[Fluff] What articles would be in a doggy newspaper?

My boyfriend and I have spent the last half an hour coming up with funny articles that'd come up in a newspaper aimed at dogs (which I assume would be called 'Pee Today' , 'The Daily Growl' or 'Cosmopawlitan').

I wondered if anyone else had some funny article names?

Our favourites are below!

  • This weeks pull out supplement - 'treats' how small is too small?
  • How to know if your owner is holding out on you: What's in the fridge?!
  • 'Cat's' - what do they know and how do we catch them
  • What your bark says about you - full article on page 6
  • Why that bitch isn't sniffing your butt
  • Leads - why biting them is the latest trend
  • The hidden nutrients in the festering ground water in your garden
  • PUP INSIDER: The real reason they don't want you peeing in the house
  • House Plants - What do they want and how to eat them
  • 'Yelping' - a puppy's guide to be dramatic AF
  • Puppy Dog eyes - overrated or reliable asset?
  • Why we deserve treats EVERY TIME

Can't wait to see some other ideas to cheer up a Wednesday afternoon!

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