[Discussion] MDR1 gene and hereditary cataracts added to diseases to test for on paw print for all sizes of poodle.

Hello everyone,

Recently, pawprint genetics, a company that is used to test dogs for an array of genetic diseases, added two exams recommended to poodles.

The first of the two, hereditary cataracts, is NOT the one I’m going to talk about today.

MDR1, on the other hand, is most common in the following breeds/crosses.

Those of us that are breed savvy will notice this is common in herding breeds.

MDR1 is a deadly gene that can kill dogs when exposed to certain medications.

Obviously, we don’t want it in our breed.

We believe that it’s from crossing in herding breeds—all for the color merle, which we know does NOT occur naturally in poodles.

So before you buy a dog from someone that has merle poodles or is just doodling for color—remember the negative impact that it could have on the dogs and the breed as a whole.

There IS a silver lining! We can now test for this damned gene and know who’s lines were crossed at one point, and breed it out.

Thanks for reading, and as always—support our ethical breeders.

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