[Help] Dog doesn’t like dog food

My terrier-mix is not a fan of dog food. He'll leave it in his bowl all day and only eats when he absolutely needs to. I feed him twice a day, but sometimes he just won't eat.

I've tried different brands from nutro, hills, iams, blue buffalo, more that i cant even remember. My mother has also tried feeding him the cheapest of the cheap kibble found at grocery stores.

I've tried giving him canned food, pouring gravy and broth over dry food...and he's just not impressed.

Oh, but CAT food? He LOVES cat food. Obviously that's not part of his diet. He'd steal it from my cats when i first brought him home, but the bowl is out of his reach so that's not an issue. I've even tried giving him food that's flavored like the cat food and he didn't like it at all.

I've already spoken to my vet about this issue, and he only re-explained what I know/do and didn't really offer solutions.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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