[Help] A mother and her lost pups. Would a brief reunion be cruel?

This is my first dog and I want to do right by her mentally so I’m looking for some advice.

My partner and I rescued our amazing-but-clearly-traumatized 5 year old pup about 2 years ago and have smothered her with love and snacks ever since. She came to us from a bad situation where we knew of one litter of 13 puppies she had, the day after being rescued from her hell hole. We have since introduced her to dogs big and small, and she is TERRIFIED of all of them, pulling/running away and doing her best to ignore them.

Thanks to her amazing rescue team all of her pups were long ago adopted into loving homes and are thriving. Just this month the rescue team created a FB group with all the adopters and we now know the location of all 13 pups, and have an avenue for contacting the owners.

My question is, even if we could only physically reach two of her pups (on separate occasions) should we plan a meeting to reunite them? Or would a brief reunion be cruel? I don’t know if/how dogs recognize each other or how they would process that situation, but my basic logic is, as a human, I would want even one chance to see my kid again. As a dog, does she have the mental capacity to recognize them and understand that it is a visit, or would it be re-traumatizing to take them away from each other for a second time after reuniting?

Note: her pups are too far to make regular visits feasible.

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