Upset about people not controlling their dogs [vent]

I have my three on a lead and they’re very well behaved and walk well. One of my girls is very nervous of other dogs, this guy walks the same route at the same time as me so I’ve seen him a few times, he always has his dog off lead... my dog freaks out and his dog won’t leave her alone and won’t leave my other girls alone even though it’s friendly... my girls are getting stressed out and I always stand still and wait for him to pass or rush past him quickly with the girls...

Today I just got really frustrated at him not controlling his dog or telling it to back off because my dog is very obviously frightened and has her tail between her legs etc... I even said she’s nervous and he wouldn’t get his dog off mine.

I started lowering my voice at his dog and made shooing motions and said: “leave it!” And “leave!” In a very scolding voice at his dog and it finally backed off. The man suddenly rushes at me and screams at my face: “you don’t tell my dog what to do, how dare you do that! Why are you shouting at my dog you idiot blah blah blah, you don’t control my dog! I do!” and I was just overwhelmed and I managed to shout back: “I can control your dog and I will control it! Mine are nervous and you need to control your dog!” And he just stormed past me. I feel shaken because he seemed really angry and looked like he wanted to punch me... I’m so upset and my mental health has gone down a lot today and I feel so angry and confused and I don’t know if I’m just being horrible or if he was in the wrong and I’m just really upset.

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