[Discussion] My dog won’t play inside

I just brought home my golden retriever puppy a week ago. I bought her from an Amish family and I live in the city so she is not used to our elevators and big doorways. I didn’t know this but apparently Amish people in Pennsylvania are known for breeding dogs. Whatever, she only acts really playful when we’re outside but she doesn’t like exploring our apartment. She really only stays in the living room and will only go in the bedroom or bathroom if we pick her up and take her with us. It’s ok for now but when she gets bigger it’ll get annoying. Also, I don’t want her only exercise to be on our walks. She’s not crazy about treats/food or toys. She only plays with one of her toys and only if we put it in front of her, she won’t go fetch it so I don’t know how to incentivize her to go in the bedroom or bathroom.

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