[Help] My 8 month old German shepherd has recently (over the past few month) began only listening to my husband and not to me

He’s a sweet dog with no major problems (biting, going to the bathroom indoors) but will tear around the house like crazy, knocking over my senior dog and refusing to go outside or kennel when I tell him too. He’s too big to forcefully take him either of those planes to calm down. He’s a mostly inside, crate trained dog, and free to go into our fenced backyard whenever he wants. I’m home with him the majority of the day and he’s starting to really stress me out with this behavior. When my husband comes home he’s as calm as can be. I thought about just starting over with basic commands again, but he listens when he is calm. How do I get his attention and make him listen when he’s in one of his hyper moods? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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