[Help] Any advice on how to entice an **extremely** picky eater?

My dog is an 11yr old husky mix that's always weighed 30-something lbs. He currently eats purina salmon & rice for sensitive skin & stomach.

He has always always always been the pickiest damn eater I've ever met for a dog. The only time he was ever a good eater was when I moved back with my mom for a few years where he & his 2 "big brothers" (huge dogs but younger than him) all ate together. He actually got to the point where he'd clean their bowls.

Before that we lived with my roommate and her 2 dogs for years & he barely ever touched his food. But he was still a healthy body weight.

Now my husband and I have moved with him to Texas & he's doing the exact same thing again. I know that dogs will eat when they're hungry - but dear lord. I get him to eat a full meal like once every other day, if that. The other days it's barely half.

We do also only leave his food down for about 15-20minutes and then take it away so he realizes he gets his food on a scheduled time.

The reason I'm so concerned now is because he's dropped into the "underweight" category at the vet. He lost 3lbs in 6months (while not trying to have him lose weight)

Does anyone else have this or had this problem? If so could you please share how you were able to help your dog eat more??

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