[DISCUSSION] How we get my elderly dog to eat her food!

So my boxer dog Roxy is almost 10 years old, and her appetite is going down as she gets older, but we've finally figured out how to get her to eat all her food relatively quick! Just figured I'd share just in case someone is looking for advice.

- We have to give her kibble, since she has a prescription food. Her teeth aren't in very good shape, so she has a hard time chewing. I pour ~1/2 cup of unsalted chicken stock (no onions or seasonings) in her food and let it sit for a while, so the food soaks up the liquid and gets softer.

- After the food has soaked for a while, I mix in a spoonful or two of wet food; I think it's Purina Beneful. It's just for added flavor, to make it more appetizing.

- If we've had meat for dinner recently and we have some left over, I'll cut some into really small pieces and mix that in too, as long as it's not too heavily seasoned. Again, just to make it tastier.

- She gets a small treat before her food, then I give her the food in her kennel (she likes being in the kennel, and she can't eat outside or else my other dog will eat her food) and just sit in front of the kennel with her. I'll just read a book or something since she does take a little while to eat, but I'll encourage her to eat her food and praise her when she does. Sitting with her is important because she doesn't like to eat alone. Some dogs are fine with eating alone and some just entirely won't, it depends on the dog.

- I replace her water frequently while she eats. She's a boxer, so she drools a ton, and food gets stuck in her jowls, so the water gets really gross after she drinks from it a couple times, so I make sure to keep a close eye on her water since she won't eat without a nice cold drink.

- When she's finally eaten all her food, she gets lots of praise. I let her out of the kennel and give her lots of pets and butt scratches (her favorite haha), then we go cuddle on the couch for a little while since she loves cuddling. This part is important too since I want to communicate with her that eating all her food is good and gets her lots of loving.

I hope this helps somebody! I just wanted to put it out there in case anyone is struggling to get their dog to eat. <3 <3 <3

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[Help] A mother and her lost pups. Would a brief reunion be cruel?

This is my first dog and I want to do right by her mentally so I’m looking for some advice.

My partner and I rescued our amazing-but-clearly-traumatized 5 year old pup about 2 years ago and have smothered her with love and snacks ever since. She came to us from a bad situation where we knew of one litter of 13 puppies she had, the day after being rescued from her hell hole. We have since introduced her to dogs big and small, and she is TERRIFIED of all of them, pulling/running away and doing her best to ignore them.

Thanks to her amazing rescue team all of her pups were long ago adopted into loving homes and are thriving. Just this month the rescue team created a FB group with all the adopters and we now know the location of all 13 pups, and have an avenue for contacting the owners.

My question is, even if we could only physically reach two of her pups (on separate occasions) should we plan a meeting to reunite them? Or would a brief reunion be cruel? I don’t know if/how dogs recognize each other or how they would process that situation, but my basic logic is, as a human, I would want even one chance to see my kid again. As a dog, does she have the mental capacity to recognize them and understand that it is a visit, or would it be re-traumatizing to take them away from each other for a second time after reuniting?

Note: her pups are too far to make regular visits feasible.

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[HELP] My old lady can no longer walk on hardwood floors, so I covered my floors with interlocking rubber mats. My floors look like what one would expect to see in a preschool or mental institution. Is there a more aesthetically pleasing alternative?

My 12-year-old, 62 pound, lady is struggling. She has advanced hip dysplasia (inoperable) and really struggles with hardwood floors (which cover 100% of my house). She had two slip & falls on the hardwood about three years ago, and after the second fall, I covered all my hardwood flooring with those interlocking rubber mats you see at gyms. The problem is that the mats are...unsightly.

I even bought the mats that are printed to look exactly like my hardwood flooring, but they're still very ugly. Carpets didn't work because there were still gaps between carpets, and stitching carpets together actually looked worse than the mats. Whenever I have guests over, I have to explain why my house is covered in 1/2" thick rubber mats.

Has anyone found a workaround to this kind of problem? I'll happily stick with the mats if need be, but I'm hoping someone here has a better idea. Cost is not an issue.

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We had a breakthrough!!!

It started out as any other day. Wake up, potty, breakfast, immediately chomp on a squeaky toy while I’m trying to have coffee and reorient myself to the world.

And then it was time for a walk. Our pup is a 7 month old miniature Aussie. Basically, he’s full of energy and curiosity. We step out of the house and begin our 2 mile loop... and it was peaceful. He did not pull, he did not bark at anyone/anything (if you own an Aussie you understand how vocal they can be), and he didn’t try to herd me. I was in HEAVEN. He ignored trash on the ground, kids screaming on the playground, and other dogs. He stopped at my heel when I stopped, often looked at me for reassurance, and received quiet pats from a few people walking past. He got so many treats.

His reward was a off-leash game of fetch in a fenced in park near our home. I know there will be more challenging days, but this gave me so much hope. :)

puppy taxpuppy tax

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[Discussion] My dog won’t play inside

I just brought home my golden retriever puppy a week ago. I bought her from an Amish family and I live in the city so she is not used to our elevators and big doorways. I didn’t know this but apparently Amish people in Pennsylvania are known for breeding dogs. Whatever, she only acts really playful when we’re outside but she doesn’t like exploring our apartment. She really only stays in the living room and will only go in the bedroom or bathroom if we pick her up and take her with us. It’s ok for now but when she gets bigger it’ll get annoying. Also, I don’t want her only exercise to be on our walks. She’s not crazy about treats/food or toys. She only plays with one of her toys and only if we put it in front of her, she won’t go fetch it so I don’t know how to incentivize her to go in the bedroom or bathroom.

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[Help] need help rehoming a dog fast

I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but i need help asap.

My girlfriend's dog is under the care of her grandfather and his wife while she's at school. The dog is an 11 years old, 90 pound catahoula leopard dog. He has hip problems and is territorial. Someone was doing work in their front drive, he got out, and when the person doing work for them opened their fence gate to get him back inside the dog grabbed him by the pant leg and tore his jeans.

This is not the first incident of him being territorial. A few years ago someone entered the home unannounced (a stranger) and got bit. Her grandfather's wife has been looking for an excuse to put him down ever since, and i can confirm this because the first time i met them and the dog, she bragged about wanting to put him down.

They are scheduled to put him down on Monday. I need help. He is a very sweet dog, just suspicious of new people and strangers in his house. They are in Chaffee county, Colorado. I do not have the capacity to take him while we look for a shelter that may take him, but I am reaching out to those in the area as well as colorado as a whole. If anyone knows anyone who would be willing to take him, please reach out to me.

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[Discussion] please be careful

Please don’t take any symptoms for granted. My baby started coughing like once or twice a day (or sometimes she wouldn’t even do it at all) and I thought it was normal maybe some fur was in her throat or something like that. 2 days ago she started coughing a lot more suddenly. This morning she couldn’t walk at all and a few hours later she died. The vet who came at our house before she passed said that she most probably had internal bleeding. Maybe she could’ve been saved if I didn’t take her coughs for granted. So please if you have the money(because sadly everything revolves around money) take them to the vet as soon as something is unusual. My girl was fine even just a week ago and now she’s not here anymore..

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Does my puppy like me? Or does he like me like me??

Had a very sweet moment with my otherwise rowdy lab puppy. He had just woken up from a nap & I was laying next to him in bed. He came up to lay on my arm (he was on his back because lab) & he’s looking me right in the eyes when he raises his paw (I’m bracing for the worst) & I swear he slowly & gently brushed a strand of hair away from my face. It was the cutest thing & I got teary eyed. He’s now currently fighting me to keep bitting my pillow but moments like that make everything else so worth it.

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