[Help] Anyone else have experience with sudden life changes while also caring for a dog?

My job and relationship situation has changed really drastically. I might have to move to a different city soon, which means that I would not know anyone who could help me take care of my dog. I also just went through a breakup and my partner was the one who worked at home and spent time with my dog and took her out during the day. I'm feeling really blindsided by all of this and am extremely worried about being a good dog owner now that I don't have help or regular hours during the day. And when the pandemic is over, I will be in a city with no friends and am worried about ever having the ability to socialize since I'd be single and working. Money-wise I'm fine, but I'm just worried about the time.

My dog is 3 years old and is medium energy. She definitely has some separation anxiety.

The only job I've been able to find would start in a few weeks and would require me to work really irregular hours (some long nights, some traveling). I love my dog so much and want to provide the best life for her, but I'm overwhelmed because of how much has changed. Has anyone else gone through a similar situation and made it through? Is the only good solution to rehome my dog?

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