[HELP] My old lady can no longer walk on hardwood floors, so I covered my floors with interlocking rubber mats. My floors look like what one would expect to see in a preschool or mental institution. Is there a more aesthetically pleasing alternative?

My 12-year-old, 62 pound, lady is struggling. She has advanced hip dysplasia (inoperable) and really struggles with hardwood floors (which cover 100% of my house). She had two slip & falls on the hardwood about three years ago, and after the second fall, I covered all my hardwood flooring with those interlocking rubber mats you see at gyms. The problem is that the mats are...unsightly.

I even bought the mats that are printed to look exactly like my hardwood flooring, but they're still very ugly. Carpets didn't work because there were still gaps between carpets, and stitching carpets together actually looked worse than the mats. Whenever I have guests over, I have to explain why my house is covered in 1/2" thick rubber mats.

Has anyone found a workaround to this kind of problem? I'll happily stick with the mats if need be, but I'm hoping someone here has a better idea. Cost is not an issue.

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