[help] Dog ate pieces of bone?

I got this “Bone n’ Bullie” chew from the store and it says “easily digestible” but as soon as my dog (a 1 year old Cavapoo) started chewing the bone part it began splintering and breaking. I took it away immediately and got almost all pieces away from her. But I’m worried it seems she may have swallowed a few smaller pieces. Like maybe the size of a pinkie fingernail pieces are still missing and weren’t recovered. She never was choking or coughing or anything. Now of course I’m reading online about how the bone pieces can cause internal bleeding or intestinal blockage. I gave her a piece of white bread to “cushion” anything she might pass. She seems in fine spirits now still eating and playing. But I’m worried. Has anyone experienced this? Will she be ok?

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[Help] spider bite on dog

Dog was bit by a spider and I brought her into the vet. I didn’t know she had been bitten prior to, but noticed a black and swollen spot on her back. Vet told me it was a spider bite, probably a brown recluse.

They cleaned out the area and removed the dead tissue and muscle. She gave me cephalexin, 500mg, twice a day and rimadyl, 100 mg, once a day. She told me to clean the wound with washcloth and warm water twice a day and wipe away the oozing. She also told me that I needed to make sure the area stayed open and didn’t scan for at least 3 days to let the infection ooze out.

I drew a circle around the bulls eye area to make sure the infection didn’t spread. It’s been 24 hrs since the vet. The redness hasn’t spread outside the circle but also hasn’t receded eight. I saw cephalexin starts treating the infection right away but takes a few days to notice visible changes. I wasn’t given any ointment or cleansing agent.

I’m trying not to remain so anxious, but want to make sure I am doing everything necessary. The wound is still oozing a little bit but looks like it’s trying to close. I’ve been wiping at the scabbed areas to make sure it doesn’t scab over.

Reddit won’t let me post pics so I can’t show the before and now

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[Help] Dog scared of everything, but only inside

Hi everyone. I have a 10-month old mixed-breed dog, similar to a Bernese mountain dog (her mother is one). She isn't a rescue dog; her mother got pregnant by accident and the owner was giving away the puppies, but she had a "happy childhood". I took her in at about 10 weeks.

She is extremely sociable, playful and loving. Outside, on walks, she is quite a rascal. Not afraid of anything or anyone, always wanting to go play and greet other dogs and people. However, inside, it's a completely different story - it's like she's a different dog. She's afraid of everything, like, the fridge, the door, chairs, trash bags, even the toys sometimes... It's driving me crazy as I can't really figure out what's going on. I never punish her and she hasn't really had any bad experiences in her lifetime. I live alone with her.

Lately, she's outgrown her bed (which she never slept in, preferring the floor). Still, I bought her a new, "adult" one, and predictably, she won't come near it. I've lay on it myself so she could see me, rubbed myself and my clothes on it, rubbed treats on it, put treats on it (she's very greedy and will eat everything, but she won't take it off the bed), and nothing. She panics when I call her to come if I'm next to or on the bed.

Does anyone have any idea what is up with this crazy dog? It really is driving me crazy and it seems to me that it's getting worse. It's impossible to move or carry anything in the flat without her freaking out. And the weirdest thing is, that I took with me a toy she was afraid of inside the flat when we went for a walk, and outside, on the grassfield, she loved it! What could be the meaning of all this?

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Puppyhood ~50% completed

Sitting here on a Friday evening watching my puppy asleep on her bed whilst I'm working late.

She's a little over 5 months old, growing much faster than I expected. She has just lost all her four canines in the span of 2 weeks and her new teeth are growing in quickly. I've only found one molar, but suspect she has and will swallow most of them if not all. Her breath stinks of rotten blood.

It's only been 3 months since I got her. It feels like much longer. Together we've gone through it all; worms, diarrhea, inappropriate ingestion of things, loud whining and barking, sleepless nights, scratches, bruises, covid, terror.

All of a sudden I realised how easy things have got compared to 2 months ago.

We have started understanding each other.

I understand when she needs an enforced nap without any whining. She eagerly runs to her crate when I say "sleepsies" and pokes her head out waiting for a small amount of kibble. Couple of minutes later she's asleep.

She understands that mummy is not a morning person and she happily sleeps/lie in until 8AM. At the same time I know that it's not good for her to hold it that long, so I make sure she goes potty right before we go to bed, and if she doesn't then I wake up earlier.

I understand that right now she needs to bite literally everything because her mouth must burn like hell due to all her teeth growing in at once. So I buy different chews of different textures. Frozen home made chicken stock and raw carrots seem to help too.

She understands that when I say "no" it's enough trying to chew my arm. Quite hilarious now that she doesn't have canines.

She understands the words "chicken" and will happily stop whatever she is doing and come running for a bit of boiled chicken.

She still does not understand that toilet paper is not a toy. Or that she shouldn't jump up on desks and people. But we'll get there.

I am now more confused than ever in understanding when she needs to go potty. She seems to be able to hold like it like a champ. But we'll get there.

I understand that she has not yet reached adolescence, so I am expecting it to go back to worse before it gets even better.

Honestly, despite her toothless efforts at trying to bite every limb that I have, she's become such a good puppy in such a short time. I am amazed at her development and her understanding of the world.

Just wanted to share my Friday realisation and pay puppy tax.

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I just wanted to say… STELLA AND CHEWY has saved my pup & I’s day.

Yeah, title. My mini poodle went from eating anything and everything as a puppy to hitting adolescence and eating NOTHING besides beef and other meat. He went through two trips of giardia meds and got used to eating home cooked meats, so partially my fault, but he wouldn’t eat the meds without it, blah blah.

Long story short, my partner and I were just at a loss. Our dog was not gaining weight (he’s about 7m) from how little he ate. Would refuse nearly everything, sometimes even meat. He just got. So.picky. It was so upsetting cause I could tell he wasn’t happy.

Anyways, I was recommended Stella and chewy raw freeze dried patties. These things are fucking amazing!! Like he eats these with enthusiasm. Crazy.

So, if you have an extremely picky dog who eats nothing. Try this brand please! It is pricey but our goal is to eventually mix w kibble and make it 50/50.

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[help] Does your dog prefer ceramic to steel bowls?

Couldn't find anything about this when searching so sorry mods if this is repetetive.

I have a picky 1 yr old cockapoo who has never liked eating out of his bowl. We've had him for 10 months now and only JUST figured out a way to make him eat his kibble.

However now I'm noticing when he goes to eat, he will stick his head half-in and around the bowl multiple times but won't stick his head in to eat until maybe 15 minutes later, or he'll just walk away even though he's hungry. We do this dance 3x a day.

I realized his 2 sets of bowls are all metal and apparently dogs can get scared of the sound or his own reflection. Today I put his food on a flat ceramic plate instead and he ate with no hesitation.

Has anyone switched their dogs to ceramic bowls and seen more success? I want to order him a set but not if it doesn't help the problem.

He drinks water out of his steel bowl just fine.


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Puppy got neutered today.

I just feel so guilty because my decision has caused him this pain. I know we did it for the best reasons but when he looks at me with his sad eyes I just want to cry. He came home at 3pm today and he has eaten and been the toilet and he's snoozing now so I think he's going to recover just fine I just feel terrible.

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