[help] need advice on whether I should get this dog

Puppy mills = no. I hate them.

I thought to get a dog you’d pay like 500$ at a dog shop for a cute dog and that’s it. It’s not. There are a few different ways of getting a dog.

Buying from a good breeder, Adoption , Classfields, Pet shops

Now. Adoption is the best option. But not for us. We tried fostering one. We couldn’t because of allergies. All the dogs at the foster were breed mixes. Searched for 2 months, 3 shelters, no hypoallergenic breed mix. Where we live you don’t find purebred dogs at shelters. You never will. We can’t do adoption. That’s really sad.

Then there is buying a dog from a breeder. But where we live, not city, or region, but the entire country, there are no reputable breeders. Literally. You can get a breeder to import, but a good breeder would never import to a random stranger. We’d have to go see the dog. What are we gonna do? Travel to a different country to see a dog? I highly doubt that. If we are allergic and the dog was imported to us how do we give it back?

Classfields. No. Just no.

And then, pet shops. Almost all pet shops dog come from puppy mills. I say almost because my mom had a Yorkshire terrier, who was from a pet shop and not puppy mill. He lived until 18. Happy and healthy.

Basically, pet shops are the only way for us to get a dog.

Now, there is this Havanese, 2.5 months, home bred, they say it’s healthy, with passport, microchip and vaccinations done. Most pet shops would want to make money and give a way a dog as soon as possible. But this pet shop let us try for 3 days to see if we had allergies. No other pet shops did that. The prices of a dog where I live are ridiculously high. Like for example, a mini poodle usually costs 1200-1500, which is apparently “expensive”. But where I live (it’s a different currency so this is translated) it’s about 4500$. You won’t find anything under 2500. But, this puppy was fair priced.

My parents said that getting a dog that may come from a puppy mill isn’t gonna be more sick, or more unhealthy than getting a dog at an adoption. They make a fair point. Unfortunately, everyone who gets a dog here where I live must’ve gotten it like this.

So? Should I do it? Should I try?

Thanks for reading. GBYA.

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