Arab Beauty Pageant – Transexual Beauty Contest – Diana Torres Miss Universe

No state can match the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, our beaches and farms, or the mountains of Western Maryland, the Port of Baltimore, or the historic charm of every corner of our state. Last Year Miss Universe,Men Beauty Contest

I love the fact that we are surrounded by this spectacular natural beauty that routinely strikes us dead. Hikers walk off into the woods and are never seen again. And still we tug on our fleece and skip off into the wilderness, not a care in the world. Arab Beauty Pageant, Transexual Beauty Contest

Beauty when unadorned is adorned the most. Diana Torres Miss Universe, Priyanka Chopra In Miss World Contest

Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom. Miss Contest, Miss World 2020 Top 32

Is there any nation on earth that has more natural attractions, from the scenic coastal towns of Maine to the volcanic islands of Hawaii and the natural beauty of our majestic national parks? Missosology Miss Earth, Miss World 2020 Anukreethy Vas

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