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We gave up on crate training

And it was the best decision we could have made!

As a disclaimer: I have nothing against those who do crate their puppies/dogs. It definitely has its benefits and can be very helpful for some people.

We tried everything we were supposed to do. Gave treats and food in the crate, comfy bed, heating pad, snuggle puppy with a heartbeat, a dark sheet to cover it, calming music and the fan on. But we could only get him to sleep for 30 minutes at a time in the crate, and that was only if one of us was there to comfort him until he fell asleep. Now we just plop him down in our bed, close the door and leave. And he will actually nap for 2 hours or more!

Yes there are downsides to having our puppy sleep in the bed, and hopefully it won’t be forever. But for now I’m fine with the odd kick in the face or having to frequently change my bedding if it means everyone is happier and sleeping better.

Crate training was making us hate our puppy, and making my partner and I hate each other. And after talking to friends who have raised puppies, they all had the same experience with crate training and quickly stopped it. We finally realized the only reason we were even doing it was because we felt like we had to. With the way our kitchen is set up, it’s easy to keep him penned off in there if we are not home, and we really don’t mind sharing our bed if it makes him comfortable.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that crate training is not for everyone. And if you’re really struggling with it, consider if it’s what you really want to do or is it just peer pressure. Not crating your puppy does not make you a bad owner and you should not feel guilty for it! It took me a few days to really accept that, but since I have I’ve been so much happier and I’m enjoying my puppy a lot more.

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[Help] My dog gets "attacked" at the dog park.

It used to be that one or 2 dogs will keep following my dog around and keep sniffing his butt or barking at him. Today was bad. We went to the park and before we even get inside one of the dogs is already barking at my dog through the fence. As soon as I opened the gate 3 or 4 dogs ran over to my dog cornered him and was growling and barking at him. I had to "kick" one of the dogs away from him cause I thought he was gonna bite my dog. The other dog owners didn't even try to remove their dog just repeatedly called their dogs back but no success. When I finally was able to leash my dog again I left and checked him for any injury outside the park. Nobody said sorry or even asked if my dog was ok.

My dog has always been a scaredy-cat so he'll usually just mind his own business at the park and follow me around. Do other dogs sense this and think that they can "bully" him around or something? My dog is never the aggressor since he always sticks close to me and he gets approached by other dogs that seem to not want to leave him alone. I wanna make sure that it's not my dog that's the problem.

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German Shepherd turning 8months

I need your advice. Please. Help a girl out.

My German shepherd is turning 8 months old in four days. Her whole personality and attitude changed when she 6 months old.

•When we walk, she would walk circling around, like she would walk from the left side, and then go behind me and then go to the right side, and go in front of me and then the whole thing just cycles.

•When I feed her she doesn’t eat without playing. It sometimes takes me half an hour to feed her.

•She seems to have forgotten her name because when I call for her on the times I let her go off-leash (we have a very long driveway and we have no neighbors, we’re also very far from the actual street) she doesn’t even look. It’s like she just turns off her ears.

•Always, and I mean always, plays very roughly.

And I’m asking for advice because I just lost my composure with her a while ago. I know it was wrong, but I shouted at her and I pulled on her leash strongly so she returns to my left side to walk.

I also know that it’s just her going through her “rebellious” phase. But I need people’s opinions and advice on this. I’m in a very stressful situation right now; I just lost my job a week ago, my younger brother hasn’t paid his tuition yet, and here in the Philippines, money is very tight. I’m stressing about how to make ends meet for at least until August (I have rescued dogs and cats too) so I hope you understand why I lashed out.

When we got home from our walk, I sat her down on the sofa and I was just apologizing for acting out on her. It’s dumb but I just know I owed her an apology (my soft ass) I didn’t like that I shouted and was aggressive on her.

I’ve had a German shepherd before and that one was very obedient and I never had a problem with her. I just don’t know where I went wrong with this one now. I got her when she was 3 months old.

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[Help] What to do when you have a dog that bites and has sent multiple people to the hospital

I have an 8 year old corgi that has had some behavior issues. He's usually great with people, friendly, and a great dog until he tore his ccl. We had surgery on one knee. A year later the 2nd one tore but it healed on it's own and was not as severe. I've had him on joint supplements since. I think he's been in pain ever since. He's bitten multiple people including me, my mom, dad and my brother and today my ex. I was bit pretty badly back in October of last year. I've only seen him a couple of times since then because honestly I'm afraid of getting bit again. I had to move and couldn't keep them with me up until a week ago. I've been working up the courage to take him back for a bit and then he ends up biting my ex. He's got this canine that was chipped a long time ago and it's sharp so it's like being stabbed by a little knife. What scared me is that he didn't want to let go when he bit me.

When these incidents happen, it's usually because someone else is being aggressive and he joins in, or his boundaries are pushed. The severe bites have been from when my dad accidently tripped and fell on him, and when my dad and I were arguing loudly and he got involved.

What I've done is talk to my vet and I've also consulted a trainer who also has trained corgis most of her life. When I got bit, she suggested a calming med. My vet has been trying a pain regimen because I think he's in pain. She kind of feels like it's behavior and needs meds and training but that was the next step. I really didn't expect him to bite someone again, especially his owner.

I honestly don't know what to do, but I'm really fearful of my dog. I was just put on disability and this is just too much. I'm waiting to hear back from my ex to hear why the dog bit him and what he wants to do. He might want to put him down.

I honestly don't know what to do and any advice would be great.

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Scratching dog, leading to hair looks around mouth[discussion] [advice]

Hey y’all! My dog has been scratching her mouth for a couple years. This has led to loss of hair around her mouth, leaving the skin rough and bumpy. She scratches after consumptions of treats of meals. Usually for 15 seconds, using her front paws. She’s been given different antibiotics in the past, but that hasn’t reduced her scratching. Comment medicines I should give her to reduce the scratching, or improve hair growth around the mouth.

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I got a puppy and now I regret it???

Hi, I was wondering if I could maybe get a bit of help from the people here on a little situation I'm in?

So ever since I was 6, I have been begging my parents for a puppy and now that I'm 16, my parents decided to gift me with my very own Jack Russell Spaniel mix. I thought I was going to feel a rush of happy emotions and love and all that, but it's only been the first week and I already feel overwhelmed and unfortunately, regret.

I did so much research prior to getting a puppy and I thought I was educated enough to be able to take care of one by myself but boy was I wrong. This first week was an absolute nightmare with the constant biting, crying and the occasional accident. I don't even remember the last time I got a full night's sleep and I'm pretty sure I'm actually starting to lose weight because of the stress.

I tried taking care of this puppy by myself because I wanted to show everyone that I was capable of doing so but after he took a piss on the entry rug on the 6th day, I literally had a complete meltdown from bottling up weeks worth of emotions and cried for the entire night. I just feel like getting this puppy was a mistake and that my parents were right - I wasn't ready for a puppy. I don't want to give up yet because that would just mean that I can't handle a big life decision like this, but I also feel like I just ruined my life and my parent's life too by bringing a chaotic puppy into our calm home :((

Idk, I would appreciate some advice on how to not feel these negative emotions towards my puppy so I can convince myself that this puppy was not a mistake. He's so smart and cute but such a pain in my ass. Lmao I also kinda feel like this is similar to post-partum depression but like am I being too dramatic because this is literally just a puppy?

Btw this is my second time using Reddit so I have no idea what I'm doing lol

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