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Puppy Blues, 1 Month On

Hi everyone! So a month ago, almost to the day, I made a post about being deep in the puppy blues and trying to find my way through it. Tonight my partner and I were talking about Pup and saying absentmindedly “do you remember when …” in reference to his behaviour and our experiences. Do we remember?? It was a matter of weeks ago but it feels like a lifetime.

Apollo turned 16 weeks old yesterday. It’s like we blinked and he turned from a little potato into an actual dog, and we turned back into actual humans and not exhausted piles of depressed goo.

Biggest changes:

  • He sleeps through the night. We got there by slowly tapering off the night time toilet breaks. At first it was bed at 11, toilet at 2 + 4, up at 7. Then the next week bed at 11, toilet at 3, up at 7. Then the next, toilet at 4. Then no toilet breaks. Now he sleeps 22.30-7.30.

  • He settles for naps. We have a crate cover but we always kept one side open to see him. He was beginning to refuse to settle, but we noticed once we were out of the room he calmed down. So we started putting all the sides down on the cover so he was closed in and couldn’t see us and now he naps reliably.

  • The Biting is much better. He mouths our hands and fingers very softly now and doesn’t go for our shoes and ankles (most of the time. If he gets overexcited he goes for our trouser legs). We still have an issue with him hanging on to our sleeves, especially in the middle of play. It’s impossible to walk away from him because he has a vice grip. He doesn’t do it to skin, only clothes, but it’s very cold out right now I need to wear a coat! I also put my hair in plaits today and he decided that was the most exciting new chew toy. We’ve still a ways to go on that front but it’s better!

  • Toilet trained...ish. We’re down to about 1 or 2 pee accidents every other day. He signals really nicely most times, others he’ll just stop in his tracks and decide, yes, this rug will do. We’ve got pretty good at reading him, and to put him outside immediately after an ice cube treat!!

  • He gets to go for walks now! This has brought a whole new bunch of issues. He doesn’t pull too too much, unless we’re just leaving the building or coming back in. But boy does he zig zag. And Eats. Everything. No treat is more interesting than that pile of bird poop, or gross bag of something, or some mystery mouldy food. We need to really focus on his Leave it and Drop it training.

  • Socialisation to the extreme! He loves other people and dogs, a little too much, we need to work on him keeping all four paws on the ground now. But I think our early positive experiences have paid off here. When he was still waiting on his final vaccines, we carried him out and around the building. Sees a dog 30ft away? Treat. Hears a car? Treat. Sees a person? Treat. We literally sat in the reception of our apartment complex (away from anyone) and let him watch the world go by and got treats for it. He’s been really brave but also very sweet and gentle with everyone he meets since.

The biggest change has been his schedule. We were originally sticking to the recommended 1 hour up 2 hours down and it was going ok but was starting to fall apart. We work from home, and have lots of meetings and deadlines. We were finding it difficult to get him to settle in time and it was getting stressful, it’s hard when you’re looking at your watch thinking, I have a meeting in 10 minutes, I haven’t had lunch, I can tell he needs to pee but won’t and now he has the zoomies. So we slowly changed up his timings to be closer to 2 hours up 3 hours down and now we can get a full work day done!

7.30: Wake up. Toilet

8-8.30: play, fetch/ tug, training session.

8.30-9: breakfast in a puzzle ball/Kong/snuffle mat

9 : We start work, he goes to bed.

9-12: Sleep. Toilet break around 10.30 if he grumbles.

12: Wake up. Toilet

12-12.30/13.00: walk to the park/around local rivers/neighbourhood. Lots of play and training and meeting other dogs.

13.00: Return home, he rests, we eat lunch and return to work

13.30: Lunch in a puzzle ball/Kong/snuffle mat

13.30-14.00: Toilet. Bed.

14.00-16.30/17.00: Sleep, toilet break around 15.30

16.30/17.00: Wake up. We finish work. Toilet.

17.00-18.00: Free play. Fetch/tug. Training. Fun treat eg ice cube, we want to show him when he’s awake, that can be chill time too, and he’s learning to entertain himself a bit and explore the house.

18.00-18.30: Dinner in a puzzle ball/Kong/snuffle mat

18.30: Toilet. Bed. We can have dinner

18.30-21.30: Sleep, toilet break around 20.00 ( this is where we get to unwind and do non-dog non-work stuff!)

21.30: Wake up. Toilet

21.30-22.30/23.00: Play. Maybe some training. This is ultra chill time. Cuddles on the sofa. Yak chew/dental stick. Final toilet break before bed

22.30/23.00: Bed

At the weekends we loosen it up a bit and we leave him out longer/ give him longer breaks. We’re trying to give him the opportunity to settle himself if he wants to but so far he’ll just let us know it’s nap time by getting real grouchy/grumbly/nippy.

I know we’ve got a long road ahead of us, adolescence will come up screaming on us I’m sure, but those first 2/3 weeks I struggled so so hard with the puppy blues. Suddenly a month on they feel like a distant memory. At the time, I was reading posts “my 6 month puppy is finally good!” “It gets better after X months” I remember reading them and thinking MONTHS?! I can’t deal with this for many more days let alone months!? But one day at a time, lots of small small wins, sometimes two steps forward one step back, and suddenly you realise that tightness in your chest has loosened up. Suddenly you were able to eat dinner in peace, or watch 3 episodes in a row uninterrupted of that new show you heard about.

Be patient with yourself, be patient with your pup. Do everything out of love, you can do this.

Post Groomer Puppy Tax

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Dog health problems… please read!

The page veterinary doesn’t let you post medical questions but I would really love some opinions... my dog was diagnosed with kidney failure so she is on home IV treatments every other day. The kidney friendly food ( or any other dog food for that matter) she refuses to eat. With her little appetite she has left she only eats human food. Chicken, ground beef, eggs, vegetables, oatmeal. Is this safe? I figured her eating anything is better than nothing. The vet said try to do half and half but she just picks out the dog food. I figured all the protein would be bad for her kidneys but it’s the only thing she seems to eat.

  • not looking for medical advice. Just some opinions from other dog owners on what they did for their dogs with kidney failures. Thanks *
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[Help] Introducing a Pomerenian into a Cat Household.


Me and my partner have been speaking to a breeder and all things going well, we'll be getting him or her next weekend. We've always been a cat household and have four cats. Two are Seniors age 14 and 12, the youngest two are 15 months and 9 months, both Maine Coons.

We have been talking about getting pet gates and separating certain rooms where our cats will have a safe space. In addition, they also have a cat tree in the living room.

We are thinking of using a play pen and crate training to create a safe environment for both the cats and the Pom to interact under supervision.

Do you have any experience or ideas on how to make the transition smooth, whether it's a good idea and any concerns i should be looking out for?

I am mainly concerned about my senior cats came from a previous household. They were with a dog that they got along, but when another dog was introduced, they unfortunately didn't get along. In my mind, I chalked it down to training as I met those dogs and they weren't properly trained and pampered.

But I want to make sure not only the pomeranian has a good life, but also whether my senior can still relax around him/her.

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How often does your 7-9 month old puppy poop?

Ever since we’ve had our puppy, she’s always pooped anywhere from 4-5 times a day. Now that she’s 8 months she’s only pooping like 3 times a day, is this normal?

This is the current poop schedule: 1. Around 9 am, first thing she does after waking up. (Breakfast at 9:30 am) 2. The second poop is right after dinner at 8 pm. 3. Then before bed at 11 pm.

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Help dog just enjoy windows? [discussion]

It is beautiful where I live right now. I like to keep the curtains open to the front yard, and the windows and door open to the backyard. My little dog is the kind that stands guard at the windows when he can see out, and barks when anyone or anything walks by. All day long he's at the windows looking out front, sees someone walk their dog down the street or whatever, and he jumps up barking, startling everyone, and runs full speed out the back door to bark at them through the gate. Repeat. Repeat. Is there a way to get him on board with just enjoying being able to see what's going on outside and not be mad about it?

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