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Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.

I pray God may preserve your health and life many years.

Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself.

I want to be an inspirational model. I want people to look at me and say, ‘Wow, she looks healthy.’

The power of pop culture stories should not be underestimated, and there is an enormous potential for inspirational stories that can have a positive, transformative effect on our lives.

There are thousands of inspirational stories waiting to be told about young women who yearn for a great education. They are stories of struggle and stories of success, and they will inspire others to take action and work to change lives.

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  • mariya shaikh: who ‘s inspired by her speech so please give one like?
  • MD ATIF: is any one heard this speech more than one time like meeee
  • Yasmeen Shaheen: “People call me disabled,but I called myself differently abled”
  • Vaishnavi Pakhare: Was thinking of suicide.. 10 years from today.. I will come back to this post.. with a tribute to you ma’am.. ki bas aapne kaha isliye Jaan Nahi dee.. I promise I won’t give up.. ❤️

    Won’t die before my death..

  • Mahek Gala: I’m soo happy after hearing this…..I lost my mom at 12, I had a spine injury and people gave me soo much sympathy, which I didn’t want. My mom had taught me to fight the world and every other thing , but now the world had come to teach me what I shud do and what I shudnt.
    I’m so happy today and I’m blessed with an amazing father.
    This talk was extremely inspirational and has made me more strong. Thank You
  • Vitthal Chavan: Love from India , very inspiration mam. I will never forget your word that ” do not die before death ” thanks a lot mam.
  • justbeing chama: Everytime I feel low, I watch and listen to your story❤
    It can make u
    It can break u
    It can heal ur soul
    It can damage u forever
    So,wisely think b4 u speak!!
    So damn true … inspiring !!!
  • 3 Minuets Sites: This lady is not just a Iron Lady she is a soul of quantum I respect her a lots from my heart
  • laliga santander: “The see my dissability i see my ability”
  • Rosy Rosy: I literally cried while watching this.This speech is very motivational. Keep up girl.love from nepal
  • Bushra Raza: I wish I could Give Thousands like to you … really want to meet you once in my life ❤️
  • LINES TELECOM sellers of landline telephones: With Respect From INDIA
  • Neetu Chaubey: “When you except the way you are….. The world recognizes you” ?
  • Manish Rai: she’s so beautiful inside and outside. Wish I can meet her someday
  • Kamang: *I literary cried after hearing what she said..and yes God has bigger plans for every one*
  • Ajanta Pal: Most inspiring speech I have ever seen in my all life. Just speechless
  • Aman Manwani: I m speechless ?
    salute you di ❣️
    Your fan from india ??
  • Ruchita Dubey: Love from India.. ???
  • Mrutyunjaya sabar: When I feel low I listen your word mam???
  • Khadiza Begum: No words….just amazing….
    Great inspiration for all the people of the world…..thank you very much for your speech….
    May Allah bless you?
    Lots of love❤❤❤?
  • Rabi Nezami: Brave woman, thank you for motivating thousands of women’s around the world. God bless you
  • sfgjb vvcgv: While I was watching this vedio tears came in my eyes the point she told her story but then I saw her she was not crying she was hiding her tears so perfectly that made me realise that when u accept for who u r u don’t feel bad for urself or your life story doesn’t make u cry but every time u express it u become more strong person. So I said to myself that I won’t cry while watching this vedio but will feel her and realise how to be so strong like her and never give up. ❤ love from India ❤
  • Ritu Kashyap: So inspiring .I want to be as strong as her .
  • Love Lee: Amazing woman.I literally cried hearing those message.The speech was so empowering and very motivated.I love to see you in person and listening to your powerful words.
  • Doit Doit zel: She just let me know how potential I am being just able to stand and move my legs..
  • hira bht: I always you listen whenever I use to be in trouble really I personally feel those incident makes us stronge indirectly
  • sana pathan: Love from India
    I really like you
  • FA SA: Throughout her speech she was emotionally charged.Hats off to you lady !!
  • vikram vicky karne: The time tears started rolling in my eyes was the time when everyone out there stood up at the end of her speech and that sound they made for her was actually sounding like WE ARE WITH YOU AND YOU ARE PRETTY PERFECT. lots of love and I’m really very thankful for your motivational words. From India.
  • telugu new movies 2019: *They see my disability I see my ability* ❤️❤️
  • Tasneem Ahmad: Really I watched this video more than 3 times and whenever I watch this video, it gives me an ex exceptional type of energy to achieve what I am seeking, to live again with full of energy and passion. Thank you for your words.
  • Rahul Cheeta: I respect you wholeheartedly ??
  • psycho: Well, didn’t know iron can be so beautiful.
  • Mahek .F: Shes soo beautiful nd intelligent ?
  • Jessica Amber: I’m really speechless??? masha’Allah
  • Deepitha Pappu: In the beginning she thanks for accepting her but I am thanking her for accepting society
  • sonia sharma: I forgot the count, how many times I hv seen this but every time it gives me power to celebrate my life..she is incredible ?
  • Saroj Kullu: The real happiness lies in gratitude
  • Bishwash Tandukar: She is truly beautiful <3 lots of love from Nepal.
  • Madhu Verma: Really we value the things when we lose them.I salute to such a positive and strong woman.
  • Kamal Singh: no words to say….. real heroes are not based on gender…..
  • Tavonne Dillon: ❤️ inspired
  • Sede Kuotsu: She is such an amazing and motivational speaker ??
  • Ayush Raj: Today I realized I’m so lucky ?
  • Ayush Raj: Today I realized I’m so lucky ?
  • immad hassan: We called her “iron lady”. Beautiful & motivational lady!!
  • jatt boyzz: Mam,this speech tremendously influenced me. I am totally inspired by your dedication hardwork
  • Umna Hussain: I cried after hearing her speech?
  • Manish Kumar:
  • Amina Danjuma Saulawa: Love & Respect muniba, a lady great mind who accept everything life come with. I salute u
  • Haseeb Ul Hassan: this lady teaches me to live whenever i look at her.. More power to you maam. ♥️
  • Fahad Ali: Best video I have ever seen on YouTube. ……
  • anil panjwani: Hats off to you Mam…. Feeling so inspired,, Blessed to have you Around us… Lots of Love From India
  • abdimalik issack: You have really inspired and taught me one thing that I will live to remember for the rest of my life that is accepting how you are and being grateful for what you
  • Narahari Naresh: Dont die before death. ? I salute you mam. I am speechless
  • Anand Rp: Inspired ❤
  • sunil kumar: This is great lady & nice motivational speech
  • Rishav Singh: Champ❤
  • REX FLISTER: God bless you mam . may you live long ❣️
  • Snow Flake: No ones words ever effect me soooo much like her words did!! She inspires me alotttt!!!
    She’s so amazing beautiful and strong!!❤❤she’s just perfect!❤I love herrrrr!!!❤❤❤?
    i just cant stop listening to her!
  • Ankianvi Shetty: U r amazing mam I love u so much
  • simra mirza: May Allah bless you. I’m watching this speech second time for ? Big fan of yours
  • Ramzi Alqam: Allah continue to keep blessing you always with health love wisdom and peace thank you for sharing from your heart it definitely inspired me to change my thinking for my mind to balance life
  • Um- e -Kalsoom – 10840/TCHR/BKJC: When you said
    my whole body shook
  • prince p silva: Love it ?
  • Kulsoom Shafa: This is amazing… Really inspiring speech?
  • karthickeyan v: Real inspiration got really inspired and inspired every time I see a failure
  • Haris Sheraz: I saw her twice in a shopping mall where I live. She used to be in wheelchair and I guess it was her brother who used to help her there in mall. I never know that this was the story behind
  • Ahsan Butt: May Allah blesssssssss u
  • Kaur Lakhvir: Such a Inspired lady
    Respect for her????
  • Devanshi Mehta: Thank you for such a great speech..I promise to motivate at least one person in my life..thank you
  • Yohan Rodrigo: Love from sri lanka ?? ❤️❤️❤️
  • Shivan Deva: When I saw your video I got sad I respect you
  • JISHA B: Best ever speech # want to gave a hug keep going with ur beautiful smile# this is what the beauty is
  • Nilesh Shegokar: This speach touch my heart….. There are some incident happened in your life that will change your DNA
  • Rupesh Lama: You are idol to me
    Tons of love ❤️❣️
    From nepla
  • Phamyuh konyak: When i see tiz it was the turning point of life!
  • Geetika Gurung: Every time I feel low .. All I do is watch you speak♥# make up my mind and start again… You are truly great.
  • Nikita Kalsi: Love u alot mam..I inspired so much after seeing this session…
  • selvaraj Balusamy: Your inspiration speeches are amazing madam ” the words are break you” this qouet is ……
  • Anandu Viswan: What’s an inspirational session I ever heard.May every Motivational speaker can tell and motivate through lot of incidents. But when she is speak it contains her life. That’s why it wins our hearts.
  • Shaheen Alig: Love u ma’am from my heart❤❤❤
  • vijaya pravin: who all are here after watching madhan Gowri video
  • Jatin Maheshwari: I don’t have words to explain….How cherished I am now after watching this complete video.

    Hatts off to Iron Lady

  • ruqayya shabbir: We call her the iron lady! And we are soo proud of her! ❤️
    Pakistan’s first goodwill UN embassador muniba mazaari!
  • Carl Crusader: ?❤️ this the best thing I ever watched
  • Bored To Death: I love you ma’am and you inspire me sooooo much I love you and yes we are all equal ?❤️❤️❤️
  • Kirti Sharma: We all are perfectly imperfect? speechless???
  • Mr. D: Damm cute she is❤❤❤?❤?
  • Payal kumbhar: i really inspired from your story…i really love the way u handled yourself…hands offf for your attitude and hard work…love u mam..i m from india.. bt still i would love to watch your motivational videos…best of luck..
  • Saurabh Jha: Kind hearted strong woman…respect:) ❤️
  • Surya kumari: Superb words… I am impressed a lot …all the best for your bright future…God bless you
  • Shyam Sanjai: True warrior in life
  • AayeSha rOo shoja: i want to be like u. ma’am❤
  • Shining Suchi: Wah, u are amazing madam
  • King of Tiger Hill: Salute to Waleed Khan the Hero from Kargil India for his courage ♥️?♥️
  • Shaki Shahinur: This speech make me more confident when I’m totally broken…
  • Astri Nur Khusna: I love this?
  • Kamang: *I love everything every word that she says in this video.. I am glad that I listen or watch her video..!!* ?

It is such a luxury to open a new book that’s highly recommended by friends – either an inspirational yet humorously self-deprecating memoir, or a page-turning piece of fiction.

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I had hoped when my life was chronicled, it would be an inspirational story.

There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move!

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The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

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I don’t really watch too many movies, but I try to watch inspirational pieces about other musicians. Musical documentaries truly inspire me.

I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.

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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

Noble deeds that are concealed are most esteemed.

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