Does my puppy know tomorrow is Monday?

My 8 month old Labradoodle is just a happy dog almost all of the time. Today we have hung out, went for an awesome morning walk, and then this evening I took her out and she was just off. Acting weird, didn’t want to interact with any dogs, wasn’t really interested in anything other than chasing her ball. When we got home, she had her dinner, and I started on meal prep for the week. She sat there watching me and then just started whining. Her whole demeanour changed and for the last 4 hours she has been so incredibly needy, wanting to cuddle and fall asleep with her chin resting in my hand rather than over in her crate like she normally does. Even when I told her it was bedtime she slumped her way down the stairs as if she was really upset about something.

The only possible thing I can think of is that she worked it out at the park that this was her ‘Sunday evening tire-out’ run and that it meant Monday is her alone day in the house, and the start of the working week where I’m out.

Anyone found something similar?

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