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Sport is something that is very inspirational for young people.

Success is the only motivational factor that a boy with character needs.

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.

Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.

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  • JESUS# 1 GOD best ever ever proposal: “I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of GOD”……..
  • Sharon Jose: “Donot fear for I am with you.” This word is written almost 365 times in the bible. Each day Jesus says this to us.
  • QUICK SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS: 1Corinthians 2:9
    HE has plan for those who love HIM???
  • Sonia W.: Fear Not! I Will Not Fear. GOD Will Take Care Of Me. Thank You GOD
  • Congratulations: Fear Not… two powerful negative words apart but together so reassuring.
  • Sankit Lepcha: I will not fear for God is with me.
  • Ghana Prince: Thanks for the video, was lucky to find this. I’m really scared in life cos my parents died at tender age. Was in room crying when all of a sudden took my phone and saw this, thank you
  • Angella Turnage: Pray for me. I have been under spiritual attack for some time now. The root of it has been fear but God hasn’t given me the spirit of fear. I WILL NOT FEAR.
  • Celeste M: I woke up today filled with sadness, anxiety and yes.. fear towards my future, caused by a dream where I saw everything I have lost and will never get back. I felt discouraged, I prayed and here’s my answer. Bless you Lord and bless this community! ?
  • Gigi Baker: My husband of 18 years left sneaky and distraught me n my son. He has mental illness and I have been praying for months and believing that my marriage will be restored and husband healed. Everyday my son reminds me that GOD IS IN CONTROL ??
  • dejusta2: God will take care of mi. Thank you Jesus Christ. Amen
  • kim white: I agree and declare in Jesus holy name AND so it is
  • Luis Santana: Who is cutting onions??? ! lol god bless ya’ll brothers and sisters ❤️
  • ERICA HARRIS: Amen we have nothing to fear God our Father Lord Jesus Christ is with us!
  • charlie dave: Thank God for this channel, inspiring everyone that passes its way.?
  • Reason Deep: I will fear no more. My God Jehovah has got my back.
  • Candy Pink: I was talking to GOD the other day and that’s Exactly what He said “I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!”
  • Ethan Nix: Amen and god has our back never give up for the lord thy god is with you he will never leave you nor forsake you.
  • Oladiran Bukunmi: I’ll not fear…The Lord is my strength
    God bless you ?
  • TEC CREATIONS: Thank u jesus for ur wonderful love
  • innocent kache: I’m afraid, ooh Lord. Please comfort me in this phase of hurt and confusion. I know you are with me.
    FOR GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME, Then he that is in the world.
  • Shady: The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.
    – Psalm 28
  • Jenel Lubin: Thank you good motivation… God didn’t give a spirit of fear but of love peace n of sound mind ….. ???????
  • Arthur wajud: These days I’m leaving in fear and anxiety . Please pray for me to get out from this trauma. I know God will delivered me someday !! Hallelujah my Lord is and awesome God!
  • Isandra Rojas: We all have sinned. We all have made bad choices and we don’t deserve gods forgiveness but god is with us and he loves us no matter what. You may feel like god abandoned you but he will not abandon you. Serve god no matter what, when you follow god you don’t lose in fact you gain . Our god Is coming soon. Start praying , GET CLOSER to god.. every time you pray ask for mercy and forgiveness. God loves you . Put god first and try to be the best version of yourself. God bless you all
  • Stellah Serunjogi: Devil bring fear and I will conquer it in Jesus name because I have a fearless and most powerful God .
  • David Brown: The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Have Faith in God. God Bless
  • Francis Duplayna: Lord God remind me always to never be afraid for You are and will always be with me AMEN!!!
  • OneManArmy: Be fearless! For he, the lord is with you. Aman~
  • Hasan Civelek: This morning I opened my eyes with this video and I can confirm it was sent to me by God using people! This was what I needed to hear! Thank you Lord for your Father’s heart encouraging your kids be strong and overcome every situation!
  • Khayalethu Polisa: I’m blessed to hear this.. in two weeks I’m publishing a very personal book about my life and today I found myself with so many questions of doubt and fear. the fear of being criticized by FAM & friends.. I’m relieved.. I’m grateful to God for giving me such powerful message.. plz pray for me .from South Africa
  • Fortunate Chatyora: May God give us the grace to conquer the spirit of fear
  • Jessejeb: “Be still and know I am God” is so imprinted into my soul, fear has no place.
  • Joseph Soto: Thank you! I needed this video this morning. I will watch this video repeatedly over the next couple weeks. With God inside me satan will not have victory over me.
  • Dara K. Fulton: I love this channel so much. It touches my heart all the time and helps me. God is so good.
  • D.A X: No longer will I prevent myself from pressing through to my destiny ✍?
  • Mavis Osei Boateng: I’m thrilled after listening to this,was afraid and had lots of thought in my mind
  • D P: Please pray for me. I’m dealing with illness. Lord forgive me for smoking
  • Brenda Boone: I just love god everyday all day he is number one he is in my heart and if you would I need prayers!!!!!!!!
  • Kiara Morris: “When fear knocks at your door, send faith to answer it” ! Glory to God that’s a message❤?
  • Queen _Tina: I really needed this ???
  • BLACK KNIGHT: God be praised
  • Jjjju Hhhh: Fear is all a illusion in disguise.
  • Firee Saphh: “We look around us too much instead of looking up” … woww i felt that ✨?
  • Nice American: Thanks GOD and Jesus for healing me from psoriasis!!!!! JESUS IS GOD FOR ALL!!!?????????☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️?????????
  • ellitestar: One of the most Beautiful! videos I’ve ever! heard..
    God BLESS those who seek him
  • Friendship Tree: Fear blocks our ability to create with God. Faith overcomes fear. Romans 8:31. Romans 8:28
  • GeoCool: I will not fear and worry about failure. God is with me. THANK YOU GOD!
  • Josh Wright: This is amazing, I’m so thankful I heard this!!!!! GOD bless you all!! “FEAR NOT”. The devil is a lie. Happy Easter!
  • Robert Zendejas: Heavenly Father forgive me of my sins guide me to the right path bless my mornings bless my nights bless my family bless my children restore me restore me Heavenly Father amen
  • Positive Vibes Only Thoo: Wowwwwww. Do not be afraid !!!! I will NOT FEAR ♥️???? God will take care of us !! GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF MEEE !!!!!! ?♥️????in Jesus name Amen ??
  • Christina Escajeda: God is always with me therefore I am fearless God loves me He is the only one I trust
  • Suhen Debbarma: GOD I need you in my life ?❤.
  • Manoj Abraham: I will not fear.God is with me.AMEN
  • Ben Michelson: I have struggled with this all my life. This is a message I needed to listen to & abide by everyday.
  • Chiman Boro: Amen!! Praise God!! I will not fear from today because I come to know that God is with me always.
  • Gabriell Peria: Please pray for me. My faith to God is fading. Thank you.
  • Talks with Naomi: It’s a new month and this came on my recommendations amen ??
  • Roja Domenicano: Amen

    .God I trut Thee all My Life

  • SUBSCRIBE ME TV: Pls…. If someone read my comment.. Pls… Pray for me.. For my complete healing of anxiety and panick disorder.. I am healed in the name of JESUS. ?
  • Only by gods grace: Love this ♥️
  • Joe Rincon: Fear is what holds us back from receiving what God already has for us! We just have to step out in faith to go after it and know He will take care of all the details. ✝️?☝?❤️???
  • Sam Winchester: I was really depressed because of school and I’m 12 this helped me god bless you
  • Shala Pickney: AMEN???Lord I know you are with ME. One of my favorite verse Isaiah 41:10 “Do Not FEAR” FOR I am WITH YOU????
  • Efrain Ocampo: Get out of your Comfort Zone. God will take care of you.
  • Marilyn Capehart: Thank You Thank You so much, I am trying to press my way on like God Ask of me 6-5-19
  • Roxanne Harvey: I have a spirit of fear assigned to me. I am struggling with petrifying fear whenever I present in public. Its paralysing I could hardly speak. This video has helped a bit.
  • Grace Kleckner: To everyone who is reading this….

    You are loved, happy, healthy, loyal, secure, blessed, great full, beautiful, loving, a work of art, made in his image, lucky, strong, silly, creative, life, generous, hard working, giving, caring, worthy, bold, fun, a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, important, wise, and Unique in your own way. People in the world still need to know God. God wants everyone to spread His word and pray for other people. Their are people out their that just need prayer from you. God want every age of everyone to spread His word. The enemy wants you to leave God he finds ways to get in your family and separate u from God. The enemy’s won’t stop he will just keep trying till there is a problem. Just know that God will help you through whatever you need, He listens to you, he loves you. I’m here for u if u need a prayer just plz tell me. ^_^

  • Cj ’17: God is great and Yeshua is my saviour, the world’s saviour ?
  • Peyton Reeves: I needed this, and i would really appreciate if you guys prayed for me and my fear and anxiety
  • Kylie Sanders: I fear not because God is here for me and he makes me feel totally fearless ???
  • Rhulani Mbhenyani: I fear not. For he is with me? Thank you Jesus
  • peris wanja: Ooh my am going difficult n i got fear to loose what am expecting…. Thanks God I gained strength after watching this… fear not am a seed of might nothing can destroy me ooh God..
  • Andrew Henney: I love this ABOVE INSPIRATION Listen 2 it folk’s.
  • Dinesh Silva: I gained strength listening to this message. Thank you!
  • Michelle Mair: Father God, help me not to worry because You will take care of me.
  • Erika B: I need your videos everyday. They help me exercise ???
  • Positive Vibes: Lord Help me with my Fish Farming business Lord Help me Help my loved ones Lord I believe I can succeed with u by my side Amen
  • Stac777 ***: This is the next level of preparing myself, and my family I needed..thank you Jesus ??????
  • ahaHaA: I’ve been letting satan get to me this whole time??‍♀️I am a child of the lord.I will not let satan get to me ever again.He’s been setting me up this whole time.He’s been telling me”BE AFRAID,GOD WON’T HELP YOU THROUGH YOUR TIMES OF TRIAL!”and I listened,I told myself to be afraid of an upcoming storm,an opportunity,or anything in that nature.I trust god now.i know he will NEVER let my hand go.He will now be my sunshine everyday even if it’s cloudy.I LOVE GOD AND NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY I FEEL.i trust god will change my mind and heart into something beautiful.Satan,I will never listen to your words again,I will NEVER trust you even though you want me to.I LOVE AND TRUST GOD WITH MY LIFE.god has me in his hands,he won’t let me have fear ever again.God,I’m so sorry I let the devil get to me,he has changed me a lot.I trust you with my family,and my animals.Just because I don’t have any friends to hold my head up doesn’t mean that I have to be sad and keep my head down.I’m telling myself to keep trust.I just went through a thunderstorm,and at the beginning of it I was terrified.I was only terrified because I let satan tell me that fear was necessary.I am letting you know god,that I will do my best in school,and I WILL NOT BE FEARFUL ANYMORE.I’ve let him get to me this whole time.It’s just like him coming to me with a bag full of candy and me taking it.I’ve seen the dark side just like I’ve seen the bright side.I have sat here for 11 years letting the devil in my head.Trust me god,I’m telling you that I will not let him in my head EVER again.He’s given me anxiety,and fear.I don’t want to be scared anymore,I WANT TO TRUST.God,I know I’ve been letting you down,and that’s bringing the devil up.I’m so sorry,I promise that I will keep your glory in my heart.Thjs message is for the devil:I know you’ve been keeping me from going forward,and taking the right path.That doesn’t mean I can’t change that.I have faith now,and when you try your hardest to keep me down,I will keep making my way up.This ones for God:God,I’m so sorry.I have been letting you down,and I left you for fear.The next time he tries he will fail.If you wanna know why it’s because I HAVE FAITH.I don’t have to fear anymore,and I’m so glad.God,I love you.??❤️❤️❤️
  • Johnny Cisneros: ” do not be afraid, God has your back.” That’s powerful. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Pilar Montero: God will take care of me and my child for all the days of our lives … God will fight for us … going in front of us
  • Maddox Grimes: I am 12 and I have so many fears and I just want to thank the lord for showing me this because I now know to not live in fear but live to be fearless
  • Wanefritz Joseph: Stop FEEDING your fear to start to be able to FEED your FAITH !
  • cesar arce: “If God is with us, who shall be against us”Amen!!!!
  • Katamelo Jane Mofonga: Lord ,fear always come to my mind and as the Bible says I do not want to fear anymore because the Lord is with me. The enemy is always using the weakness, fear of the past, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. This demonic spirit of the devil should leave me forever. I will fear no more. Thank you Jesus Christ for this message.
  • Isuri Kaushalya: Fear not for I am with you❤️?
  • Mobolaji Efe: I just love this channel, it doesn’t just inspire but preach about God
    Dear God take control of my life, am in a difficult situation.
  • jaffet g: AMENN!!?
  • kimberly bisnath: I will not fear God is with me.Amen?
  • MNDA T: This really opened my eyes.
    I have been struggling to overcome fear and study for my GCSEs yet each and every time I turn to my books I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the thought of failure and the possibility of disappointing everyone around me.
    Now I realise that it’s been the devil who has worked tirelessly to stop me from achieving the grades I need to succeed.
    I have 30 days left and from now on I am going to work just as tirelessly as he is to study and pass my exams. If my fear ever gets the best of me again I will turn instantly to this video for help.
    Thank you very much for making this video! 🙂
  • kedall BALE: Amém ❤️
  • Joseph Pinto: I am not Afraid Jesus Christ With me.
  • Tinker bell Rocks: Heavenly Father lord God please empty me of all my fear and anxiety x these shackles have taken over my life I can’t leave the house or function it has crippled me x please cast out all fear and sin from my life …. fear is a liar I cling to u Father in Jesus Holy name I pray amen ?

All my music is inspirational. You just gotta listen to the words and get what you can get out of it.

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There is no stronger case for the motivational power of real science than the discoveries that come from the Hubble Space Telescope as it unravels the mysteries of the universe.

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

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Whatever ought to be, can be.

Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.

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It’s inspirational to see someone who is dying smile.

Not on one strand are all life’s jewels strung.

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I feel that music is such an inspirational form of energy, as baseball is. And especially with Metallica, believe it or not, our shows are very physical. Sports is a very physical thing, too.

Marvin’s Motivational Moments actually started as something that was actually therapeutic for me. I would sit up late at night after my wife passed trying to adjust to being alone.

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