my mind n ill keep praying everyday. AMEN AND HAVE A BLESSED AND WONDERFUL DAY ???
  • A Y: I like that !!! GOD makes masterpieces . Wait till you see what he has in store for the world !!! He is amazing !!!
  • redviolet t: Really needed this at this moment, been having conflicting thoughts about myslef and it was just weighing me down.I have to remember that God is still pruning me.
    being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philipians 1:6
  • Jsushus Nhshns: Me and my class just went over this video. This video is priceless, thank you for inspiring us to be ourselves 🙂
  • Heavenly and Exceptional Living: Amen! As Psalm 139:14 says we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”
  • I_Am_Powerballin Rich111: Perfect!!!! Alhamdulillah!!
  • banz nongz: When I tried to love God and start living for his glory suddenly things got worse and worse friends starts failing and ahhhhh I’m confuse but I’m still trusting in God Jesus so I need and advice video or prayer for my problems
  • Brenda Johnson: Awesome. Truly Awesome. Thank you!
  • Lhing MATE: Thankyou LORD for letting me know your love for me again…

    Thankyou LORD
    Thankyou LORD..

  • Denise Perez: This made me cry ?. God’s so beautiful, Amen he’s been so good to me. ?
  • P #JUSPEACEMUSICENT.: Thank you Lord Jesus ?
  • Ana yris Yris: Thanks God for everything .. i recognize that im not nothing without him
  • Joshua Yang: I am really crying when I heared this… Because it reminds me the love and sacrifices the Lord has made to save me feom sins.
  • Diyjee cinful: your videos are very impressive…
  • Steffy Ryan: Yes I’m gonna hold gods hand and move on from glory to glory. I’m overcoming it this time. Lord stay with me
  • KayGee Mak: When we hate ourselves we are insulting our Maker who made all of us wonderfully and fearfully. Self-acceptance is a form of worship. You are perfect for His purpose.
    Don’t envy your neighbour, love them. Love yourself. Love God.
  • BigSky Family: Jesus is LORD! Thank you for healing me & saving my life Lord! I pray for everyone who watches this, LOVE YOURSELF!?????????
  • deshawn johnson: I needed to hear this ???
  • Jade Li: Love the knowledge in God and Jesus Christ.I decree and believe, love myself and others.Amen
  • Ry T: Totally TOTALLY underrated channel. God bless this channel that it may reach more hearts 🙂
  • suman Samuel: Praise the lord. Just what I wanted to hear at this moment. Reassurance from god. Can u tell me who the speaker is and can u give me link for the full sermon plz. Very encouraging videos God bless you all
  • rosemary marsh: Amen Amen.Yes Hallelujah I Am God’s creation and He Loves me Unconditionally.I can live because He lives in me.Jesus is changing me,He is setting me free from the way I use to feel and be.Glory Be To Our Almighty God For Who He is And for all that He is doing in the Lives who turn to Him and Seek with all their hearts and lives.Gods Love is full of Grace Hope and Mercy. Amen.
  • rpiepho365: I love God! Thanks for producing these, I believe we are in true REFORMATION for the whole world. The last one was 500 yrs ago to the day on Oct 31 of this year. All is well in heaven so spend time with Father,Son and Holy Spirit and bring some of heaven to earth!
  • Ye Jin Choi: I am beautiful ? I realized that .. thank you JESUS ?
  • Jake Neill: Thank you! This was first on recommendations and God spoke straight to me!
  • MsLeahM: I just love the Lord for guiding me to this!
  • Isaiah J: I’ve been to worried about what people think of me for so long, I kinda lost who I am.
  • Erik Salgado Alvarez: Thank you Lord JesusChrist I believe this is You ????❤️❤️ I Love You ??
  • lovingmariah Gordon: Thank you its on God’s timing Amen praise God.
  • Oscar De La Rosa: Trust God and know that He loves you
  • passang thendup lepcha: Rather watching video enjoying comments and being blessed… God bless you all… hit the likes ?
  • Brian Crowley: I cry every time I see these videos they are so beautiful ❤️
  • lesile barber: Ty I need that ✌?god bless u
  • Gem Ny12: I am tears while listening to this beautiful message, thank you dearest friends. God bless you all.
  • Natashia Duteau: God loves my imperfections. He knows me…. God is still working on me. Thank You ? Jesus ?
  • Millicent Evans: So true god loves me yes my god is real he will lead me where i need to go. Great words sensible words thank you. God does change us. I love the lord.♥️?
  • Rockenster15: Beautiful,
    Be who the Lord made you to be.
    I used to be immature, and I admit, at times I was unwise.
    Now the Lord has changed all of that tremendously.
    And what I want to say is if people don’t see the change, it’s because it’s not time yet.
    But the Lord will make the world see your change, just like Saul went to Paul.
    And they will glorify the Father because of you.
    In Jesus name, amen!!
  • T Jones: Didn’t know how much I needed to watch this, but of course God knew I needed this and put it right dab in my recommended.Glory to him.
  • MAMA DI BOYS MAMA DI BOYS: Yes true indeed,I’m wonderfully made,I’m my Father’s child and her Princess
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  • HappyIka 1987: One of the best videos on YouTube!
  • rosemary marsh: Thank you for sharing this devotion and encouragement and Inspiration. Amen
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    It filled my Joyful taaaank!
    Thank you Father God for Loving US ?
    Abundant blessings to whoever reads this in Jesus mighty name?
  • Marcelino Crisóstomo: GOD JEHOVÁ AND JESÚS CRISTO loves you and make things happen?? TRUST
  • Elizabeth Ngatia: Iam greatfull to GOD for everything. He is changing me from GLORY to GLORY!!!!
  • Rubie Redd: PRAISE AWESOME. ALMIGHTY GOD. OUR. FATHER. ??????????????????❣❣?
  • Johnny Little: Man, you do some great stuff.
    Thank you ❤️
  • Reiley Haight: Please pray for me on this it’s been a year and I haven’t changed
  • Clyde Burts: I pray Lord that you will bless those who made this channel and keep them and make your face shine upone them all the days of there lives and give them piece amen amen amen
  • Clyde Burts: Thank you all who praying for me may god show you the same love buy taking time to pray for me May god bless you all and may god remeber the love you shown me
  • Angel The gamer: God I love you so much thank you every day for making me and waking me up every day God I love you so much thank you for everything God
  • August Marshall: i needed to hear this message 🙂 i know GOD has bought me from a long way and i know he’s not finished with me yet
  • Mzcola Tea: blessings & strength through god all things are possible
  • Brenda Caceres: God changing me from Glory to Glory. I know my worth to God. I believe it in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah ?☝?
  • CandyRBX: 🙁 Thank, you I’m crying
  • Defence Man: Thank you Jesus for your love and healing ! My wife Carole and I love you, thank you Jesus for helping both of us through that horrible cancer my Carole suffered. God we love you and thank you for your blessings !
  • New Creation: Something in me is stirring up so bad that it’s overwhelming.. But that’s a sign that a seed is sown.. All love!!! Oh n the Repeat button is broken!! ?
  • Tiffany Brown: I am going to be me, in the name of Jesus!
  • Bella Farfalla: Our most High is oh so Bonita? a Blessing to all who is willing to see his amazing love Thank you Father God? Thank you for all you have done Thank you for Jésus? your son who is our light☀️ our savoir and our King of kings Thank you ? Je’t Amie ??
  • Emily G.: God just answer my prayers ???? so happy I found this video
  • Jesusita Perez: I AM…
    Being me.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Have a Wonderful day.
    Gotta get ready for work.
  • honorablecbm: i am sure you hear this often, but i really needed this word today. thank you…
  • Rashae Tate: I am trusting you through the process ??
  • Clandy Jeur: AMEN!!!!!!! Who can separate us from the LOVES OF GOD to US.
  • Reeshta Mohith: Amen. im wonderfully made. The Lord has not finished with me yet. I will go from Glory to Glory. Praise You Jesus.
  • Chassidy Lindsey: Amen!!! Amazing video and I really enjoyed this!!! So very true!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I really needed to hear this message!!! God Bless all of you!!! ????????????

I pray God may preserve your health and life many years.

Short Inspirational Quotes About Love – Motivational Quotes For Men

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.

The weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name.

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A will finds a way.

Set yourself earnestly to see what you are made to do, and then set yourself earnestly to do it.

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Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.

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The MTC is known for singing music by great master composers, hymns, American music, Broadway numbers, popular songs, and inspirational music. If the audience doesn’t like one genre, they need only wait for the next number.

A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.

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