Today I will be livestreaming the pups I work with at my doggy daycare on reddit public access! I did it briefly last week and was blown away at the viewership.

This time I will be streaming for a couple hours (until my 15 minute break) and then resume streaming for the remainder of my shift.

I don't really make much money, barely enough to cover my bills, I just do it for the love of the pups. So if you want to tip me personally or donate for new toys, you can do so on cashapp at $DoggoOverload. Please specify what it's for in the description :)

If you guys like it let me know and I will do it on a regular schedule 🐶🐕

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Feeling guilty about getting a new puppy [Help]

Some background. My current dog is 7 years old getting closer to 8. The other week my parents had me babysit their dog. Well my dog seemed so happy about having some company besides a cat. They would play outside sleep in the same room and just hang out so me and my wife thought you know maybe it would be a good idea to get a puppy so she would have someone like that permanently and by coincidence someone we knew was giving out free puppies from a litter. I went to see them and just feel guilty. I dont want my dog to think we are replacing her if we get a new puppy. We have been through a lot together so I'm sort of struggling with whether or not to actually get the new dog. Any advice?

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[DISCUSSION] Is it normal for dogs to bark at strangers, but only when the owner is present?

I adopted my dog (3 to 5yrold mixed breed, possibly part boxer and whippet but not sure) from the shelter in November of last year and a few weeks after she settled in, she began to growl and bark when she heard or saw people through the window outside my townhome. I live on a busy street and have neighbors with loud children who are outside a lot, so it has become a pretty regular thing.

I have a camera facing my living room, and when I'm gone running errands she just sits on the sofa and stares at the door until I return. (I've even left her food, which she's obsessed with, but she won't touch it until I return.) But something interesting I noticed is that she never barks or growls at noises when I'm not home... It seems like the only time she does it is when I am there. I've gone through my camera footage and never once seen her barking and running to the door like she does when I'm home and she hears noises.

Is this basically a defense thing? She's protecting me as the pack leader from potential threats? It just seems pretty bizarre to me that she doesn't pay the noise any attention whatsoever when I'm gone, but when I'm there even the smallest sounds can set her off and make the hair on her back raise up.

Just looking to see if this is normal or maybe even a breed-specific trait.

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[HELP] My puppy plays too rough wit my kitten sometimes. Should I do something?

both of them roughly 2 months old and they get along quite well. They sleep togather and kitten loves to play with puppy. But sometimes puppy gets too exited and bites or even shakes the cat like a chew toy. It hurts the kitten and she even screams but after 10 seconds she contunies to play like nothing happend. What should I do ? Is this normal?

sorry for my english and thank you.

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