I wore a short sleeve shirt today was told it looks like I’m self harming.

My 15 week GSD puppy has been driving me absolutely insane for the last week with her biting. In nearly every way she has been such a fantastic dog since I got her, settles at night, toilet training was a breeze and she has learnt commands easily, but I'm getting seriously frustrated and a bit depressed with her biting.

I read so much about bite inhibition before I got her and at first worked on "ow" and redirecting with toys or chew toys and she was going super well, I'd get the occasional bite which was usually towards the end of playtime and I'd put her down for a nap. The "ow" slowly stopped working so I began ignoring her and leaving the room when she'd bite and say "no bite". This has varying levels of success, it takes a few times before she stops biting.

She has now taken to attacking my legs or arms and being very vocal whenever she wants to initiate play and if I try to walk away she will get a pretty good grip on my leg or foot, making it pretty difficult to get away without picking her up, which obviously won't be an option soon. Also sometimes as she walks past me she will just randomly bite me and keep walking.

I just don't know what to do, she's seriously regressed on this and it's just absolute hell. I was fully prepared to own a GSD and I give her heaps of mental stimulation, take her on daily adventures and have lots of different chew toys for her but I think I underestimated the teething phase.

I know it gets better, I just don't know how I'm going to deal with this for another four months, especially if it stays at the level it's at now.

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