Does my puppy know tomorrow is Monday?

My 8 month old Labradoodle is just a happy dog almost all of the time. Today we have hung out, went for an awesome morning walk, and then this evening I took her out and she was just off. Acting weird, didn’t want to interact with any dogs, wasn’t really interested in anything other than chasing her ball. When we got home, she had her dinner, and I started on meal prep for the week. She sat there watching me and then just started whining. Her whole demeanour changed and for the last 4 hours she has been so incredibly needy, wanting to cuddle and fall asleep with her chin resting in my hand rather than over in her crate like she normally does. Even when I told her it was bedtime she slumped her way down the stairs as if she was really upset about something.

The only possible thing I can think of is that she worked it out at the park that this was her ‘Sunday evening tire-out’ run and that it meant Monday is her alone day in the house, and the start of the working week where I’m out.

Anyone found something similar?

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[Help] How do I stop my American Bulldog from barking at me while playing?

Greetings r/dogs!

First time owner of an American Bulldog (Martha), and dogs in general.

Martha's currently 4 months old, and about 8kg. If there's a way I can describe her, she's a very quiet, non-aggressive dog, as far as her time inside the house has been.

My only problem with her is that whenever I decide that we're done playing (about 10 to 20 minutes) she starts barking at my feet. This scares me since we have children in the house, and they might react wrongly, causing Martha to do something unexpected of her.

Regarding play time, we usually keep her out for most of the day, except when she sleeps, or when we have no one to watch over her.

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I wore a short sleeve shirt today was told it looks like I’m self harming.

My 15 week GSD puppy has been driving me absolutely insane for the last week with her biting. In nearly every way she has been such a fantastic dog since I got her, settles at night, toilet training was a breeze and she has learnt commands easily, but I'm getting seriously frustrated and a bit depressed with her biting.

I read so much about bite inhibition before I got her and at first worked on "ow" and redirecting with toys or chew toys and she was going super well, I'd get the occasional bite which was usually towards the end of playtime and I'd put her down for a nap. The "ow" slowly stopped working so I began ignoring her and leaving the room when she'd bite and say "no bite". This has varying levels of success, it takes a few times before she stops biting.

She has now taken to attacking my legs or arms and being very vocal whenever she wants to initiate play and if I try to walk away she will get a pretty good grip on my leg or foot, making it pretty difficult to get away without picking her up, which obviously won't be an option soon. Also sometimes as she walks past me she will just randomly bite me and keep walking.

I just don't know what to do, she's seriously regressed on this and it's just absolute hell. I was fully prepared to own a GSD and I give her heaps of mental stimulation, take her on daily adventures and have lots of different chew toys for her but I think I underestimated the teething phase.

I know it gets better, I just don't know how I'm going to deal with this for another four months, especially if it stays at the level it's at now.

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[help] My dog who sleeps with me wakes me up through the night.

She’s small in size, but wow, her bed presence is prominent. She’s half shih-tzu, half Pomeranian. Sweetest little thing ever; however, she keeps me up at night.

On average, I wake up at least 4-6 times. She’s a bed tosser. She goes from sleeping by my feet, to my pillow, to between my legs, to my stomach, to my chest, etc. Also! She licks my armpits, ears, and toes!!!

I live in a studio, and she HAAATES and refuses to sleep on the floor. She keeps me up even more when I don’t bring her on the bed. She whines, cries, scratches, jumps, etc. for hours on end, and it makes me feel terribly guilty. I love her being on the bed, I just don’t know why she’s so restless sometimes. She doesn’t have attachment issues throughout the day, but it’s only at night where she NEEDS to be near me or touching a body part.

Temperature wise, the room is always at around 55 degrees, and I freeze water bottles for her everyday which she snuggles against, but then gets too cold and comes on my body.

What can I do?

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I hate my dog (read details)

So dogs are great. I own two, and contrary to the title, I love them. I have a black lab, aged 10 pushing 11, and a beagle, aged 11 pushing 12. Based on that, which dog do you think gives me problems?

You most likely chose right, the beagle. I “affectionately” call him “little jerk.” This asshole barks at everything, and I mean everything. Windy day? Bark at the wind. Car driving down the road not even connected to the house? Bark. Putting the kids down for naps? Gotta bark at shadows that I didn’t bark at for A HUNDRED MILLION HOURS PRIOR EVEN THOUGH IVE SEEN THEM BEFORE.”

It’s not a even just the barking...he’s just a natural asshole. When we put food out for both, he turns his nose at his food but will GLADLY and honestly MALICIOUSLY eat his sister’s food, even though it is the EXACT SAME THING!

I have to fight with both of them to keep them away from our kids when our kids are eating, and this mother fucker thinks he is sneaky. He moves every few minutes trying to get closer to snatch up something.

Also, he snores very loud.......

I love my dogs, but dammit if this guy doesn’t frustrate me a lot.

Do any of you truthfully have a dog that frustrates you?


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[Help] No hate please

I'm going to say this again: please no hate

My aunt has a dog that is aggressive. He is very scared around everything and because of that, he gets extremely aggressive. He's a good dog to the people he knows but is still very timid.

He'll be two in April and he's already bitten four people (two of them were kids). Two out of the four times, he had broken skin and drew blood.

He needs help or needs to be put down... my aunt can't afford to hire a behaviorist (also please no hate right here either). She doesn't want to rehome him to just anybody (obvious reasons), and he'd probably be used as a fighting dog, since he is considered to be a "pit bull."

She doesn't know where to go from here. She is located in Montana, US... in case there are any rescues or shelters (no kill) that take in aggressive dogs with a bite history.

Please let me know what should be done.

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