[Discussion]Limiting walking time for big dogs

My friend recently got a shepherd mix (I don't know the exact make-up, but I believe there are some big dog genes in him like St Bernard, he is 65 lbs at ~7 months).

They told me that they walk him *every couple of days* and I was blown away. My family walks my GSD mix 3 times a day, with at least one large walk and the other two being relatively small. They said that it was recommended to walk big dogs less as a puppy/young adult to avoid hip and joint deterioration.

Is this valid? Is it appropriate that they walk their dog so infrequently? I think the dog is in the backyard or in the house the rest of the time. I am just mind blown that you could *not* walk your dog every day.

Can r/dogs kindly guide me to some resources on this topic or provide your insights? Thanks.

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