[Help] need help rehoming a dog fast

I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but i need help asap.

My girlfriend's dog is under the care of her grandfather and his wife while she's at school. The dog is an 11 years old, 90 pound catahoula leopard dog. He has hip problems and is territorial. Someone was doing work in their front drive, he got out, and when the person doing work for them opened their fence gate to get him back inside the dog grabbed him by the pant leg and tore his jeans.

This is not the first incident of him being territorial. A few years ago someone entered the home unannounced (a stranger) and got bit. Her grandfather's wife has been looking for an excuse to put him down ever since, and i can confirm this because the first time i met them and the dog, she bragged about wanting to put him down.

They are scheduled to put him down on Monday. I need help. He is a very sweet dog, just suspicious of new people and strangers in his house. They are in Chaffee county, Colorado. I do not have the capacity to take him while we look for a shelter that may take him, but I am reaching out to those in the area as well as colorado as a whole. If anyone knows anyone who would be willing to take him, please reach out to me.

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