We had a breakthrough!!!

It started out as any other day. Wake up, potty, breakfast, immediately chomp on a squeaky toy while I’m trying to have coffee and reorient myself to the world.

And then it was time for a walk. Our pup is a 7 month old miniature Aussie. Basically, he’s full of energy and curiosity. We step out of the house and begin our 2 mile loop... and it was peaceful. He did not pull, he did not bark at anyone/anything (if you own an Aussie you understand how vocal they can be), and he didn’t try to herd me. I was in HEAVEN. He ignored trash on the ground, kids screaming on the playground, and other dogs. He stopped at my heel when I stopped, often looked at me for reassurance, and received quiet pats from a few people walking past. He got so many treats.

His reward was a off-leash game of fetch in a fenced in park near our home. I know there will be more challenging days, but this gave me so much hope. :)

puppy taxpuppy tax

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