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Not enjoying having a pup :/ it’s been 5 months

My pup is now 7 months old. I posted on here a few times when I first got her as despite doing a ridiculous amount of research beginning before I even found/reserved her and the whole way throughout waiting to get her, I still felt so overwhelmed and had terrible puppy blues. When she got to about maybe 5 months old things started getting quite a bit better, we got into a little routine and apart from her peeing in her bed all the time (so frustrating as she’s otherwise potty trained and it’s supposedly not health related) and not being able to be left alone without the neighbours complaining due to her barking (dog behaviourist said it’s not separation anxiety as she’s not destroying anything and still able to eat etc), things were fine. Anyway the whole time of course I’ve cared about her and want the best for her, she doesn’t go without and has the best I can afford of everything and is showered with love and attention BUT I don’t have that overwhelming sense of love for all. Even now. I thought maybe it was because of the Blues, but it that went and I still don’t feel it. I feel like having a dog is all stress, restriction and expense (all things I had expected) and no joy :/ Now she’s got to the teen stage (I think) and she suddenly won’t listen, very delayed recall, barking at strangers etc etc and I feel with this new stress will just make me feel even more detached from her :/

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[Discussion] Using public property as your personal dog park

I was out walking my pup (8mo f lab) who has tons of energy. When I saw what looked like a gated soccer field filled with medium to large dogs. Excited I walked over thinking I discovered a dog park. There are none in my area so I was really excited about the idea of having one. When I got there the owners of the dogs guarded the entrance. “You can’t come in, one of our dogs is aggressive with new dogs” I said “oh really? Thats too bad.. is this a dog park?” They reply “no... we just take it over for our dogs to play”

I wished them a good day and went on my way. But I couldn’t help but think about how it annoyed me that they’re using public property and not letting anyone use it because of an aggressive dog.

Should I feel annoyed? Or am I being a Karen?

I didn’t report it and don’t plan in it. Just annoyed me. My dog just wants to play :(

Edit: A commenter gave me a great new perspective. My social dog has tons of options while their dog doesn’t. Happy their pup gets some off leash time.

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PSA: crate training isn’t right for every dog

I’ve posted here frequently about my frustrations with crate training. My 7 month old pup screams like a banshee every time I leave him in his crate, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Upon doing some research & consulting with a trainer, turns out confinement anxiety occurs frequently in dogs who have (or appear to have) separation anxiety. I decided to set up an x-pen for my boy to hang out in while I’m gone, and it’s made a world of a difference. He doesn’t scream constantly, and seems way less upset about being left alone.

It’s only been a week of ‘x-pen training’ and he’s made progress at a pace I haven’t seen even in 5 months of crate training attempts. I feel a stupid now for assuming that crate training is a must/is a right fit for all dogs. Sure, crate training is ideal - not having him be comfortable in his crate poses issues for travel in the future, etc. But for now, I’m able to leave him alone for an hour or two confident that he won’t freak out, and that’s good enough for me.

If you’re continually struggling with crate training (especially into the adolescence phase), try switching things up. Not all dogs will take to a crate, and that’s fine. Sometimes this sub seems to take a one-size-fits-all mentality to training, so I’d encourage you to take everything you read online with a grain of salt lol.

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Had to rehome my dog and I’m devastated [discussion]

It's a complicated story but we got our dog last December, he's half husky and we believe the other half is lab but there's no way to be sure. He was a great puppy, full of energy and really easy to train, highly food motivated. A little bit of mouthing but we worked really hard to get him to where he never hurt you, just was annoying. His worst habit was barking, to be expected with the breed, right?

We found out a few months after we got him that we were expecting our second child, already had a 6 year old who the dog LOVES. He was always so gentle playing with her. Fast forward to August and I went into labour way too early, our baby was born and had to be moved to a city hours away for treatment, the whole thing was very scary. We stayed in the Ronald McDonald house for months, a lot of it not knowing what the outcome would be. Everything else was an afterthought.

We ended up having my cousin stay at our home with our dog until the end of November when we finally were moved back to our home hospital. He has grown up with dogs, he assured me he would take good care of him and our home and everything would be great.

When we got home things were okay, the dog had some new issues but we knew there would be some changes. He had started being possessive of his toys which had never been a problem before. Then a week after we brought our baby home, about three weeks after we got home ourselves the dog found a dirty sock on the floor and picked it up, my husband tried to take the sock away and our dog snarled and snapped at him then relaxed and my husband picked up the sock. He scolded the dog and tried to guide him into the kennel when the dog bit his arm a few times, getting a horrible bite where his whole tooth went in causing my husband to go to the hospital for a tetanus shot and could have gotten stitches, yes he is up to date on all his shots. After that he lunged at the kennel anytime anyone was nearby. We were hoping it was just a one time thing, maybe he was feeling sick or something but since then he has tried to bite me twice for picking trash up off the ground and trying to pick up his water dish to refill it.

We really love him so much but we don't have the time money or energy to dedicate to training him now. We decided we would wait until after the holidays to find him a new home as to not ruin Christmas for our daughter anymore than covid already has.

Last night my friend who I've known for years came to get the dog, he lives out of town with more space and freedom. No children to be worried about and some dog friends to play with. My heart is broken and I feel like I've failed my dog. I don't know how he was treated when we were away and I worry that maybe he was abused by my cousin. I love the dog so much but I need to put everyone's safety first and the last thing I want is for anyone to be seriously injured, especially a child.

Has anyone else here had to deal with a similar situation with rehoming an agressive dog? Please help me feel like I made the right decision.

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[Help] Aggressive over own vomit.

I work at a shelter where I’ve been rehabilitating a highly abused dog. We’ve made great progress over the past few months, and I really feel like things might work out for her. However, she’s become increasingly aggressive over her own vomit.

Betsy was brought to us as a stray who had been hit by a car. We didn’t know she was pregnant until we arrived one morning to puppies. The pups have since been weaned and moved on to their forever homes. For about a week now, Betsy has been throwing up. She gets multiple small meals a day so we can move her around, as she is terrified of collars and leashes. She throws up maybe once a day, very small amounts, and then buries it. We have her scheduled for the vet, and we’re keeping an eye on her weight and hydration so the vomiting isn’t what concerns me.

Today, I was with her when she puked and she started giving me an odd look. When I touched the blanket, she growled at me and curled her lips which she hasn’t done for months. She then started crying at me, so I left and let her calm down. After awhile I moved her so I could clean up. I’m just confused because she hasn’t shown any sign of aggression towards me for so long, and protecting her own vomit seems a bit odd. Any ideas?

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[vent] Don’t give commands to my dog?!?!?!

Sorry, I don’t know if this is the place for this but I just wanted to vent for a second.

I adopted my dog a little over a month ago. She’s an anxious little thing but we’ve made a ton of progress. We had a truly great walk this evening. As we were walking home an ambulance drove by with the siren on and my dog had a moment of panic. She tried to back out of her leash and I calmly held on knowing in a minute or two she would calm back down. My biggest concern was just making sure she wouldn’t slip her leash and/or slip into the streets.

Some man came over and started telling my dog to “sit boy” and I kind of lost my shit.

  1. Don’t presume that I need help with my dog, this isn’t an ideal situation sure but I know her better than you do

  2. She’s freaking out out because she’s scared. Putting her in a sit is just going to make her feel more vulnerable and make the situation worse

  3. She’s too worked up to listen to a command right now. By giving her a command I know she’s not going to follow all you’re possibly going to accomplish is teaching her she doesn’t have to listen

  4. Don’t tell a dog a command multiple times in succession because she’ll learn “sit sit sit” as a command not “sit”

  5. You have no idea what training I’m doing and getting involved without asking is more likely to undermine what I’m doing than be helpful.

  6. Not really a big deal but my dogs a girl. Yes, she had a bow tie but she’s also a dog. Stop unnecessarily gendering things and making assumptions.

It just makes me so so mad. This was one instance but I’ve found it happening repeatedly. This coupled with the number of men who have tried to call my dog over while I’m clearly trying to keep her attention.

I’m sure this is because I’m a fairly young woman trying to walk my dog alone in a major city. But seriously?

(Also just because my dog is white and fluffy doesn’t mean she’s friendly. She is. But you don’t know that when you call her over to you to try and pet)

I just wanted to vent but also I guess wondering if anyone else has dealt with similar things?

Edit: to those downvoting my post, please feel free to tell me why

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Not everything needs to be on schedule

This may be controversial, but not everything needs to be on an exact schedule. Does that work for some puppies? YES absolutely. Maybe that would have worked super well for mine as well, but it didn’t work for ME.

I’ve realized that I felt a lot less stress when I let go of the “shoulds” with puppy raising and spent time truly figuring out what works best for me and my puppies.

I don’t like to have an exact schedule. A lot of people have all the times they do different things with their puppies for the entire day. I’m so glad that works for so many of you! But I beat myself up for a while, upset that I couldn’t just get a schedule together. But when I let go of the pressure of what I “should” be doing, I had a LOT more fun with my puppies.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a loose routine of wake up, potty, play, nap and repeat, but no exact times (like the 1 up 2 down that’s really common). We train when I have the time and patience for it and I found that when I stopped forcing myself to do it 2 times a day everyday, they learned a lot more and it stuck (probably because I was much more positive and patient).

It’s easy to get hung up on what we “should” do with puppies. And yes, I want my puppies to be well-behaved, well-trained, calm, etc. but I found that I could get more of that done when I focused on what I could realistically commit to.

Instead of feeling guilty for skipping a training session or stressing about whether they napped long enough or spent enough time in their crate, I’m focused on what they have accomplished, enjoying our time together, and thinking about how to solve some of the minor issues that we do have (cuz I mean, they are puppies)

All this to say, do what works best for you and your pup! If your puppies needs are met, they’re safe, and you’re enjoying your time (for the most part) then you’re doing GREAT

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[Discussion] Receiving compensation for an attack on me and my dog. This has been a nightmare.

I was on a walk with my 13 year old poodle terrier mix and we were attacked by 2 dogs on the loose in our neighborhood; a pit bull mix and a bull dog. In this case the bull dog was the more aggressive animal and was the one who attacked my dog the most. My dog got roughed up pretty bad; (bitten on her chest, rear and side) and we had to take her to the emergency vet where she had to get stitches. I also was bitten trying to stop the other dog from biting/ attacking my dog even more... It was just traumatic to be honest. I mean I feel like it could have also been worse so in some regards we got lucky. I was able to scream for help from people nearby and they called the animal control officer for me and were able to get the bull dog, however the pit bull couldn't be located.

I am in no way trying to receive extra money for this whole ordeal, I just want to get justice for my dog and to be compensated for the money that we otherwise wouldn't have had to spend had it not been for this negligent dog owner. My trip to the emergency room cost about $400 and my dog's vet bills have been about $3000. Not to mention the trips we had to make to the different veterinarians we went to. What makes this situation even worse is that a couple days later we made the decision to put my dog down on Christmas Eve because of complications regarding her wounds...

I just want this to be over in all honesty. This has been hell having to deal with. We are in contact with the owner of the bull dog. My questions are Does this go through home owners insurance? Or does the money come out of pocket from the bull dog owner? I'm a college student too heading back to school January 4 so this has just been making me so stressed. I have no idea where to start... Has anyone had to deal with anything like this? Any advice right now would be helpful and apologies if this post isn't too clear.

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[Fluff] The Best Christmas Present from my Kill Shelter Dog

I'm supposed to be working like a slave right now but I never want to forget what happened today. So here you go, super sentimental me.

What was so special about today was that he cuddled with me for all of my naps and ran along a crowded sea wall for 6km W/O a single bark or throwing himself off the leash.

It might sound so ordinary for some people but it took him 3 years to get here. It's the best Christmas gift he could ever give me: less fear and more happiness. Here is a little history of us.

How I met him:

I adopted him in early 2018 from a Canadian rescue organization that saved him one day before his scheduled euthanization in a kill shelter. I saw him on a website and later visited a pet store where they were hosting a meet-and-greet. He was definitely not one of those yappy, jumpy puppies who were fervently greeting me at the gate. The volunteer had to search the room at least twice before she could drag him out deep underneath a wheeled silver cart. When I held him for the first time, he felt so fragile and light. I put a leash on him and carefully put him down. It was obvious that he didn't want to make any eye contact with anyone in the store and he kept trying to hide underneath that little shade the edge of the store shelves provide.

Coming home:

Welp, none of the scissors or electric trimmer I had worked on his matted fur, so I got a pair of heavy-duty meat scissors which worked like a charm. It was a stress-relieving moment for both of us.


At home: His one-and-only spot around the apartment was underneath the shoe shelf in the entrance closet room. When I come out of my study room from time to time, I just needed to check the closet to find him. When he is with me in the study room, he would--of course--hide in the bottom of a bookshelf. What'd you expect?

Walk: He HATED bicycles, kids and skateboards, which c'mon, you can't walk 2 minutes without seeing one of them. He would bark and THROW himself off the leash and do 360 in the air at their appearance. He was okay with running with me though. There were days after some distance, he would plop down on the ground and refuse to proceed, but it got better over time.

Cuddling: For the first eight months or so, he never slept on the bed with me even though I let him. The moment I put him on the bed, he would jump straight down and curl up underneath the bedside table. So what cuddling are we talking about?


At home: You know what, he finally gave in to the plush comfort of blankets and carpet. I didn't put any cushioning in his dark favorite spots as I didn't want to encourage that behaviour. He had no trouble being out in the open. When I was gone, he would wait and sleep on the carpet in front of the sliding door facing the street (I was living on the ground floor at that time).

Walk: He still hated those three objects but not as much as he liked duck tenders! He would bark if I was not luring him with that tender or if they appeared genuinely threatening to him with loud noise or approaching him.

Cuddling: Yup, he became a bed-potato. The second the bedroom door opens, he would leap like an Olympic gold medalist. Yet, he would only sleep on the bottom corners if I was in the bed too. If I took him in my arms, I was asking for a bomb with a timer. After a minute or so, he'd be a tactical navy seal working his way out a net trap. The consequence to me was that he wouldn't come up to the bed for the next day or so.


At home: Gangster. Thug. Boss. Savage. Either on the carpet sleeping in the weirdest, seemingly-very-uncomfortable poses possible or throwing and chasing his frozen Kongs. Occasional barking at the Kongs that border-line gives me heart attacks.

Walk: We run at least 7km a day at the rate of 3min/km ~ 9min/km. I moved from a remote area to downtown, so that's added distractions to him. However, he is mostly under the duck tenders' control. ;)

Cuddling: He comes to cuddle with me only when he feels like it. Today, as I mentioned above, my success rate was 100%!!!

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