[Help] Puppy of 7 months has had diarrhea and stomach issues ever since he was little, stops for a while when we get him new food, but always comes back. What to do?

I got my dog in September of last year. He is 7 months old now. Ever since we got him his poop has been soft and diarrhea-y. No blood ever came out or anything, just soft poop. There are times where it goes normal, usually when we get him new food, but he doesn't like eating the food we give him (he insists on getting treats instead.) So isn't getting better. Our vet hasn't really given us any guidance on what to do? Is this something I should be worried about, or are some dogs just more prone to diarrhea/stomach issues? How can I make it stop? It's taxing for me and my mother to clean it up all of the time, especially when it gets in the house from him stepping on it. Thanks for reading.

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